Top 10 Highest Paid Hollywood Actresses

This article emphasizes on the information and income status of the actresses who are paid the maximum amount for their incredible work. All the actresses are paid according to their performance (consider present as well as past performance) and in addition their education in acting as well as acting classes is treated equally beneficial in terms of their work level achievement. Different actresses are paid a different amount based on their talent, performance, dedication, result of project completion, etc.

The best possible paid actress both on the screen and off the screen is Angelina Jolie, who is considered to be the most eminently watchable beautiful female celebrities for over a decade as she has overwhelmed some of Tinsel town’s best-known leading ladies to reclaim the top spot in Forbes annual list of highest paid actress in Hollywood.

List of the top 10 highest paid Hollywood Actresses in The world in 2017

10. Natalie Portman ($1.1 million):

Natalie Portman Highest Paid Hollywood Actresses 2017

She decided to make her career in acting .Child actors are well-known (for something bad) for fizzling out once their (younger than about 13) charms disappear during teen years, or once they learn the different bad crimes/behaviors of the adult world, and it seems to be the exceptional case when a young starlet can overcome these hurdles and change (from one thing to another) successfully into a career of mature roles.

9. Mila Kunis ($1.3 million):

Mila Kunis Highest Paid Hollywood Actresses 2016

Actress Mila Kunis used to be born in Chernivtsi, Ukraine, in 1983. When she was seven years old, she shifted to another country with her household there she started taking acting classes. After appearing in tv advertisements, Kunis landed a co-starring function in the Fox sitcom that ’70s in 1998. Hottest Hollywood Actress Mila also did voice work for the caricature series loved one’s guy. Kunis has on account that branched out in movies.

8. Julia Roberts ($1.5 million):

Julia Roberts Highest Paid Hollywood Actresses 2017

Roberts was the complete and total best-paid actress in the world in 1990s and the mid of the 2000s. Julia Fiona Roberts (born October 28, 1967) hails from America and is a producer and actress. She has received three Golden Globe Awards (out of eight nominations) and has been selected for four Academy Awards for her movie (singing, dancing, acting, etc., in front of people), money-making the Academy Award for high-quality Actress for her performance in Erin Brockovich.

7. Reese Witherspoon ($3.5 million):

Reese Witherspoon Highest Paid Hollywood Actresses 2018

Reese Witherspoon is an American actress and producer. Witherspoon began her job/line of work as a little one actress, making her reliable screen first appearance within the Man within the Moon (1991), for which she was chosen for a younger Artist Award. Witherspoon owns a production company, Pacific general, and she is actively involved in kid’s and women’s fighting for something companies. She served on the board of the kid’s protection Fund (CDF) and used to be named international Representative of Avon merchandise in 2007, serving as honorary chair of the helpful Avon foundation. Witherspoon bought/owned/received a famous person/famousness on the Hollywood walk of reputation on December 1, 2010. Reese was once introduced to the happiness-related business/project at an awfully early age. At age 7, she started modeling. This led to appearances on (more than two, but not a lot of) local television commercials.

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6. Jennifer Aniston ($4.5 million):

Jennifer Aniston Highest Paid Hollywood Actresses 2018

Aniston grew universal attention for showing/representing Rachel inexperienced on the (existing all over a large area) TV sitcom friends (1994-2004), a function which earned her a Primetime Emmy Award, a Golden Globe Award, and a screen Actors(organization of people) Award. She has also been incorporated in magazines’ lists of the part/area’s most wonderful females.

5. Scarlett Johansson ($5.1 million):

Scarlett Johansson Highest Paid Hollywood Actresses 2017

She also did her first stage work at the age of 8 yrs. She is qualified to be the most popular and sexiest actress in the world in published lists. She was the only female avenger in the movie “Age of Ultron” that helped her to earn compensation that is only greater than the two seventh-ranked highest male actors, each of whom received $33.5 million.

4. Charlize Theron ($9.2 million):

Charlize Theron Highest Paid Hollywood Actresses 2017

She is considered to be an Oscar-winning actress and also she was the first South African winning an academic award for her acting. She has succeeded to be on the list by getting small movies and by the balanced method. She indulged in both bigger budget (Huntsman and Snow White) as well as smaller budget movies (Young adult).She is the best example of a lady that is treated to be a beauty with brains. She is involved in acting and as well as she also moved to the department of production both in television and film. She is also a social activist who is concerned for grant giving, spotlighting and networking.

3. Melissa McCarthy ($10.5 million):

Melissa McCarthy Highest Paid Hollywood Actresses 2018

She is multi-talented as she plays many roles at a time. She is a writer, fashion designer, producer, comedian and American-based actress. She got the recognition from the television series for the first time. She also recently announced officially that she is returning back to Gilmore girls revival on a net fix. She is also cast as a bestselling celebrity in the comedy-drama film.

2. Jennifer Lawrence ($14.5 million):

jennifer lawrence Highest Paid Hollywood Actresses 2016

Jennifer Lawrence career started when she was spotted by a talent scout at the age of 14 in New York City. She is all set for the upcoming projects to be released in December 2016 and also committed to work in drama as well as co-written the screenplay of a comedy film. She is the most successful and most expensive Hollywood actress in America.

1. Angelina Jolie ($15 million):

Angelina Jolie Highest Paid Hollywood Actresses 2016

Angelina Jolie is probably the most renowned and one of the most beautiful actresses in Hollywood. Apart from her elegance, her flexibility on set has made her a choice of many movie fans and producers. She is also connected UNHCR and donated $ 1 million to assist them, with no doubt this feature also made her winning hearts of millions .Simply she can be called as social activist too.

All the above-mentioned information are the top ten highest paid Hollywood actresses in 2017 who are paid the maximum amount of money according to their work performance.

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