Top 10 Richest Video Game Players in The World

The video game players are one of the renowned artists from several part of the world. Now video game players can earn huge amount through e-sports gaming platforms. This is an ultimate platform from where individuals can reach to certain height of appreciation. Different players participate from various parts of the world. In this way, individuals are getting chances of making money through competitions.

The purpose of doing all these things is to show the potential in e-sport adventures that helps to become the richest video game players in the world. The innovativeness to do something different shows the caliber to perform on different level of competitions. It is not true that video game players are not living an ordinary life, but the fact is that players better know how to deal with different situations. The most fruitful act is the way to move forward with enthusiasm to come first in the world tournaments and show the unique game characteristics of one’s own strategies.

Check these top 10 richest video game players who are able to concrete their presence with outstanding performances to reach this level in their successful career:

List of Top 10 Richest Video Game Players in The World in 2017.

10. Filip ‘neo’ Kubski ($289,720):

Filip 'neo' Kubski Richest Video Game Players 2018

He is well-recognized for his performance in Counter Strike: Global Offensive. The main focus of Filip is to concrete his position in the top 10 list of richest video game players. He has already won more than 137 tournaments and focused on its new Russian plays team named as Vitrus Pro. Previously, he came first in ESL ESEA Pro tournament in the year 2015. With this potential and energy make Filip to develop his plans to clear different level of e-game with ease.

9. Damon ‘Karma’ Barlow ($305,307):

Damon 'Karma' Barlow Richest Video Game Players 2017

He is well-known for his performance in Call of Duty which he won two times in the world championship tournaments. He has the most number of times ever any player won. His eager to do something special in e-gaming platform has reached this position and popularity in the whole world. He has played for Fariko and several other MLG teams. Well, Barlow loves to win in every gaming experience with a lot more hatred to lose.

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8. Patrik ‘forest’ Lindberg ($359,119):

Patrik 'forest' Lindberg Richest Video Game Players 2018

He is the best performer of Counter Strike and known for his talented extraordinary performance. Before moving to Counter Strike: Global Offensive, he remains first-person shooter.
Patrik stays with BeGrip Gaming until 2006 and after its disbandment he continues with SK Gaming and Fnatik. The desire to perform in every situation with its team has worked great to make his place in the list of richest video game players.

7. Johnathan ‘Fatal1ty’ Wendel ($456,089):

Johnathan 'Fatal1ty' Wendel Richest Video Game Players 2018

Johnathan is one of the first prominent professionals who has played more successful tournaments with more titles than any player. He is one of the richest gamers in the world. He has won Alien vs. Predator 2, Doom 3, Unreal Tournament 2003, Painkiller and many more. The way to lead the e-gaming platforms has made him one of such powerful richest video game players. His performance and love from his fans offered a chance to utilize his name in multiple products for a manufacturing company, named AS Rock.

6. Jang ‘Moon’ Jae Ho ($464,090):

Jang 'Moon' Jae Ho Richest Video Game Players 2017

Jang is recognized for his performance in the Warcraft III in which he owned all the games that he played in the first season of the tournament. With the performance that he has shown, have earned him respect. This is possible due to his prominent choosing of underpowered ‘Night Efl’ race.

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5. Lee ‘Faker’ Sang Hyeok ($479,762):

Lee 'Faker' Sang Hyeok Richest Video Game Players 2016

Hyeok is encountered as professional player for League of Legends in which he has shown his caliber to remain one of the top-notch players. His outstanding performance has made the CEO of Riot games to offer him games Michael Jordon title. Well, it is also proved that he remains the best player of League of Legend of all time to reach the list of richest video game players.

4. Jang ‘MC’ Min Chul ($501,436):

Jang 'MC' Min Chul Richest Video Game Players 2016

Jang is considered to be renowned player who has already won the most two times GSL titles. He is well-known because of his chicky performances after winning tournaments. He is also one of the highest paid gamers in the world. In his professional career, he imitated the WWE wrestler The Undertaker through his entrance music and coffin in 2012.

3. Lee ‘Jaedong’ Jae Dong ($604,871):

Lee 'Jaedong' Jae Dong Richest Video Game Players 2017

Jaedong is considered as one of the greatest Starcraft: Brood War e-gamers. Starcraft is real-time strategy play game that is developed to see the ever-charming performance of players from all over the world. In his career, he is able to maintain his position in the top rank for 16 consecutive months in the Korean gaming industry.

2. Carlos ‘Ocelote’ Rodriguez Santiago ($900,000):

Carlos 'Ocelote' Rodriguez Santiago Richest Video Game Players 2016

Carlos has started his e-sports gaming at an age of 14 years. With his performance in the top league competitions, he is well-known because of bad sportsmanship who use awkward language in e-sports. Well, his caliber to develop standard performance in World of Warcraft helps him to make his name in the list of richest video game players.

1. Peter ‘ppd’ Dager ($1,985,992):

Peter 'ppd' Dager Richest Video Game Players 2017

Dager is placed in the topmost position of richest video game players in the world. He has proved his skills and topped Dota 2 with his prominent professional performance.

The madness to play e-games has build many professional players from all over the world. They are renowned through their successful presence in this gaming platform. Anyone can reach the level of professionalism, but the fact is that how many could manage to retain in top 10 list of richest video game players. Everyone has the opportunity to come first with his prominent performance with substantial skills and knowledge of gaming.

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