Top 10 Hottest Latin American Actresses

Beauty is deceptive over all weapons and these Latino hotties prove that this statement is true. These are some of the most beautiful, talented and hot ladies present on earth today. Some of the top most actresses in the film industry are from Latin America. Almost all know them by their names and are worth watching. A true thing about these actresses is that no one was born with a silver spoon in mouth but now they are worth millions. Hearthrob of many around the world these Latino beauties are the highest paid actresses in the world now.

These women prove that nothing is impossible for hard workers. They are born to act. Most of these actresses are one of the most influential women ever on earth. Winners of many awards and titles. Here is a list for top 10 hottest Latin American actresses 2018 you where you will find their worth and their best movies so far.

10. Eva Mendes (Net Worth-$15 million)

Eva Mendes

Eva Mendes is an American actress, singer, model and homeware designer. The world first started noticing her after played a small role in the Training Day (2001) movie. This presentation helped her land more conventional roles in top movies like 2 Fast 2 Furious, All about Once Upon a Time in Mexico, the Benjamin’s, Ghost Rider, Hitch, etc. As a model, she has controlled a remarkable career too. Eva has presented in the music videos of Will Smith, Aerosmith and Pet Shop Boys. Apart from that, she became an international spokeswoman for Revlon Cosmetics and helping them increase funds for a research of breast cancer.

9. Michelle Rodriguez (Net Worth – $30 million)

Michelle Rodriguez

This 36 years old Latino actress is a hottie born to act. With so many blockbuster movies in her kitty, she is one of the strongest actors in Hollywood now. She is also a DJ and has performed at various events. Her upcoming releases are “Tomboy, a Revenger’s Tale” which is expected to be on screens by December. She is an actress who has also been featured as a character in various video games.

8. Eva Longoria (Net Worth – $35.5 million)

Eva Longoria

From being a server at the Wendy’s Restaurant to being one of the richest Latino actresses Eva Longoria is gorgeous lady. She has won 5 awards for very famous television series that we all know Desperate Housewife’s and was nominated 6 times for the same as well. She is a Latin American actress, director, activist, producer and businesswoman 5 different roles on one single person.

7. Sofia Vergara (Net Worth -$37 million)

Sofia Vergara

Her approach to comedy is simple yet genius. She can be hot and funny, she can make fun of herself and enjoy her work and make money. She is also much admired for her business savvy. She is as adept at social media as celebrities half her age. What sets her apart however is her ability to turn her dialogue with her combined 10 million followers into an empire – without making us feel like we are being given a hard shell.

6. Selena Gomez (Net Worth – $45 million)

Selena Gomez

This 22 years old actress was first seen as a young Gianna on Barney and Friends. Through her TV show and music, her fans have had an inside track on Selena’s life, ever since her early beginnings as a Disney star. Her career as a singer is also very sparkling as her career in acting, in February 2014, Selena Gomez released three studio albums which sold over than 3 million copies around the world.
She is one of the top 10 most popular Latin American actresses now and has been giving continues hits to the film industry. She entered the acting industry in a very young age and still remains as the most sought actress for her performance in the past and present.

5. Penelope Cruz (Net Worth – $55 million)

Penelope Cruz

She prefers to stay away from social media and likes to keep her personal life secret which indeed is good. She is presently living in Europe with her family and is an actress who is respected worldwide. She is well-Known for beauty, screen presence and style.

4. Salma Hayek (Net Worth – $85 million)

Salma Hayek

She is one of the top 10 hottest Latin American actresses now and has been giving continues hits to the film industry. She entered the acting industry in a very young age and still remains as the most sought actress for her performance in the past and present. She is the wife of a billionaire businessman François-Henri Pinault.

3. Cameron Diaz (Net Worth-$120 million)

Cameron Diaz

She signed with Elite Model Management and began at the age of sixteen. She had no acting experience when she landed her debut role opposite Jim carrey in “The Mask”. And no wonder she was mind blowing when she not only stole scenes from her comedy co-star but became one of the most likeable and relatable actresses in Hollywood. She is an expert of bodies basically.

2. Jessica Alba (Net Worth – $197 million)

Jessica Alba

She is Latin Americas Hottest and the most beautiful actress that Latin America has. She is famous worldwide for her awesome acting and talent. Almost all her movies are a hit. She is an owner of a company named Honest and earns $33 million from it. Has won many awards and is still going higher.

1. Jennifer Lopez (Net Worth – $300 million)

Jennifer Lopez

She is a singer and actress born to rule the world of television an actor paid in millions for her talent and beauty. In detail this celebrity is an actress, singer, television personality, dancer, record producer, television producer and fashion designer. That is worth $300 million annually. She has won almost every award pertaining to Dance and acting and also a Guinness World record in 2012 for her single album “On the floor” for being the most viewed female music video.

These top 10 sexiest Latin American actresses were all born with genes to act and become the hearts of movies as mentioned. They all have a very bright future indeed.

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