Top 10 Highest Paid Actors in The World

Hollywood actors dominate the top positions in the list of making money. These celebrities get whatever money they demand. This is due to their popularity and good work. These celebrities also make lot of money from their endorsements and advertisements. Also some of them run their production houses. These celebrities make more money in a year, than what most of us will make in a life. Most of the celebrities mentioned in the list are popular and are well known worldwide.

These celebrities yearly income will leave you in shock. So, get ready to witness the amount of money they make.

Here is the list of The World’s Highest Paid Actors in 2018

(10) Mark Wahlberg ($32 Million)

Highest Paid Actors

Mark is majorly known for his role in the movie “Transformers-Age of Extinction”. His 2012 release “Ted,” received worldwide acclaim and collected $549 million made on a budget of $50 million. He is very talented, and one of the most handsome Hollywood actors and is popular among youths.

(9) Akshay Kumar ($32.5 Million)

Highest Paid Actors

The Bollywood superstar Akshay Kumar has appeared in 150 movies since “Khiladi.” He is one of Bollywood’s best actors. He does about four movies a year.. Akshay also made money from hosting a couple of reality shows like reality dance show “Dare 2 Dance” and “Khatron Ke Khiladi” a fear based show. He is brand icon of various products that go by his action hero position. Few of his endorsements are Honda motorcycles, Thumbs- up, white vests.

(8) Salman Khan ($33.5 Million)

Highest Paid Actors

Salman Khan is the most popular and biggest star of India and has a huge fan following. He has featured in more 80 movies. Salman’s “Bajrangi Bhaijaan” made 619 crores around the world. He also hosts a reality show on the silver screen “Bigg Boss”. He is also one of the richest Bollywood Actors 2018.

Salman’s “Being Human” is a move towards social cause had made $32 million in 2015, which all goes to his foundation. He raises bank balance endorsing brands like Thumps Up and Suzuki.

(7) Amitabh Bachchan ($33.5 Million)

Highest Paid Actors

Bollywood celebrity Amitabh Harivansh Bachchan has done more than 150 movies in his entire 50 year old career. Indian cinemas do not make as much money as U.S. films but cover the costs by selling the satellite rights to various TV channels. Bachchan is regarded as a very good host and he earns a lot from his show Kaun Banega Crorepati. Amitabh is a superstar and expensive Bollywood actors, who has proved himself to be a versatile actor.

(6)Tom Cruise ($40 Million)

Highest Paid Actors

Tom Cruise is remembered for the role of Ethan Hunt played in the super successful movie series of “Mission Impossible”. The character made him famous globally and helped in earns more bucks as all Mission Impossible” movies rocked at the box office. Now he is one of the most expensive actors in the world. He even enjoyed profit share from the Mission Impossible movies which had added to his considerations making him climb up the top10 list.

(5) Adam Sandler ($41 Million)

Highest Paid Actors

Adam Sandler is giving big hits from a while and he continues to dominate the top dollar budget movies like “Pixels.” Sandler movies have always been on demand amongst DVD-watching couch potatoes. In the year 2015, he has signed four movies for “Netflix”. The deal with “Netflix” saves on distribution expenses and delivers Adam’s comedy to the right audience.

(4) Bradley Cooper ($41.5 Million)

Highest Paid Actors

Bradley Cooper is on the fourth number just because of his roles in the movie like “Aloha”, “American Sniper” etc. Amongst the hangover stars he has only played a big game with his production company.

(3) Vin Diesel ($47 Million)

Highest Paid Actors

Vin Diesel made his way to his best annual income in his career for playing the role in “Fast and Furious”. His latest flick, “Fast and Furious 7,” had a huge collection worldwide out of which around 75% was made from abroad. He has 93 million fans on Facebook.

(2) Jackie Chan ($50 Million)

Highest Paid Actors

Jackie Chan is regarded as China’s biggest star. Jackie Chan made back-end contribution in “Dragon Blade”. Dragon Blade collected $120 million in China itself. Jackie has a line of Chan-branded merchandise, an eponymous cinema chain and a Segway dealership.

(1) Robert Downey Jr. ($80 Million)

Highest Paid Actors

Robert Downey Jr., popular as “Iron Man” has earnings seeing a constant rise because of his characters in the movie. The movie “Captain America Civil War” was super hit at the box office and have broken so many records worldwide. He made more money than other actors form the past three years.

Big part of his $80 million income has come from Avengers latest part which had earned $1.4 billion. He has leveraged his Iron Man position with Disney-owned studios which will give him a good deal in any movie in which he appears as iron man.

Hollywood actors dominate the top positions in the list of making money. Bollywood actors also hold 7th, 8th and 9th positions in the listings. These actors are earning money from their popularity, endorsements and good work.

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