Top 10 Richest Young Indian Entrepreneurs

Being young is a wonderful thing but being young and rich is another excellent fact. In the world today, we have come across very rich people and able men from various walks of life. It is obvious that most rich people around the world have come from far to develop this richness. To raise enough capital to start a business and maintain it is regarded among the toughest things. But, there are young men in India who has risen to the occasion and managed to bring up and develop big businesses into empires and fortunes. This is the list displaying some of the top ten young richest Indian entrepreneurs.

List of Top 10 Richest Young Indian Entrepreneurs in 2017

10. Varun Shoor

varun shoor, Top 10 Richest Young Indian Entrepreneurss

With an interest in internet at a very young age of almost 12 years, he developed the love of web applications. He tried to simplify it into a very manageable simple design easy for all by establishing Kayako in 2001. He is the chief executive officer and founder of Kayako Company and has managed to develop it to a greater height. As the founder, he is actively involved in the company’s operation. His net worth is approximated at over a million dollars.

9. King Siddhartha

king siddhartha, Top 10 Richest Young Indian Entrepreneurs 2018

Born and brought up remotely in Northern India, Siddharta grew up as a smart kid and started showing business character at that young age. He maintained that trend up to his adulthood and has grown into one of the richest young Indians. He is engaged in writing a lot and this involves a lot about teens. He rites a common magazine called friends and other books too.

8. Sameer Gehlaut

sameer gehlaut, Top 10 Richest Young Indian Entrepreneurs 2017

He used to work in US based oil services company Halliburton. He is involved in a securities firm and online brokerage. He is the chairman of Indiabulls Group of companies and has developed it to bigger heights. He is involved in housing and real estate business. He has net worth of over 3 billion US dollars. The young entrepreneur has made it on top and sailing among young richest Indians around. With his net worth growing with time he will be among the great richest people in India.

7. Ankit Oberoi


Ankit is the founder of Adpushup, which generally deals with advertisements. He left school at an early age and never bothered to reflect the importance of education. For him, he considered school as a waste of time since he had an alternative of the internet. He went ahead to venture in the internet industry and broadened it up to become a major shareholder in the industry.

6. Syed Balkhi


Syed is another young entrepreneur who has grown rich out of the web and internet businesses. The love of the web from an early age has made Syed a fast growing and expanding entrepreneur. He has diversified in this industry and grown into a world renowned young businessman. He has developed websites and designed some for big industries in India and around the globe. He is the owner of Uzzz Productions that is a company enjoying incredible profits and growth.

5. Amritanshu Anand


Founder of Retention Company, the company is majorly dealing with applications majorly concerning their performance and impact on the society. It targets the non users of specific applications and how they will and wish to learn about these applications. He is one amongst the Top 10 Richest Young Indian Entrepreneurs 2017.

4. Fahad Acidhalla


It seems that India’s web business is the way to go. Another young entrepreneur, he has been among the many young male Indians who have picked up the web community with a storm and utilized the loop holes in the industry. he sold his web community platform that he had created and made a lot of millions that helped him become among the richest in India. He is the chief executive officer of Rockstah Media involved in web management and development. He is also involved in marketing and many other diversified businesses.

3. Bhavin Turakhia


The chief executive officer and founder, a company that deals with the internet too known as directive started it in 1998. He is one of the foremost people to discover and utilize the internet in India that is why he has been able to capture and maintain the flow and easy run of the business. He has been able to grow the business globally and has managed to diversify it into multi millionaire enterprises. He is another great mind that did not finish his education simply because he did not value and see the importance of school.

2. Ranjan Pai


Founder and chief executive officer of Manipal Education & Medical Group, he started the company in the year 2000.currently the company has grown into a large and expanded brand serving entirely a very large region probably the entire world. he has managed to grown the business into a fortune and today he can boast of over a billion dollars and now riding among the richest young entrepreneurs. His main job revolves around certain programmes around schools and higher learning institutions.

1. Sri Subramanya


Brought up in India, this is another of the many internet and computer interested businessman. He has seized the opportunity in the computer sector to exploit and develop this opportunity. Through desktop publishing business, he has been able to make enormous profits and gains making him among grand rich young Indians in business. Yes, young and very rich is the title you can comfortably give him.

So, these above are the Top 10 Richest Young Indian Entrepreneurs 2017. Richness at a young age is one big advantage in life. It becomes very easy to develop and diversify in business once you become serious and focused at a young age. We can see this in India though the majority if these young men concentrate in the internet business. It is not easy to be listed among the richest young men in India but the above names have come above board to do so.

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