Top 10 Richest Rappers in The World

Take a look at the below list of Top 10 Richest Rappers in the world in 2016 and 2017. Rapping is the art of speaking or chanting lyrics that rhyme and go with or without beats. Rapping has it origin in Africa. At present rapping is identified with the hip-hop music style. With the passing of time as musicians began to experiment with new genres of fusion, remix, hip hop and so on, rapping caught on and have become a full-fledged engrossing variant.

A whole lot of rappers have emerged as the art has caught on the interests of the people, particularly the younger generation. Rappers have to do more than just chant and those who have been able to do so have made indeed accumulated their affluence as we shall see.

The following list shows the top ten richest rappers in the world in 2016:

10. Curtis 50 Cent Jackson:

Curtis 50 Cent Jackson Richest Rappers 2018

Jackson was born in New York. He climbed to fame through the East coast group after being brought to the scene by Eminem. Soon after that, he went into business which includes such ventures as the beverage trade. When Coca-cola bought the drinking company in which he was a shareholder, he earned his fortune. At present he is worth over $100 million.

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9. Dwayne Lil Wayne Carter Junior:

Dwayne Lil Wayne Carter Junior Richest Rappers 2016

Dwayne Carter hails from New Orleans. His debut solo album is that block is hot which was released in 1999. Thereafter he has successfully been selling his later albums and adding to his growing wealth. He founded the Young money entertainment, and as the name suggests this company has been churning out money and entertainment in the form of top albums. His net worth is estimated to be $150 million.

8. Bryan Birdman Williams:

Bryan Birdman Williams Richest Rappers 2017

He is popularly known by his theatre name as Birdman as well as Baby. He works along with his brother Ronald Slim Williams. They together founded Cash money records. He performed both as a single rapper as well as with Big Timers during his career. He has amassed around a net worth of $160 million.

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7. Ronald Slim Williams:

Ronald Slim Williams Richest Rappers 2016

Ronald Slim Williams is the older brother of Bryan Birdman Williams. But he lies in the shadow of his brother not having any hits to his credit. He was the co-founder of Cash money records. He has earned a lot as an owner of the Cash money brand and also as executive producer of some of the hip hops around. His current net worth is about $160 million.

6. Marshall Eminem Mathers:

Marshall Eminem Mathers Richest Rappers 2017

He is branded as Eminem. He was brought to the scene by Dr. Dre. In 1999 he released the slim shady album followed by The Marshall Mathers in 2000. This sold super-fast. Thus the sale proceeds of his albums as well as his various entries in movies and TV shows has earned him something in the range of $160 – 210 million.

5. Percy Master P Miller:

Percy Master P Miller Richest Rappers 2018

Another rapper from New Orleans is Master P. As the likes of many of the fortune holders, Master P rose from his small record store and eventually went on to become famous as a rapper in the 1990s. After that he not only went onto make films and act in them, but also turned into an entrepreneur. He is also altruistically involved in many projects. At present he owns a net value of $325 million.

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4. Russell Simmons:

Russell Simmons Richest Rappers 2017

Russell Simmons began his musical career when he was in his early twenties. He was one of the founders of the record company named Def jam records. This company signed a lot of famous rappers. Simmons made a whopping $100 million by investing his share in the record company to the big Universal music group. Currently he possesses around $340 – 350 million.

3. Shawn Jay Z Carter:

Shawn Jay Z Carter Richest Rappers 2017

Carter has a host of Grammies to his credit and has sold more than 100 million records. He has made money away from music too. He owns a club and has even created a brand clothes wear named as Roca wear. It’s interesting to find how he has found time in the sports entertainment trade too. Due to his various avenues of making wealth, he is worth something between $515 – 650 million.

2. Sean Diddy Combs:

Sean Diddy Combs Richest Rappers 2018

Like most of the other rappers, Sean Combs has also earned success apart from his profession as a rapper. He is estimated to be holding around over $730 million. His brand clothesline Sean Jean even won him designer of the year award for menswear. He also owned restaurants. Thereafter he earned handsomely from his expensive vodka brand. Recently he has invested in the TV, Revolt TV.

1. Andre Dr. Dre Young:

Andre Dr. Dre Young Richest Rappers 2016

Andre Young richest entertainer , known fondly as Dre, is the king of the rappers. He began his rapping career in the year 1984. He has made his fortune through his tours, recording studios, joint production ventures with many artists. He is credited to have discovered Eminem. With his keen business acumen and creativity, he has regularly gathered money. He earned over 52 million for the sale of his record company to Interpose records. His sale of his Beats by Dre to Apple got him $3 billion.

The list above makes it amply clear that the rappers have to go about doing a whole lot more than just speak in rhymes to earn their riches.


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  1. The only rap god for the Rap world. It’s only Eminem. He is the best in the business.. He is swift, he rhymes it well, he gets energy, he puts everything so that fans love it.

  2. Andre Romelle young, better known to world as Dr. Dre is an exceptional rapper. He ruled the Rap world for decades. He is an intelligent entrepreneur too.

  3. I find most of the richest rappers are black. They are not only rich but are immensely popular. Each of the rappers have some best rapps in their name.

  4. They are the best rappers in the business.
    They showed it’s not just about rhyming but each of them rapped soulfully to gain this popularity. I’m an Eminem fan!

  5. Eminem is my favorite rapper.
    No one can beat his skills. He is fast, he rhymes brilliantly. He has grown to become a star by lot of hard work. His albums are sold like hot cakes everytime. People all around the world know that he is the Rap God. He also does a lot of charity, that is a notable thing about him.

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