Top 10 Youngest Female Sports Champions in The World

Sport is one of the major activities in the world that has attracted millions of people, young and old plus men and women. Being a champion of any sport is not an easy task especially if you are young and not exposed. These are some of the youngest female sports champions. They have beaten such odds to reach the world stage.

List of Top 10 Youngest Female Sports Champions in The World in 2017


aly raisman, Top 10 Youngest Female Sports Champions in The World 2017

The 21 year old is a fantastic athlete who understands sports and has the talent to display and nurture. She hails from Massachusetts USA and she has managed to upset many big names in the sports arena. She was also involved in the 2012 Olympics games representing the United States of America in gymnastics and managed to walk away with gold. She is good in the floor exercises and a true champion at a very young age. She can also handle


CANDACE PARKER, Top 10 Youngest Female Sports Champions in The World 2017

Born on 19th April 1986, Candace is a basketball star which she started at a vey young age up to a point she is an absolute professional. From America, she is the based in the Los Angeles state where she practices her love and urge to play. Throughout her career, she has won many accolades and recognition among the game lovers and other great competitors.. She considered to be the youngest ever champion in the world of basketball if not among.



Dina was born on 4 December 1995; she got involved in athletics at a very young age. However, she has managed to beat the age factor, by accomplishing a lot in the field. Dina Asher Smith is a sprinter from Britain who has engaged at a very senior level and managed to win trophies at hat very young age. Talk of winning gold medals Junior Championships. She has managed to break the junior championship in the region and has been selected most times by Great Britain in international events.



At only 18 years old, the talented youngest gymnast in the American team has done a lot to be desired. She has also managed to beat older reigning champions in the sport and boasts of a record better than most. From Arizona, the young energetic athlete has done things many would consider heroic in representing the country at world stages. Specialized in the floor exercise and the vault, she adds up great talent on the already great gymnastic American team.



She is one amongst the Top 10 Youngest Female Sports Champions in The World 2017. In snowboarding, this is the face to beat; she has risen to top ranks with amazing skills and dedication from childhood. Hannah Teter is well-known female by people in constant relation with the snowboarding game and sport. She is already an Olympic champion, which she won in the half pipe in the 2006, many world champion accolades and several recognitions from the biggest name in the sport. She is a young talent that once utilized can go to greater heights, quite impressive for someone who is only 26.



Such a young age that has also made it in the USA gymnastics team. Amazing in her moves and turns, the young talented gymnast is among the few mentioned youngest member of the young USA gymnastics team. At only 19 years, she has participated in most world championships and won a lot with it. She is known to make a really good partnership with the other USA mentioned members to bring out the most amazing patterns gymnastics has ever experienced. She is from Missouri Odessa.



Yani is another young sports figure in the field of golf; such an extra ordinary game that is believed to be only played by older guys only. She has beaten all odds to compete among the elite group and has managed to blend in the high-class group. She is a Taiwanese but based in the USA competing in the LPGA tour. She is the youngest player ever to win five major championships and was ranked as number one in the Women’s World.



From Minnesota, this 18-year-old sports lady has been a phenomenon figure again on the USA gymnastics team. It seems like the USA team has invested in young talent and is helping the young talented girl reach her dreams and aspirations. She has not yet done much on the world stage, but she understands the game enough for she has won numerous accolades. With time, she is going to hit the global nest and stages with a bang and lift the USA team from one level to another. Quite a talent we have in the young American. Good in the floor exercise and uneven bars, she has excelled in the sport over years.



She is the skeet shooter champion at a young age if I may say so; she won at a senior level with such a young age and astonished many of the game lovers. She has been named as the number one champion in the game in Great Britain and five in the world over. She has enough world records of the youngest winner of any senior cup in the sport of shooting. She has been seen as a very competitive sports woman who is innovative and ambitious in doing what she can to win.



Gabby is another of the youngest USA gymnastics players who has brought fame and magic in the team altogether. She is only 19 years old and can perform on the world stage. She is from Virginia USA and many desire her talent. She has won numerous gymnastic accolades.

So, these above are the Top 10 Youngest Female Sports Champions in The World 2017. As time goes by we might see many upcoming young champions who might also upset the already established ones. Time will tell as the world of sports keeps on developing and changing the tide. The effort that is being put in sports is currently amazing.

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