Top 10 Sexiest Female Celebrities of WWE of All Time

Wrestling is a popular television show that is loved by many people including kids. Most of its performers are men. A few women appear openly. Most of women that perform in WWE show are not publicly seen. Their games are behind doors and you may have not come across them. What we are featuring in this article are sexiest female celebrities of WWE show. Top ten of them are mentioned below with quality physical features.

List of Top 10 Sexiest Female Celebrities of WWE of All Time until in 2017

10. Judy Grable

judy grable, Top 10 Sexiest Female Celebrities of WWE of All Time 2017

Judy is popular among many WWE viewers. She started her career in 1953 and received her retirement later in 1966. Grable is highly respected for her talent and great performance. This amazing woman is a recipient of a title named as Barefoor Contessa. It was given to her in early 50s and that is when Judy received a lot of Fame. Grable forms one of those earliest groups of female wrestlers in WWE. Judy is a big name in wrestling and has a very beautiful and attractive body structure.

9. The Fabulous Moolah

the fabulous moolah, Top 10 Sexiest Female Celebrities of WWE of All Time until 2017

Fabulous Moolah is a big name in WWE for winning competitions of 1956, 1966, 1968 and 1976. This popular star was recognized as 27th best wrestler in competitions held in 2010. Moolah is credibly beautiful. Some of her physical features include fantastic smile, nice structured body and beautiful facial structures. Her posing styles for photos are very different compared to other stars. She is a woman of style and knows how to watch fashion styles. Fabulous is amongst longest reign ladies of this competitions. Some of her successful finishing moves include backbreaker, small package and Schoolgirl.

8. Molly Holly


Molly Holly is a well known name among wrestling fans. She is a very hot and sexy female who has turned to be very successful in her career industry. Having retired in 2005, Holly began wrestling at a young age in 1997. She stayed in WWE for eight good years of great reputation. It is in those years that Molly became widely known especially after winning 2002 and 2003 world championships. Her body shape is very unique and beautiful with sexy eyes that captures attention of many viewers.

7. Stacy Keibler


Stacy Keibler is among beautiful women of wrestling. Her stand in position seven has given her much reputation. Owner of WWE is called McMahon and is a dad to this attractive soul. Keibler earns a lot of money by working secretly and not many people are able to tell of her strength. If you happen to go through some of comments left behind in her social media page, you will admit that Stacy is incredibly beautiful. Men have observed that unique smile, body shape, well maintained hair and attractive white teeth. This great woman is highly featured in many competitions and articles like this one.

6. Trish Stratus


Stratus Trish holds position six amongst others in this article of hottest female celebrities of wrestling. Trish began wrestling in 2007 became very active for about 5 years. This amazing lady used to be a model. This is what stratus loved doing passionately. Model bodies always speak of beauty. There is no doubt about that. Most of her income is from modeling career ad not wrestling. However, materials show that Trish has a great reputation in history WWE for having a close relationship with her girlfriend of many years Stacy Keibler discussed in number seven above.

5. Lita


Lita is a very popular woman among wrestling fans who began this career 2001 at a very young age of 19 years. She was inspired to join Wrestling by her close friend named as Torrie Wilson. This star however left performing in WWE competition and went to pursue some of her favorite careers. So far, it has been proven that Lita is quite successful and owns like 4.5 US million dollars from those secret professions. To mention a few, I just love her smile. It is something that will secretly steal your attention before realizing you were away for long. She is one amongst the Top 10 Sexiest Female Celebrities of WWE of All Time until 2017.

4. Jacqueline Delois


Jacqueline Delois is a well known Businesswoman and former wrestling performer. Delois Began acting in wrestling field in 1999 and left in 2010. This hot star can be well remembered for successfully scooping a winning Title against popular Trish Stratus discussed in number 6 above. As a result, Delois became Divas Champion winner. When her name is mentioned, what comes in our minds is her hardworking nature and courage to face hardest competitions ever featured. Jacqueline’s net worth is estimated to be 4 US million dollars.

3. Chyna


This article could have totally incomplete without featuring Chyna. She is an amazing professional well known by WWE viewers. Chyna joined this wrestling universe at a young age but did quite well for those active years she ever worked. Entire wrestling fraternity has kept records of winning titles. After winning Divas championships for seven times, this queen left to other businesses now that she was fit financially to join most careers of her choice. We have featured Chyna in this article to assure you of great beauty and success. This was contributed by moves made in wrestling.

2. Alundra Blayze


In second position of our article, we have this beautiful star named as Alundra Blayze. Many people can tell of Arunda. This is amongst popular and big names of WWE. She began performing in 1998 and left in 2006 after receiving a retirement certificate. Alundra gained seven titles and has a net worth of approximately three US million dollars. Blayze is a real definition of beauty in entire wrestling universe.

1. Ivory


On top position of this article, we have this big name called Ivory. This queen is ranked as most beautiful of all wrestling female celebrities. Entire wrestling community remembers this woman for winning in championships of 1999 and 2000. Having started this career in 1986, Ivory has several signature moves such as Small Package, Running Bulldog, Scoop Slam and Giant Swing. She is also very successful above all.

So, these above are the Top 10 Sexiest Female Celebrities of WWE of All Time until 2017. It is hard to think that wrestling women can be attractive and beautiful. Many people are never keen in observing beautiful features in these women. However, we have several of them that have joined the class of beauty and are highly celebrated.

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