Top 10 Richest University Presidents in The World

President of University hold the responsibility of its reputation and that is the reason why the profile is one of most reputed and respected among all the professions. After years of devoting to the academics and administrating experience, individuals who end up with the role of university presidents receive an expensive remuneration along with notable compensation.

Some University presidents earn a great deal for the excellent results they deliver during their tenure. Before taking much of your time here is the list of top 10 richest University Presidents 2018.

List of the world’s top 10 richest university presidents in 2018

10. Stuart R. Bell

Richest University Presidents

President: Univeristy of Alabama
Annual Salary: $565,000

In 2015, Stuart R. Bell joined University of Alabama and became the 29th president of the university. He received the doctorate degree in mechanical engineering from A&M Texas in 1986. He receives the yearly payout of $565,000. He has been responsible expansion in research and facilities in the University, increased recruitment and the new focus on retention policies.

9. Timothy D. Sands

Richest University Presidents

President:University of Virginia Tech
Annual Salary:$600,000

Timothy Sands is the 16th President of the University of Virginia Tech. He is an American researcher and material engineer who has till date published nearly 260 papers in microelectronics and nanotechnology. He joined the university in June 2014. An educator, scientist, and an inventor he has dedicated his life to the continuous research in public education along with new innovation. As a President, he has engaged the community of research in the visionary plan to advance University as a global grant institution.

8. Timothy Killeen

Richest University Presidents

President: University of Illinois, Chicago
Annual Salary: $650,000

Timothy Killeen is a professor, space scientist, and an administrator. He became President of the University of Illinois in 2015. In past, he has also served on different White House departments and forces. Under his leadership, University has begun to customise many state level research programmes etc.

7. Ana Mari Cauce

Richest University Presidents

President: University of Washington
Annual Salary: $ $697,500

She is college administrator, psychologist and became the 33rd president of Washington University in October 2015. She received her Bachelor’s degree in English and Psychology from Miami University. She also holds the doctorate from the University of Yale in psychology. She is current putting great commitment for the future betterment of graduate studies.

6. Dennis Assanis

Richest University Presidents

President: Univeristy of Delaware
Annual Salary: $700,156

Dennis Assanis is the 28th president on June 6th, 2016. Prior to the University of Delaware, he was the senior vice president of Stoney Brook Univeristy’s academic affairs. He has received an honorary degree of science in Marine Engineering from the University of Newcastle in England.

5. Gregory L. Fenves

Richest University Presidents

University of Texas, Austin
Annual Salary:$750,000

On June 2015 Gregory L. Fenves became the 24th president of the University of Texas at Austin. Gregory earned the Bachelors degree with Class A distinction from Cornell University along with the completion of PhD from the University of California. He is well acclaimed for his work and development of open source software in the profession of civil engineering.

4. Eric J. Barron

Richest University Presidents

President of Pennsylvania State University
Annual Salary: $800,000,

Eric Barron started his tenure of 18the president of the University in May 2014. His main focus is to make a great university, even more, greater. He has been focusing on the six major imperatives in education that includes Access, Economic Development, Student Engagement, Demographics and Technology. Previously he was appointed as 14th president of Florida University. He obtained two Master’s degree in oceanography and science in 1976 and later went ahead to receive PhD in 1980 from Miami University.

3. Michael M. Crow

Richest University Presidents

President of Arizona State University
Annual Salary:$900,000

Michael Crow is an academician and university administrator who was the 16th president of Arizona State University. Previously he served as the Executive Vice Provost of the University of Columbia. As a president, he had worked towards redefining the role of Arizona University as New American University. He had been a key figure and has reportedly worked towards the upliftment of understudies of ASU.

2. Michael V. Drake

Richest University Presidents

President of Ohio State University
Annual Salary: $1,000,000

Michael V.Drake became the 15th president of Ohio State University in 2014. March 2015, he was also appointed to the Hall of Fame Rock and Roll board. Dr Drake was a professor of ophthalmology and also associate dean at UCSF. He also became the vice president of University of California system.

1. John L. Hennessy

Richest University Presidents

President of Standford University
Annual Salary: $1,091,589

John Leroy Hennessy is a computer scientist, businessman and academician. He is the founder of Atheros and MIPS Computer Inc. He was the faculty member of Stanford University in 1977. He holds the strongest interest in the graduate level computer education system.

All the above names have been sought after considering their tenure, experience in the academic study, nature of flawless representation. Most of them are scientists, professors and psychologist who are not the whole soul of their respective university.

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