Top 10 Best Medical Universities in Australia

The Medical Schools and Faculties from various universities provide medical education in Australia, with accreditation by the Australian Medical Council. You wish to join any medical university, you will be required the Undergraduate Medicine and Health Science Admission Test. Australia is the world’s sixth largest country, governed by constitutional monarchy and the language is English. Health is the backbone of any nation and Australia is not left behind when it comes to education, making it responsibility of the individual states and territories. Below list contains the guide lance of the best medical universities in Australia.

List of Top 10 Best Medical Universities in Australia in 2017

10. University of Wollongong

university of wollongong, Top 10 Best Medical Universities in Australia 2017

Many students now want to read and study in the best medical universities. Wollongong is among the best medical university offering under graduate and graduate program in various field. UOW is an Australian public research university located in the coastal city of Wollongong, New South Wales. Wollongong offers comprehensive range of undergraduate in the faculties like; engineering and Information Science, Science, Medicine and Health. Co-curium activities of this university include; indoor sports, swimming, Olympics and gymnasium.

9. The University of Newcastle


This is an excellent university proven with its excellence in the field of medicine. An Australian public university that was established in the year 1965. You do not have to go to the main campus for it has other several campuses like; Callaghan campus, Sydney Campus and Singapore Campus. This university celebrates Autonomy every first day of July; with this, the university has been ranked the best position nationwide and international university standings. You can also study from the comfort of your home, as the university offers online studies.

8. Flinders University


To join this university you must apply on time for the chances are limited. Flinders University is located at north south corridor of Australia. It was founded in the year 1966 and named in honor of Mathew Flinders, who surveyed Australian coastline. Have a beautiful motto: “Inspiring Achievement”. This university is ranked within the world’s top 400 institutions in the Academic Ranking of World University. Flinders has campuses in Victoria Squire at the centre of the city, Tonsley and has a number of external teaching facilities in regional South Australia.

7. The Australian National University


It is located at southwest of Sydney, established in 1946, having seven teaching, research colleges, and national academics and institute. ANU is ranked among the world’s top university, with a high number of international students. The university has notable alumni around the world, with Nobel laureates six in number in their faculty. It has educated many prime ministers, thirty current Australian Ambassadors and many heads of Government departments of Australia. The library of ANU originated in 1948 with a capacity of 2.5 million physical volumes, the Menzies, Art & Music distributed across the six branches of the campus.

6. The University of Western Australia


This university is most famous for providing many opportunities to its students. This University is meant for intensive research. The academic staff of UWA consists of 1538, Michael Chaney being the Chancellor, and the motto reading-Seek Wisdom. Doctorate of Philosophy degree in UWA was introduced in the year 1946, attaining its first award in October 1950. The university has a multimillion-dollar project, to expand Indian Ocean Marine Research Center.

5. The University of New South Wales


This university has close affiliation with many Australia’s prominent hospitals. Their motto tells more of what the students are expected- Knowledge by Hand and Mind. The students have advantages of studying online and attaining an Accredited UK Degree. Scholarship is available to any students who have applied for it. International students will not hustle for accommodation, as the university has a number of residential accommodations like; Shalom College, UNSW Hall, Colombo House and Fig Tree Hall.

4. Monash University


It is a referral hospital, based in Melbourne Australia and founded in the year 1958. Monash is the second oldest university in the States of Victoria, being the home to major research facilities like Australian Stem Cell Centre. Back in 1970’s Monash became the centre of student’s radicalism, and demonstrations of the students against the Vietnam War and conscription. The campus has numerous restaurants and retail outlets, student’s bars and the Notting Hill Hotel, all located in the campus centre. Monash is divided into ten faculties, incorporating the University’s major departments of teaching and research centers. This is one amongst the Top 10 Best Medical Universities in Australia 2017.

3. The University of Queensland


Taking a bachelor degree at Queensland University will take you 3-5 years. US president acknowledged UQ as the world greatest institution for science and teaching, being founded in the year 1909 and was originally known as a sandstone university. UQ awarded the first graduates group in 1914, the first Doctor of Science was awarded in 1942 and the first PhD awarded in 1952. Has three campus, research station at Heron and a library that was developed from a small provincial university library into a major research library.

2. The University of Adelaide


This college prepares students for undergraduate program of the university, a great advantage to every students joining for medical studies. Adelaide was established back in 1874 making it the Australia’s third oldest university and the oldest in South Australia. This university has produced prominent individuals who have made significant contributions, locally and internationally including Howard Florey, Lawrence Bragg and Hugh Cairns. Even though like many university that have live-in houses for students, this university have residential college accommodation.

1. The University of Melbourne


Toping this list of the best medical universities in Australia, is the University of Melbourne. It is an Australian public research assuring you the ticket of an extraordinally future after graduating. The motto of Melbourne University inspires the students when in the premises always- May I grow in the Esteem of Future Generations. For international and local students, there are residential colleges for accommodation and holistic education experience.

So, these above are the Top 10 Best Medical Universities in Australia 2017. Before submitting your application, it is good to go through the above list of the best medical universities in Australia. So now you are familiar from the above list some of the best universities that are highly recommended for your children.

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