Top 10 Timeless Hot And Sexy Women in The World

Besides being very talented in their various fields, they have also tried to maintain their looks and that is why they have topped the list of being the ten most beautiful and sexy women of all times. Take a look at them and you will not only see their good looks and sexy bodies you will just note their hard work and determination on their faces. They try to be good wives good actresses and also some of them good mothers and all these as we all know can be achieved through hard work and determination. Below is a list of the most hottest and beautiful women of all times.

List of Top 10 Timeless Hot And Sexy Women in The World in 2017

10. Monica Bellucci


Monica is a great beauty yet very good in what she did. She was a mode as well as an actress and in both fields she was very good at that. She noticed that she had the talent of modelling at a tender age of 13 and as soon as she noticed, she started to model up to this point. From that time henceforth, she has carried out many campaigns and modelling shows which has made her very noticeable in the fashion and entertainment world.

9. Zeenat Aman


She is an Indian actress who has gone against all odds and has reached where she is because of her determination and passion in what she did. During the time that she was reigning in the Bollywood back in the 1970s, she began wearing in wearing swimming costumes and outfits that made her look very hot and dashing. She won a second place in the miss India contest and she became a winner in the Miss Asia Pacific in 1970. Her sweet looking curves that made her fans ran crazy about her made her be called the “desi”sex siren. This cheek considered to do the unthinkable when she wanted to try out nude picture when it was not allowed.

8. Sophia Loren

sophia loren, Top 10 Timeless Hot And Sexy Women in The World 2017

She acquired her fame because the way she acted. She is well known for her boldness and her beauty that made every man go crazy on seeing her in the television. She is the one who went and extra mile of showing her figure on the screen. She is said to be the greatest symbol for sex in the 20th century. If there was a gorgeous and lady that everyone admired in the television is none other than her.

7. Madonna

madonna, Top 10 Timeless Hot And Sexy Women in The World 2018

Her real name is Madonna Louise Ciccone. She is an American woman who is highly respected because of her talent in singing, song writing and in some instances, she has become an actress, an author, as well as a director. That is not the only thing she does but she is also an entrepreneur and a humanitarian. Nevertheless, the thing she is well known for are her songs that up to now they have heat the music industry big time. She is also known for her sweet personality. Her nude and sexy photos have made her earn a position in the 10 most timeless beautiful women big time.

6. Angelina Jolie


If there is one successful and very hot and sexy women is no other than these woman who has gone through many difficulties to reach where she is right now. She has always known that the best and surest way to be at the top is to work hard and that is what she has done to be at the top. She is well known for her acting skills, incredible eyes, a very hot body and very beautiful lips. This all makes her one of the best actors in the world. She is one amongst the Top 10 Timeless Hot And Sexy Women in The World 2017.

5. Audrey Hepburn


Before starting to act, she was known that she was a reflection of true fashion and many girls at the time of her era used to emulate the way she used to wear. She has acted quite a number of movies that she did not freak out to look very hot and very sexy as well. She did not go to the extent of being nude but she was sexy still. She is just as famous the way her films an fashion were. Therefore, that is why she has made it in the top ten list of the timeless hot and sexy women in the world 2017.

4. Marilyn Monroe


This was the one that knew it all in terms of being a sex model as well as an actress in America and a model not forgetting that she was a singer. Before starting her acting career, she had done quite a number of commercials as well as fashion shows before starting her new career. During the years 1950’s and in the 60’s when her era was at the peak, Monroe was the most beautiful woman.

3. Pamela Anderson


Pamela is a Canadian American actress as well as a model a producer author, an activist, she is also former showgirl. She was given the name playboy bunny for her because of her sexy look and very hot body. She greatly exposed her assets to increase her chances of success as well draw the attention of many people.

2. Priyanka Chopra


She is an Indian actress and a well renowned singer and. She has won quite a number of awards one of them being the World pageant of 2000. Up to this point, she is still dominating and she will never tire just by the look of things. She is considered one of the beauty queens with just sexy bodies and skills that are very great.

1. Megan Fox


Now to the one who tops the list is the well-known Megan Fox. She is an American actress as well as a model. She started to act back in 2001 and since then she has worked herself out to become the top of the most sexy a beautiful women in the world big time.

So, these above are the Top 10 Timeless Hot And Sexy Women in The World 2017. This beauty just as I said earlier is not just beauty it also reflects more than that it reflects hard work, determination and passion in what they do. They reflect the spirit of true woman hood and that women are capable of reaching great heights.

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