Top 10 Best Universities for Dentistry in China

China initially was referred to as the People’s Republic of China (PRC), being the most populated country in the world. Beijing is its capital city, housing the jurisdiction offices and is one of the major urban areas. China is constituted with Jiahu symbols as the earliest Chinese writing. China has been having issues with pollution of the environment, being noted 40% of its rivers are polluted by agricultural and industrial wastes. Almost every Chinese are literate and are known performing well in mathematics and sciences reports by PISA. Below is the list of the best Universities for Dentistry in China.

List of Top 10 Best Universities for Dentistry in China in 2017

10. Nanjing Medical University

nanjing medical university, Top 10 Best Universities for Dentistry in China 2018

This medical hospital was established in the year 1934, and is among the first medical universities in China, located at Jiangsu Province, China. It was the first one to offer an English taught Bachelor of Surgery and Medicine approved by the Ministry of Education of the People’s Republic of China. Have two campuses, one at Jiangning District and wutai campus.

9. Sun Yat-sen University


sity located at Guangdong, but the main campus at Haizhu District. Students whether graduates or undergraduates can take courses on; humanities, managerial science, social science, technology and medical sciences. It is ranked among the top best universities in China by most influential and widely observed international rankings. There are notable alumni of this university like; Sir Run Shaw is the owner of the largest film production companies in Hong Kong, he is also a donator to the university.

8. Peking University


Located at Haidian District, west of suburb Beijing was also known as the garden of Yan. Founded in the year 1898; as the Imperial University of Pekings, making it the first modern natural university in China. Back in those days, women were not allowed to join school, but things changed with Peking University, when they registered women as students. The school consists of seven research departments as well as Peking University Business School and Peking University School of Transnational Law. Peking has dormitories for students, thus no hustling for accommodation.

7. Capital Medical University (CMU)


CMU was established in the year 1960 as a public university, initially known as Beijing Second Medical College. This is the college you need to take your child, for it is an institution where discipline is never compromised, and is known for the competence on science researches. CMU faculty consists; Biomedical Engineering, Neurosciences, Pain Medicine, Neurosurgery and Traditional Chinese Medicine. Capital Medical University has five campuses making it easy for students from the 5 districts from travelling a lot to main campus.

6. Zhejiang University (ZJU)


Many wish to study from this institution, located some few kilometers southwest of Shanghai, and is a prestigious university for higher education. It completely concentrates on researches, giving a great impact both nationally and internationally. Zhejiang university have twelve faculties including; agriculture, engineering, medicine, philosophy and natural sciences. It is ranked as the best-disciplined institute in the world and ranked 22nd in the top 100, of the world’s academic institutions disciplines. Zhejiang University has seven campuses around Shanghai District.

5. Tianjin Medical University


Tianjin’s library have 510,000 hard volumes, 3,000 journals and internet for computer network, to help the students while undertaking research on their projects. It was founded in the year 1951; located Qixiangtai Road, Tianjin China as a public university. Over the years, this university has got the appraisals and national awards, for being the best institute of traditional Chinese medicine, also western medicine including surgery attaining a state level key discipline. This university caters so much for students coming from low-income earners, to access scholarship from many different firms. This is one amongst the Top 10 Best Universities for Dentistry in China 2017.

4. China medical University


Since the establishment of China medical University, in the year 1931 has been teaching in Japanese and Chinese, but later 1978, introduced English. Located at Shenyang, Liaoning China, has three large but modern affiliated hospitals. This makes it very easy for the graduates, they are offered internship a year before they graduate. The school has a website page you can get all the information about it, but for the admission you can get the forms at Sharda educations and medical consultant.

3. Tongji University


German government together with German physicians the likes of Paul Krieg and Erich Paulun founded Tongji University. This university offers; engineering, arts, law and medicine, as it have grown to be a comprehensive and a great university in China. This institute is known to offer the best architecture program around the world. Health in China is improving daily average life expectancy being 75 years.

2. Shandong University


Initially was referred as Shandong Imperial University, later after the American and British missionaries combined their education ventures. It is National University that was established in 1901, and its motto is “Noble in Spirit Boundless in Knowledge”. It is ranked among the best university in China, also the engineering programs offered in this institute, have been ranked 15 nationwide. The Research Center of Management and Science in China conduct these researches. Its laboratory focuses on biophysical and engineering analysis. Shandong University has partnered with University of Manchester and funded by UK Department for Business, Innovation and Skills.

1. Jilin University


Jilin University is a natural key university in China, established in the year 1946 located at Changchun, the capital city Jilin Province. Jilin University is a very big institute lying on 1633 acres of land, have many facilities including; gymnasiums, stadiums, grass soccer field and arenas for volleyball, artistic gymnastics and table tennis. This university have produced many notable alumni around the world like; Liu Yandong, the current vice premier of China, Liu Xiaobo-the winner of 2010 Nobel Peace Prize, Wang Xiaoni- poet, Li Long Lam- Hong Kong archaeologist and many more.

Health is wealth and Chinese know it too well that is the reason behind them investing so much on health institutions. If you wish to study or advance on your dentist career, above list will guide you while choosing the best among the Top 10 Best Universities for Dentistry in China 2017.

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