Top 10 Worst Dancers in India

India is a nation with best and worst dancers. Urmila, Sridevi, Malaika and several others are known well with the best dance moves. There are few of the dancers in India who are renowned for their poor dancing skills. They find it hard to move their leg. There are few industries that place more importance in the dancing skills of the actors and anyone who is involved in the entertainment industry. Bollywood is one of the industries. Some of the worst dancers in India admits what they are as far as dancing is of concern to them. The following is the list of the top 10 worst dancers in India:

List of Top 10 Worst Dancers in India in 2017

10. Sanjay Dutt

sanjay dutt, Top 10 Worst Dancers in India 2017

This is a hero in Bollywood who has found it hard ti impress his fans when he is dancing. Sanjay Dutt admits that he is the worst in dancing. When asked whether he is willing to dance with Hrithik, he says that he would not. He says that he is not his match. In addition, he says that Hrithik is the best dancer in India among all. This is the reason why he cannot dance with him. He impresses his fans with his acting. His tall frame nonchalant body language makes him an awkward dancer.

09. Ajay Devgn

ajay devgn, Top 10 Worst Dancers in India 2017

He is among the worst dancers in India. AJay is one of the actors with a great talent in acting. When he was interviewed, he said that dancing was one of the most Himmatwala moments for his filming. He adds by saying that dancing is his weak point. He makes funny steps that make everyone laugh. His popular dance from the latest film of Shivay is one of the hilarious moments of his dance. Jay can enthrall the fans with acting sequences, movies and macho performances. AJay cannot balance himself on palely moving vehicles.

08. Sushmita Sen


This is one of the worst Indian dancers. She is a tall actress with a great body and a height of 2 feet. He has performed in plentiful movies.Everytime she makes dancing movies, she ends up disappointing the fans. Dancing is not in his cup of tea. When his dance moves are well observed, there is some slight force in it.This makes her dance moves to look odd.

07. Salman Khan


Salman is another dancer in India with the worst moves. He can shake his belt suggestively to beat half of the population. The drawback of Salman is his inability to dance. People get divided when they urge on his dance moves. Half of them say that he is a good dancer while the other half says that he is the worst. From the ‘Maine Pyar Kiya’ that he performed, it is now evident that he is a worst dancer. In addition, he has a unique style of dance among all.

06. Abhishek Bachchan


Abhishek is one of the Indian dancers with the worst dance moves. When people observe his dance, they conclude that he slightly force his effeminate tall look to dance. He can type the hip hop video well but none can subject his ‘’Nach Baliye dance in the ‘’Bonty Aura Babli.Abhishek has a surname that is attached to his name but does not guarantee success when dancing. He has a strong personality like his father but does not possess the dance skills, he only do justice to hip hop numbers like the bluff master. He is one amongst the Top 10 Worst Dancers in India 2017.

05. Sunny Deol


The list of the top worst Indian dancers in not complete without Sanny Deol. Watching the Yaara o Yaara video song and in the 1996’s jet movie where he acted.You ca have no objection that he is a worst dancer. He is a king in acting but shouldn’t dare to dance. When interviewed, he says that he feels awkward when he is performing the dance numbers. In addition, he says that there is nothing that is easy or difficult. Moreover, he says that he has matured in the dancing career.

04. Dharmendra Paji


He is among the worst dancers in Bollywood In his ‘Yamla pagla deewaa song, he did no dance well. He is the only man from the Deol family with funny and awkward moves. Dharmendra is a living legend in the Indian cinema with the poorest dancing skills that are known by everyone. What makes Dharmendra Paji different from the rest is that his signature dancing styles can be copied by many.

03. Arjun Rampal


He is one of the sexiest and well-dressed Indian actor. He has tried his luck in dancing for a couple of times but in vain. It turns out to be a disaster. He admits that he is not good at dancing. In the movies of these days, dancing is not about one actor; 50 dancers can dance from behind. This makes the actor to be more comfortable. Though he failed to establish her heroism in dancing, he has maintained her position in the acting industry on the basis of performance.

02. Nana Patekar


He is a talented Indian actor in Bollywood who has been proved to be gifted well in filmmaking. His role in Parinda movie made him to be noticed in the acting industry. This earned him a lot of recognition that included that of being an award winner as the best supporting actor. Nana admits that he prefers doing the other roles in the movies rather than dancing.

01. John Abraham


He is the worst dancer in India with a hot supper body. He is a best actor. John knows to dance well while on the gym with his bulging biceps and perfect abs.When it comes to dancing, he flatters. He makes awkward steps when dancing. This is why he has got no passion on dancing.

So, these above are the Top 10 Worst Dancers in India 2017. Dancers can dance, but not all can dance well. The above list contain dancers in India who are the worst in making dance moves. Dancing is not their forte for sure. Most of them are wonderful actors.

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