Top 10 Richest Visual Artists in The World

People love to see paintings and most of them lost in the way of understanding the purpose of its presence. Incidentally, this creates so many exhibitions all over the world where different painters represent their arts and painting lovers come to look at and buy such awesome visual arts. In fact, the love to create different arts and the appreciation of the fans support painters to come forward with unique painting styles.

Well, painting may be based on anything but the actual scene tells the story of creation. It is thus the power of Imagination that determines the art value. Of course, visual artists are paid for the service of making such eye-catchy and exclusive arts. This will be difficult to judge the net worth of any art and its exhibition. Similarly, it is also hard to establish appropriate connections to calculate the earnings of an artist.

Check this list of richest visual artists in the world in 2017:

These are those richest visual artists who are making the world a whole new piece with enchanting, charming, tempting and heart-touching arts:

10. Richard Prince ($30 million):

Richard Prince Richest Visual Artists 2018

Richard Prince is from America and does painting along with photography. He comes into limelight in the year 2008 and shows his astonishing art with Nurse Series artistic creations. The value to the painting is offered by the technique of modern photography with attractive features.

9. David Hockney ($40 million):

David Hockney Richest Visual Artists 2018

David Hockney is one of the renowned artists born on July 9, 1937. This English artist is also a stage designer, draughtsman and photographer. He is recognised as most talented and influential artists of twentieth century and have found his place in the list of richest visual artists.

8. Gerhard Richter ($40 million):

Gerhard Richter Richest Visual Artists 2016

It is also believed that Gerhard Richter and David Hockney have almost the same net worth, but there is a difference in overall scenario of making visual arts. Gerhard is recognised among pioneer European painters. His cutting-edge intuition of arts and flexible style of making arts show the caliber to deliver such awesome paintings to the world.

7. Antony Gormley ($50 million):

Antony Gormley Richest Visual Artists 2018

The next to the list of richest visual artists sticks to Antony Gormley because of his most famous works that include Angel of the North. In his career to become one of the renowned artists, Antony delivers Sound II, Bed, and Havmann with his powerful artistic characteristics.

6. Anish Kapoor ($85 million):

Anish Kapoor Richest Visual Artists 2017

Anish Kapoor is a British-Indian artist who was born in Mumbai. In the early 1970s, he shifted to London and made his stand with enchanting designs for art presentation.

5. Takashi Murakami ($100 million):

Takashi Murakami Richest Visual Artists 2017

He is considered among committed Japanese painter who reflects Japanese culture. Takashi Murakami has coined ‘Superflat’ term to describe his art with aesthetic characteristics of Japanese tradition and post-war culture. He is known for his hard work, and he has number of employees to work on his projects. He also writes many books that include Geijutsu Tosoron and Superflat.

4. Andrew Vicari ($142 million):

Andrew Vicari Richest Visual Artists 2016

Andrew Vicari is the Britains’s richest visual artists that has recognised his popularity in the world and gained net worth of $142 million. He was born on 20 April, 1938 in Port Talbot, United Kingdom. He owns three museums that are dedicated to represent his astonishing work in the Middle East.

3. David Choe ($200 million):

David Choe Richest Visual Artists 2017

David Choe is one of the youngest painters who is able to make his name in the list of richest visual artists. He was born on April 21, 1976 in Los Angeles, California. In his childhood, he used to spray on streets and this develops his painter characteristics with desire to grow more in the field of art.

2. Jeff Koons ($500 million):

Jeff Koons Richest Visual Artists 2017

Jeff Koons is recognised as superstar and popular for American crafts-making. He is famous to do printmaking and painting with high caliber to show his performance. He comes into the popularity of art from his work ‘Balloon Dog’ that was his $58.4 million performance.

1. Damien Hirst ($1 billion):

Damien Hirst Richest Visual Artists 2016

Well, it will be nice to know by the fans of Damien Hirst that he is in the top list of richest visual artists. Her work is so delightful and demonstrates his everlasting artistic creations. He is one of the eminent members of YBA (Young British Artists). His art work supports him to reach the topmost position with the capability to deliver the best.

Subsequently, becoming the richest visual artists in the world is not a big deal. The main factor is to attain the popularity with unmatchable, excellent representation of arts work. The visual arts are the imagined representation of someone’s point of view related to something. In this progress of making net worth with problem-free arts, it is very much significant to achieve the capability to reach the level of imagination power to do awesome paintings.

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