Top 10 Richest Rappers in The World

Money, money, money is what it is all about these days! The richest rappers that have been listed are all worth more than one hundred million dollars and they all have so much talent that getting awards for it will no longer get to them quite as bad. He is not just a performer for music but a record producer and a entrepreneur. Most of these guys probably have a bigger female fan base just because of how they look and that is actually quite sad that someone would judge them based off of their looks instead of letting them know just how important they are to us and how inspiring the individual is as well.

List of Top 10 Richest Rappers in The World in 2017

10. Snoop Dogg

snoop dogg, Top 10 Richest Rappers in The World 2017

He is mostly known as an amazing performer and being an influential rapper. His net worth is around 135 million dollars and he has earned every cent of that by working hard and being dedicated to his career. With many hit singles and albums sales that stay high, this rapper does not need to worry about whether or not he has fans and if they love him. Along with his music, the man is a terrific actor that is funny and laid back. I am sure a lot of people could appreciate the way he is so chilled out since a lot of celebrities are stuck up or drama queens.

9. Lil’ Wayne

lil wayne, Top 10 Richest Rappers in The World 2017

Worth 135 million dollars, Lil’ Wayne has come a long way since hitting the music scene at a young age. The unique vocal chords that he has is the reason for his fan base being so large and the skills that he has gives him all the recognition that he has gotten which he very much has deserved. His rhythm and melody are what made him a fan favorite.

8. Ice Cube


Since he is worth one hundred and forty million dollars, Ice cube is on the list at number eight for being one of the richest rappers around the globe 2017. He has been in many articles for his great rapping talents and is going to make a large impact on the industry one day. In the next few years he should be blowing up big time and raising his popularity by a lot of money. Most people know him best for his role as Craig in all of the Friday movies, which were very funny.

7. Eminem


He rakes in a total of 160 million dollars and is an extremely experienced artist. Not only does he rap but the slower rapping that he does brings out his vocal chords so much better than all the super fast singing that he used to do. Played in the movie “8 mile” and is originally from Michigan himself. He is also a songwriter that hands out new stuff to the artist that he really likes. Eminem has gone by a few names since coming into this crazy industry but so far his current name has stuck pretty well with many of his fans.

6. Birdman


The platinum selling albums are what keep him in one of the spots for richest rappers 2017. His actual name is Bryan William and has become real famous to fans around the world. Birdman is worth 170 million dollars and is only doing the things that he loves. Sometimes having dreams are totally worth it if you can make it and get paid as well as what some of these celebrities do.

5. 50 Cent


We all have heard about the great fifty cent. He raps and and is an entrepreneur. He has the muscles and the body that every girl drools over. He earns a lot of money just to spit words out of his mouth without even trying because he has that kind of talent. He is worth a huge amount of two hundred and seventy million dollars and he uses that money to live and help him get further in his career,

4. Master P


He took the world by his rapping. He has a great voice and he really shows it. He has been able to make records that have made him money and he has even won a few awards for the songs. He has so many songs that day by day he will be singing something different. He wears nice clothes and jewelry that probably cost him more than a car. His net worth is three hundred and fifty million dollars and it helps him pay his bills and keep up the style he wears everyday. He is one amongst the Top 10 Richest Rappers in The World 2017.

3. Jay-Z


He tries so hard to keep his fans happy with new music and different types of music. He raps and does other things as well. His videos are something that makes people want to listen to him more each day. Kids these days do not know what they are missing out on when they hear his music. He makes a lot of money so the amount of five hundred and fifty dollars is no shocker when they hear this is what he is worth.

2. Diddy


He has a great talent that will show when you see all the different kinds of videos he has made. It is the second richest rapper in two thousand and sixteen with having at least seven hundred million dollars that keeps him going. This money pays for his home and his style. When you hear his name songs will pop into your head and make you understand why he makes the money he does. He depends on his fans to buy his records so he will constantly make money from it.

1. Dr. Dre


The top rapper that makes the most is Dr. Dre. His real name is Andre Romelle Young but he usually just goes by Dr. Dre and that is perfectly fine with him. He has won plenty of awards. He is so close to becoming a millionaire it is not even funny. He is worth seven hundred million dollars and he lets it show. He does what he does best and no matter how old he gets he will still please his fans in anyway that he can.

These above are the Top 10 Richest Rappers in The World 2017. These rappers are talented and will do what they can to make the money they do. They rap and throw out the beats faster than some of us can talk. They want their fans to be happy so they can be happy. They all have haters but most of the time they just do not care about what others say because they have money and they do not need the drama. They go day by day staying high up so no one can knock them down.


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  1. When you are a doctor in anything you are do…Andrie Remelle is a doctor of all time not only for himself but others!!!!!

  2. Lil Wayne is the best he done invest Is career he done what he had to..get where he is now he came from absolutely nothing I’m from new Orleans I am proud of him but … the fact is kevin gates is going to be the next big thing haters can even see it ,he is amazing artist relates to the real world what most of been through to make it out high hopes for kevin gates

  3. The only rap god for the Rap world. It’s only Eminem. He is the best in the business.. He is swift, he rhymes it well, he gets energy, he puts everything so that fans love it.

  4. Andre Romelle young, better known to world as Dr. Dre is an exceptional rapper. He ruled the Rap world for decades. He is an intelligent entrepreneur too.

  5. I find most of the richest rappers are black. They are not only rich but are immensely popular. Each of the rappers have some best rapps in their name.

  6. They are the best rappers in the business.
    They showed it’s not just about rhyming but each of them rapped soulfully to gain this popularity. I’m an Eminem fan!

  7. Eminem is my favorite rapper.
    No one can beat his skills. He is fast, he rhymes brilliantly. He has grown to become a star by lot of hard work. His albums are sold like hot cakes everytime. People all around the world know that he is the Rap God. He also does a lot of charity, that is a notable thing about him.

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