Top 10 Most Beautiful Korean Actors

After the most beautiful Korean actresses, now it is time for the hottest male actors from the South Korea. Alongside the graceful beauties that are the Korean actresses are these actors who compliment them. As the popularity of ‘Asian girls’ increase exponentially because of their cute quotient, the fame of the males grow along with them. But the credit not only belongs to the actresses. The Korean drama industry has been churning out extremely experimental and captivating scripts for years, which these actors bring to reality by breathing life into these characters.

Read on to find out about the hottest and yet most talented and beautiful Korean actors of recent times. Some of them have even made a name for themselves across the world into Hollywood.

List of the top 10 most beautiful, hottest Korean actors in 2018

10. Jo In Sung

Most Beautiful Korean Actors

The actor from Seoul first stepped into the limelight as a model for clothing brand Ziozia. He debuted on the screen when he was cast in the teen drama ‘School 3’, and in season 2 of the sitcom ‘Nonstop’. He has acted in movies like ‘What happened in Bali’, ‘That Winter, the Wind Blows’, ‘Okay, That’s Love’, ‘A Dirty Carnival’ and others. He was last seen in the movie ‘The King’.

9. Gong Yoo

Most Beautiful Korean Actors

Born as Gong Ji-chul, the theatre student from Kyung Hee University started out in the show business in small roles. He debuted in ‘Biscuit teacher and Star Candy’. His big break was the romantic comedy ‘The 1st shop of the Coffee Prince’. He finished his mandatory duties in the Korean Armed Forces of two years on December 2009. He was last seen in movies, ‘Train to Busan’ and ‘A Man and a Woman’.

8. Lee Joon Gi

Most Beautiful Korean Actors

The multi-talented actor is often referred to as the kktominam icon, or the flower boy. His rise into fame followed his role in ‘The King and the Clown’. he also appeared in the television dramas ‘My Girl’, ‘Iljimae’, ‘Time between the dog and the Wolf’, ‘Arang and the Magistrate’,’ Two weeks’. He was also the ambassador for Korean tourism by the Korean Tourism Organization.

7. Lee Byung Hun

Most Beautiful Korean Actors

At 45 Lee Byung Hun is probably the oldest star on this list. He first debuted in the TV series ‘Asphalt my Hometown’, and went on to star in ‘Joint Security Area’, ‘A Bittersweet life’, ‘The Good, The Bad and the Weird’, ‘Iris’, ‘I saw the Devil’, ‘Masquerade’. He made his mark in Hollywood in ‘G.I. Joe: The Rise of the Cobra’, ‘G.I. Joe: Retaliation’, ‘RED 2’ and ‘Terminator Genisys’.

6. Kim Jae Wook

Most Beautiful Korean Actors

The actor who had spent his childhood in Japan, started out his life playing in a band, but later switched to acting when he was 17. He debuted in the role of a member of an indie band in ‘Ruler of Your World’. He also acted in the series ‘The 1st Shop of Coffee Prince’. He was last seen in ‘Sweet Temptation’. He also co-authored the book ‘Top Model’.

5. Hyun Bin

Most Beautiful Korean Actors

Born Kim Tae-Pyung he first starred in ‘Nonstop 4’. But he gained stardom only after acting in the comedy series ‘My name is Kim’. After experiencing a low point for a few years where Hyun did ‘A Millionaires First Love’, Hyun choose off the track projects and therefore started receiving critical acclaim. He experienced a huge success with ’Secret Garden’ and had his movie ‘Late Autumn’ screened in the Berlin International Film Festival’.

4. Kim Woo Bin

Most Beautiful Korean Actors

The actor from Seoul first started his career as a runway model. His first breaks in screen were in small supporting roles in Korean dramas like a ‘Gentleman’s Dignity’. But later he was cast in super famous Korean dramas like ‘The Heirs’ and ‘School 2013’. He has also acted in films like ‘The Con Artists’, ‘Friend: The Great Legacy’ and ‘Twenty’. He has also won the Best New Actor Award in Baeksang Arts Awards.

3. Taecyeon

Most Beautiful Korean Actors

The actor born as Ok Taek-Yeon is a dancer, rapper and a rapper. He is the lead rapper of boy band 2PM. He also debuted a few years ago in 2010 with Cinderella’s sister. Besides his very successful music career he has also acted in, multiple movies like ‘Dream High’, and ‘Who are You ’, ‘Wonderful Days’, ‘Assembly’ and ‘Touching You’.

2. Song Seung Hun

Most Beautiful Korean Actors

He business and Multimedia Arts student began his career as a jeans model for STORM. He got his break at screen just next year in TV dramas. But he had to wait a few years until he finally got into a movie ‘Calla’. He also starred in the popular TV show ‘Autumn in my Heart’. He has also starred in comic action film ‘Make it Big’, along with ‘Summer Scent’, and the ghost series.

1. Lee Min Ho

Most Beautiful Korean Actors

At #1 is Lee min Ho, the heartthrob from ‘Boys Over Flowers’. He has won several awards for that role including Best Actor. He later starred in two TV shows ‘Personal Taste’ and ‘Faith’. He has also acted in the famous movie ‘The Heirs’. He first got a lead role in the movie ‘Gangnam Blues’ and hasn’t look back since.

These beautiful Korean actors provide the delicious cuisine of well enacted roles along with extreme attractiveness and graceful presence. No wonder Korean movies are gaining huge audiences worldwide day by day.


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