Top 10 Most Popular Richest UFC Fighters in The World

Mixed martial arts have become a favourite sport for many people as more and more people are being attracted toward this game. It is realigned exciting and there is no shortage of fighters. UFC has been in business from early 90’s. Their success rate can be judged by the amount of earning they take home.

In last 10 to 15 years UFC has given the highest significant raise among all the sports in the world. The elite ones also secure good endorsement deals with some of the best brands in the world. Here is the list of top 10 richest UFC fighters in the world for 2017.

List of the world’s Top 10 most popular Richest UFC Fighters According to their Net Worth 2017:

#10 – Junior dos Santos (Salary: $410,000)

Junior dos Santos, World's Most Popular Richest UFC Fighters 2016

Junior dos Santos joined UFC in 2008 but just he jumped back into the cage recently with the strong performance. The Brazilian fighter boasts the record of 18 wins and just 4 losses. On April 2016, he defeated Ben Rothwell through the technical decision. We can say that this young fighter is full of talent and will continue to fight for many years to come and will definitely fill his pockets more and more.

#9 – Michael Bisping (Salary: $495,000)

Michael Bisping, World's Most Popular Richest UFC Fighters 2017

Michael joined UFC fighting in 2004 and fights both middleweight and light heavyweight divisions. He was the winner of Ultimate Fighter Light Heavyweight Championship in 2006. Post-2006, he dropped down a division to middleweight category in 2008. Since then he has had successfully growing up the graph in his career with total 28 wins and 7 losses. He has also made highest earnings as an MMA fighter than most of the fighters in UFC.

#8 – Jon Jones (Salary: $530,000)

Jon Jones, World's Most Popular Richest UFC Fighters 2018

Jon “Bones” Jones’s is considered as one of the best MMA fighters in the world. In 2011 he took home the title of Light Heavyweight Championship and became the youngest champion in the history of UFC. His career has recorded 23 wins and one loss out total 24 fights. However, the fighter is undergoing some problems in his personal life due to hit and run charge which resulted in removal from UFC roster and suspension.

#7 – Andrei Arlovski (Salary: $530,000)

Andrei Arlovski, World's Most Popular Richest UFC Fighters 2016

Andrei joined UFC in the year 2000 and one of the most experienced among the lot. However, fighter left UFC in 2008 to try his hands with other promotions such as EliteXC and WSOF. In 2014, he returned to UFC and till date he is ranked among the top five heavyweight fighters in UFC. Though outside the area he takes some projects in acting which adds to his wealth but the earning listed in the article is only counted as a fighter.

#6 – Holly Holm (Salary: $540,000)

Holly Holm, World's Most Popular Richest UFC Fighters 2017

Holly Holm is the only female fighter and one of the versatile fighter who hold experience in boxing, kickboxing and mixed martial arts. In boxing, she is the greatest welterweights female in the world with the career record of 33 wins and only 2 losses. She joined UFC in early 2015 after her impressive record of 10 wins and only 1 loss at MMA. Last year she earned the spotlight after defeating Ronda Rousey. With her knock style and exceptional fighting capabilities Holly Holm truly deserves the number sixth slot among the richest fighters of UFC and a proud female.

#5 – Robbie Lawler (Salary: $590,000)

Robbie Lawler, World's Most Popular Richest UFC Fighters 2018

Robbie Lawyer is an incredible welterweight fighter. He joined UFC in the year 2002 with a debut match against Aaron Riley who he defeated. After trying his hand with other companies in the middleweight division, Robbie returned to UFC in 2013 and won UFC Welterweight title Championship in December 2014. He was the best fighter in UFC for 2014 and no wonder how he makes that fortune worth the deal.

#4 – Alistair Overeem (Salary: $597,857)

Alistair Overeem, World's Most Popular Richest UFC Fighters 2017

Alistair is an English-born mixed martial arts fighter with an extensive and prolific career. He started fighting in 1999 and overall had 41 wins out of 56 matches. Prior to UFC, he was with Strikeforce and Dream where he had won major titles. He joined UFC in 2011 and defeated many heavyweight champions before having an issue with the drug test in 2012 that came positive. Irrespective to multiple controversies, he is one the highest paid fighter in UFC.

#3 – Nate Diaz (Salary: $620,000)

Nate Diaz, World's Most Popular Richest UFC Fighters 2018

Nate Diaz started his fighting career in 2007 with professional debut with Ultimate Fighter 5. He had an experience of successful fighting in Pancrase, Strikeforce and UFC with total 20 wins out of 30 fights. In March 2016, he subbed in for Rafael dos Anjos who is a lightweight champion fighter against Conor McGregor and he shocked the entire world with the victory in the round two. Potsherd match Nate Diaz has been on the rise with both wealth and popularity.

#2 – Anderson Silva (Salary: $665,000)

Anderson Silva, World's Most Popular Richest UFC Fighters 2019

Anderson is one of the most famous and richest UFC fighters in the world. The former middleweight champion is considered as the best striker in the history of sports. At present, he holds the record for UFC’s most title defenses, career knockdowns and longest win streak. He is a gifted fighter and with many titles up for his name, he surely deserves to be among the top fighters on the list.

#1 – Conor McGregor (Salary: $1,090,000)

Conor McGregor, World's Most Popular Richest UFC Fighters 2017

Although he is new to mixed martial arts as compared to many experienced fighters on this list, he rose to fame within few months of joining UFC in 2013 when he defeated Marcus Bridge in a technical knockout. For some time he was the undefeated UFC champion and the most notable fight against Jose Aldo is well recorded by many who witnessed it when Aldo knocked within 13 seconds. He has been known for his offensive prowess and that victory earned him UFC Featherweight Champion. His undefeated streak came to an end in a shocking match where he lost for the first time against Nick Diaz. Even after the defeat he still earns $1,000,000. A rematch is scheduled between Conor and Diaz within few days.

These professional and richest UFC fighters undergo pain and serious training to bring to you the most ruthless and technically sound fights. That is the reason many are drawn to this sport.

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