Top 10 Richest Zambian Footballers

Here we are discussing about the list of Top 10 Richest Zambian Footballers in 2016 and 2017. The Football team of Zambia is named as Zambia National Football Team and it’s governed by Football Association of Zambia. All though in 1980, this team is known as KK 11 after founding President Dr. Kenneth Kaunda lovingly called KK who ruled Zambia From 1964 to 91. Once the country take on by multiparty politics the side was named Chipolopolo. The team comes three times in final appearance in Africa Cup of Nations and one time win the Africa Cup of Nation in the 2012 final against Ivory Coast. In accumulation to this 2012 cup triumph, its additional unforgettable comprise a 4-0 victory against Italy in the 1988 Olympic football tournament in Seoul South Korea that saw, Kalusha Bwalya score a hat trick.

In the meantime of 1990’s African countries and their footballers have contained far more at world football’s top team. Even though no African team is until now to reach further than the quarter final in the world cup, but their specific footballers have been acknowledged for their endowments. And their talent has consistently seem them be well rewarded economically and many of the Africa’s modern day greatest features on the list of Africa’s richest current Footballers.

So, now we know about top 10 richest Zambian footballers in 2016-2017.

1. Christopher Samba- Net Worth: $8 Million:

Christopher Samba Richest Zambian Footballers 2016

Christopher Samba is the tenth richest footballer of Zambia and its net income is $8 million per annul. The Congolese defenders wealth is obligated prominently to the contract he signs up at Anzhi Makhachkala wherever he has paid $160,000 per week. Before then he made his name as the no garbage captain of Blackburn Rovers. Among two enchantments at Anzhi he spent 6 months at Queen park Rangers where he once more earned around $ 160,000 per week. He is presently at Dynamo Moscow after existence sold in a fire sale of players by Anzhi.

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2. Seydou Keita – Net Assets: $10 Million:

Seydou Keita Richest Zambian Footballers 2018

Seydou is the ninth richest footballer of Zambia and its net income is $10 million per annul. After a year in the Chinese Super League, the Malian midfielder has lately returned to Spain with Valencia. In his year with Chinese Super League club Dalian Aerbin FC, Seydou Keita earned a stated $16 million before tax. Previously that move he had been a significant part of the Barcelona Squad for 4 years having awestruck at Seville and in the French Ligue 1.

3. Frederic Kanoute – Net Assets: $12 Million:

Frederic Kanoute Richest Zambian Footballers 2016

Frederic Kanoute is the eighth richest footballer of Zambia and its net income is $ 12 million per annul. This legendary Malian striker starts his career in France with Lyon beforehand moving to England with West Ham in 2001. Throughout his spell at Sevilla, in 2007 he won African Player of the year as well as consecutive UEFA Cups. At present he is Beijing Guoan in the Chinese Super League. In 2007 he spent a reported $ 700,000 buying his local mosque in Seville.

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4. John Obi Mikel – Net Assets: $15 Million:

John Obi Mikel Richest Zambian Footballers 2017

John Obi Mikel is the seventh richest footballers of Zambia and its net income is $15 million per annul. After just 6 entrances for Norwegian club Lyn Oslo, Mikel became disreputable within the football world. In 2005 both Manchester United and Chelsea proclaimed the adoption of 18 year old Mikel in what would become a protracted transfer saga. In 2006 it was eventually settled with Chelsea paying Lyn Oslo just £12 million without the player ever having played for them. This Nigerian has succeeded great success at Chelsea winning the premier League and Champions League amongst others and reported earns $5 million a year.

5. Kolo Toure – Net Worth: $ 18 Million:

Kolo Toure Richest Zambian Footballers 2018

Kolo Toure is the sixth richest footballers of Zambia and its net income is $18 million per annul. He has played three England largest clubs in the method of Aresenal Manchester City and Liverpool. He also has a profitable funding deal with Adidas. He has become an essential player for the Cote d’Ivoire national team and is one-half of football’s highest paid brethren.

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6. Michael Essien: Net Income is $25Million:

Michael Essien Richest Zambian Footballers 2016

Michael Essien is the fifth richest footballers of Zambia and its net income is $25 million per annul. One time Essien was most expensive Africa’s footballer of all period after his £24.4million transfer from Lyon to Chelsea. And he has received so many nominations for world Player of the year as well as African Player of the slit in gratitude of his status as one of Africa’s best player forever. After eight years at Chelsea, he takes on for AC Milan in January 2014 to receive more first- team football.

7. Emmanuel Adebayor: Net Worth: $27 Million:

Emmanuel Adebayor Richest Zambian Footballers 2018

Emmanuel Adebayor is the fourth richest footballers of Zambia and its net income is $27 million per annul. He is Togo’s all-time top scorer has promoted from lucrative agreements at some of England’s richest Club. At the same time Manchester City the striker earned a reported $268,000 a week. Though Adebayor has established a status for falling out with administrators, this player is also named for his massive donations work. He has set up schemes in his inborn Togo and across Africa, as well as formatting the SEA Foundation which equipment welfare projects through the continent.

8. Yaya Toure: Net Assets: $65 Million:

Yaya Toure Richest Zambian Footballers 2017

Yaya Toure is the third richest footballers of Zambia and its net income is $65 million per annul. He received continuously three times the best African player award since 2011 and is recognized as one of the cote d’ Ivories’ Golden Generation. In Barcelona team he was very important player and he also won champions League in 2009 and at present the engine room of one of the richest football teams in the world, Manchester City’s team. And he received a described $15million a year to highlight his status as one of the world’s best.

9. Didier Drogba: Net Worth: $70 Million:

Didier Drogba Richest Zambian Footballers 2017

Didier Drogba is the second richest footballers of Zambia and its net income is $70 million per annum. Didier Drogba’s huge fortune is inspiring, seeing the Ivorian did not earn a big change till his 2004 transmission to Chelsea at the age of 26. Meanwhile then still the Chelsea legend has contracted a number of profitable contracts. At the elevation of his supremacies at world’s most expensive football clubs,Chelsea he was paid $170,000 per week, a figure dwarfed though by the astounding $325,000 he earned in his small incantation at Shanghai Shenhua. He presently earns $5.2million a year at Galatasaray, though with a number of profitable sponsorship deals his real earnings a year are far more.

10. Samuel Eto’o: Net Worth: 90$ Million:

Samuel Eto’o Richest Zambian Footballers 2017

He is the top richest footballers of Zambia and its net income is $90 million per annul. It’s no wonder that the man to have earned a record four African Player of the Year awards tops the list for the mainland’s richest player. He was in detail once the maximum paid player in the world throughout his spell with Anzhi Makhachkala bringing in $25millon a year.

The Cameroonian forward has played for some of Europe’s largest clubs as well as Real Madrid, Barcelona, Inter Milan and current club Chelsea. His goal scoring ability has gotten him not only satisfied with mega salaries but enormous funding contracts, though the player also contributes a large money in donations, greatly like Didier Drogba, and has set up the Samuel Eto’o Establishment in his home-based country.

So, these are the top ten Richest footballer of Zambia in year 2016-2017.


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