Top 10 Best Vocational Institutes In California

California is a state found in US, located in between state of Oregon and Nevada being the third largest state. The climate of this sate ranges from subarctic to subtropical, and its desert considered the hottest location in the world, known as the Death Valley. The culture of California is a western culture but also influenced by Hispanic. California has hundreds and home to many notable private universities and colleges. In California, you will get the best vocational schools, to help you attain your job career. Below list will guide you on the best institute.

List of Top 10 Best Vocational Institutes In California in 2017

10. Product School

product school, Top 10 Best Vocational Institutes In California 2017

Product school is located in Los Angeles and Santa Monica, offering an eight week part time on product management courses. Its instructors are the most qualified with the current Senior Product Management roles at Google and other tech companies. This school also offers a course on IT, for five or more years, but the classes are flexible and intense. The students will enjoy free or low cost workshops, and after graduating their chance of being employed are very high, like in Fitbit and Finch Computing.

9. Hack Reactor

hack reactor, Top 10 Best Vocational Institutes In California 2017

Hack Reactor was established in the year 2012, based on software engineering coding Bootcamp. Founded by Anthony Philips, and is located at San Francisco and online studies. Admission process is a simple coding challenge and a technical interview, based on JavaScript concepts. Hack Reactor’s course takes around 12 weeks and by the end of the semester, students should complete and increasingly elaborate coding projects of their own designs. After graduating, the students are mostly offered jobs at Adobe, Boeing and Microsoft.

8. Maker Squire


Maker Squire is more like Hack Reactor School, offering an intense software engineering program in less than four months. Here students are expected to spend long hours and days, working on coding for JavaScript, jQuery and other areas in computer science. Maker Squire Campuses are found at Los Angeles and San Francisco and the only institute students are allowed for private financing.

7. Jordan’s Kitchen


You have passion in cooking, wish to be a great a chef or you have noted your young children wants to cook so much, this is the best place to go, with a total assurance to get the best. Jordan’s Kitchen is a culinary school for home cooking techniques and proper use of kitchen tools and equipments. Jordan’s Kitchen is located at San Francisco. They specialize on Mexican, Italian cuisine and baking. Their classes are relatively affordable, offering corporate and private classes.

6. Portfolio Studio


This vocational institute is the best as it cares about the students from a poor background, unable to raise tuition fee at ago. To join Portfolio you do not need to have credit from previous experience, there are free courses and financing options are credit approved. Portfolio Studio is the creative hub offering courses on Copywriter, Graphic and Web Design, Art Directors and Digital Strategists. Ambitious students advance their career with short and long specialized packages, either at San Diego where it is located or online.

5. Gnomon School of Visual Effects and Games


Gnomon specializes in computer graphics education for careers in entertainment industry. To become a 3D artist, you will take a full time course in immersive education. You can study on film and game production at the campus located either in Hollywood, California or from the convenience of your home by online courses.

4. Elegance International (EI) School of Professional Makeup


With this age, people are discerning to look beautiful all the time, with this makes EI the best and popular vocational institute in California. It is the first school in the world for makeup, located in Los Angeles California. The courses offered include; beauty, corrective theatrical and live performance, high fashion photographic and special effects makeup. The students get resources at the library and stores at the institute at very cheap price and low-interest loans for tuition.

3. General Assembly


General Assembly is the most famous and recommended technology-training institute; they offer coding, marketing, design and product management classes. General has three campuses in Downtown Los Angeles, San Francisco and Santa Monica; also, you can get your training online. The school offers its students with ongoing workshops, helping them cover the whole syllabus and preparing them to network. While studying here you can be assured of not job haunting as its graduates are normally employed at Boston Globe, or Capital One and Wall Street.

2. Abram Friedman Occupational Center


Abram Friedman consists of 4 campuses; Abram Friedman Occupational Center, Los Angeles, Belmont Adult Campus, Jefferson Adult Campus and Mid City Adult Campus. At this center the courses offered are; Graphic Design series, Computer Networking, Basic Education and Automotive Repair. The school fees are very friendly to all students, and the students are offered with free public transport to the campuses.

1. East L.A Occupational Center


Topping our list of the best vocational institute is East L.A due to its offer of wide variety of quality career options for adults. The Los Angeles Unified School District and Division of Adults and Career Education have operated ELAOC for over 42 years. Classes include; business, healthcare, digital arts and industrial courses. This institute offers short-term courses as; security guard trainee, and extensive training on cosmetology program. In this institutes you are assured of professional discipline, develops your academic and technical skills.

These above are the Top 10 Best Vocational Institutes In California 2017. A person who wants to take their career courses for a short time loves Vocational trained. Today’s life needs qualified personnel in all business field or employment sectors. In these vocational institutes, there are professional trainers to help with job preparation and networking. The above list will guide you to screen the best before enrolling.

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