Top 10 Worst WWE Stars Ever

Wrestling is one of the best entertainment industries that has been known for having more fans than any other kind of wrestling sport. This fame has been contributed by the fact they have the best in terms of having the best wrestlers. These wrestlers have the greatest ability in terms of their skills on the ring.

Though they have the best in wrestlers, some of their wrestlers have been categorized as being the worst in what they do on the ring. In this review, we will look at the dark side of some of the wrestlers that makes them the worst. You will be shocked to see some of your favorite stars.

Below are some of the top ten worst WWE stars in the history of wrestling ever until in 2017.

10. Bo Dallas

bo dallas, Top 10 Worst WWE Stars Ever 2017

Starting our listing today is this NXT champion. He is one of the few stars whose behavior is the worst possible. He has been known for always interrupting other wrestler’s fights. He has never really stolen any show but has been interrupting at the worst time possible. This has made him one of the worst star not only among the WWE fans but even among his colleagues who don’t love him for interrupting their matches.

9. The Ascension

the ascension, Top 10 Worst WWE Stars Ever 2017

These were the longest reigning Tag Team Champions in the NXT history for 364 days. This team comprises of Konnor and Viktor. Through their first appearance at the WWE, they proved to be the worst since they never made the expected. This tag team looks very foolish and they never imposed any kind of danger to their tag team division. When you see their performance in the ring, it does not reflect their history of being champions. They are a true reflection of a disgrace to the title that they had held.

8. Erick Rowan


This member of the Wyatt family has been caught on the wrong side of the entertainment scene. What made him to be considered the worst star is due to the constant wearing of the sheep mask. Erick has been considered one of the best in terms of performance in the ring fights but his sheep mask, big beards and the body size makes it ideal for making people to want the need to intimidate him. He is one of the worst WWE stars 2017.

7. Mojo Rawley


This ex-footballer decided to become one of the wrestlers. His decision of becoming a wrestler was the worst decision he ever made because he turned out to be the worst in his new chosen career. He has no special skill in the wrestling arena. Therefore, he is not a big name when it comes to being recognized about this ex-footballer. Maybe the best thing Mojo would have done was to stick to what he was best in football.

6. Bull Dempsey


Dempsey has been considered as one of the Top 10 Worst WWE Stars Ever until 2017 especially for the bad character he plays. He has a bad stench of the WWE comedy. He is a former NXT who turned into the big scenes of the best superstars. He is not to make jokes that end up never amusing any of the fans attending the matches. He is considered a sluggish the lower competition of the wrestling entertainment.

5. Rusev


This is one of the many stars in the wrestling entertainment. Who have had an opportunity to have a WrestleMania match against John Cena. Though he is a good wrestler when it comes to his entrance on the ring but once he is inside the ring he does nothing worth watching making him one of the worst. He does not play his kicks and stomps as it would be expected of him.

4. Heath Slater


This star has been considered as one of the star whose works in the wrestling industry does not reach the level of being a wrestler. Heath has been on the rings for some time but his performance has been considered as one of the worst by not only his colleagues but his fans. He performs under the ring name Heath Slater and some of the critics call him a mini bogeyman.

3. Santino Marella


Someone once said that this retired professional wrestler is fan to watch but that does not make him a wrestler. This is one of the reasons why he is considered as one of the worst wrestler. He has been in several careers including acting and in mixed martial art. He was once a professional wrestler who retired and was considered as one of the worst simply because he never did anything worth of remembering him for.

2. Mark Henry


He is considered as the world strongest man in the world. He is a very powerful person in real life and can do thing that are a dream for average person. Though he has all this positive qualities of being the strongest man, he does not do what is expected of a wrestler when it comes to fighting on the ring. Fans are known to turn their face away from him whenever he comes on the battleground in wrestling. He is very powerful in terms of strength but very poor when it comes to performance on the wrestling ability.

1. Big Show


He is considered as the worst wrestlers in the history of wrestling. He has been on the fighting scene for quite a long time. He has been on the wrestling scene since 1995. His real name is Paul Wight. He has participated in several major events on the ring but he has never showed or proven to have skills matching the size of his body. He is the greatest in terms of being a giant but when it comes to wrestling ability, he is not the best. He has been considered as one of the worst star in the history of WWE.

As I conclude these are the top ten worst WWE stars until 2017 in WWE though they are not the only ones there are other many but for listing, these ten made it to the top of the list. The list may have shocked many because of seeing their best wrestler being the worst.

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