Top 10 Worst German Comedians of All Time

Though German is regarded as one of the most unfunny countries in the world, but still has great talents when it comes to stand-up comedy. We have great comedians in German including the likes of: Mike Nichols, Bill Schulz, Hella Von Sinnen, Tom Gerhardt, Thomas Hermanns, and Esther Schweins among many others. However, we have others who have performed poorly when rated, as mostly the audience is not amused or satisfied by their jokes as they are least exciting. These comedian fail to live up to the task. Their comedies have been rated as being the worst in the whole of German. Below is the list of the top ten worst German Comedians of all time.

List of Top 10 Worst German Comedians of All Time till in 2017

10. Mario Barth

mario barth, Top 10 Worst German Comedians of All Time 2017

Mario was born in a family of six. He was raised as a Catholic and spent his early years serving as an altar boy. He completed his apprenticeship at Siemens in Berlin as a telecommunication electrician. In 1995, he began studies in acting.
He managed to meet top comedian and actors during his many comedy-work shows such as Diether Krebs, Anka Zink, and Thomas Hermanns who helped him get the necessary experience in comedy. He also got experience while performing on TV programs such as Quatsch and NightWash comedy club. He has whoever failed to impress his audience with his jokes thus making him one of the worst German comedians of his time.

9. Michael Mittermeier

Michael Mittermeier, Top 10 Worst German Comedians of All Time 2017

He was born in Upper Bavaria in Dorfen. He spent his childhood in Bavaria. After finishing school, he went to study theatre. In 1996, he produced a comedy program called “Zapped!” and it was aired in German, Switzerland and Australia. He was also among the actors of the comedy television shows as well and also among the actors of the German Television show called “Wetten, dass..?”. His other comedy programs include: Wahnsinnlich (1990), Back to Life (2002), Zapped! (1999), Paranoid (2004), Safari (2007), Achtung, Baby! (2010), and Safari (2007), but many of his comedy shows failed to live to the expectations of the audience as it mostly lacked humor, which makes him to be among the worst German comedy actors of all time.

8. Dieter Nuhr

Dieter Nuhr, Top 10 Worst German Comedians of All Time2018

Dieter is a German born comedian, author, television presenter and cabaret artist. Nuhr is regarded as one of the very successful cabaret artists of Germany, since he has more than 200.000 viewers every year. He is also taken as a mediator between intelligent and classical stand-up comedy. In most of her work, he talks about social behavior in media and society, usually satirizing families and relationships. However, he features in this list of worst comedy actors of all time since many of his shows lack humor and have since not lived up to the expectation of his audience.

7. Michael Herbig


Michael Herbig started his career in 1992, he began by making regular visits on radio stations, which later made him to appear on TV shows. He gained popularity as an actor, writer, and as the director of Bullyparade comedy show. This show contained various themes such as stereotyping gay archetypes in the Star Trek parody, homage to westerns, and that of the Australian royal, Elisabeth of Bavaria, popularly known as Sissi. However, much of his comedy shows were so boring to his audience, which makes him to be among the worst comedy actors of German.

6. René Marik


He was born in June 1, 1970. He is as an actor, writer and a director. He is popularly known for Happy Birthday, Hella! (2009).Geld her oder Autsch’n! (2013), and Der große Comedy Adventskalender (2008). Many of his comedy shows have however failed to capture the attention of viewers, as it comedy lacks humor and creativity. This makes him to be among the worst comedy actors of German of all time.

5. Kaya Yanar


He is one amongst the Top 10 Worst German Comedians of All Time until 2017. Kaya is a child to Turkish immigrants who came from Antakya. He once told a teacher while at school that he wanted to become a comedian when he grows up, something that made the teacher to laugh at him. He has a one-man comedy show known as Was guckst du?!, with the Yanar toys with popular cultural stereotypes both as a main perfomer and host. He parodies the stereotypical way of how the Turkish migrants speak. He has toured almost everywhere in German with his own solo programs.

Some of his shows include: Made in Germany (2008), Live und unzensiert (2009), and All Inclusive! (2013) which were all aired on German TV station RTL.

4. Eckart von Hirschhausen


He began writing in 1996, mainly for Der Tagesspiegel and Focus. From the year 1998 to 2003, he was the host of the weekly healthy advisory show service known as Gesundheit (Service: Health) on the Hessischer Rundfunk Television. From mid 1990s, he started performing as stand-up comedian, magician and show host in variety. He doubles up also as a cabaret artist who performs his own cabaret programs. But he has not lived up to the task of comedy, since many of his comedy shows are less liked by the audience.

3. Ralf Schmitz


Ralf Schmitz is a German actor and comedian. Some of his popular TV shows and comedy include: Genial daneben – Die Comedy Arena,Schillerstraße,Die Dreisten Drei (bis Ende der 3. Staffel),Sag die Wahrheit,Sarah Kuttner – Die Show,Schmitz komm raus (2006),Frag doch mal die Maus among many others. However, he has failed to impress his audience and is thus regarded as one of the worst German comedy actors of all time.

2. Mirja Boes


She was born in 1971, Mirja Boes is a German comedian, singer and actress. She won the German 2007 comedy award for being one of the casts of Frei Schnauze and also in 2008 German Comedy Award, but many of her comedy shows are less entertaining as they lack humor in them.

1. Bernhard Hoëcker


Bernhard Hoëcker is a both an actor and a comedian from German. He works on TV stations as an actor and comedian. However many of his comedy shows are lowly rated and doesn’t contain a lot of humor, hence comes first on this list of worst performing German comedy actors of all time.

These are worst Germany comedy actors of all time until 2017. Their comedy shows are less attractive and impressive, contains less humor, creativity and skills, and will often leave the audience very bored.

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