Top 10 Richest Preachers in The World

Being a man of God has its perks and quirks in equal measure. Being able to convince the congregation to keep on giving when you already have everything is no joke. Most preachers are published authors, and with an already established following and audience, it Is fairly easy to clean the bookshelf and become unimaginably rich. While their bank account numbers may be unjustified, the end justifies the means and nobody will question the man of the cloth’s desire of comfort living.

Numerous ministers worldwide are building multi-million dollar domains, flying around in private streams, driving extravagant autos and being proprietors of amazing chateaus everywhere throughout the world. These mogul righteous men are exceptionally mainstream everywhere throughout the world. Richest Lifestyle has ordered a rundown of 10 wealthiest ministers on the planet and their total individual assets. Among the 10, 5 of the ministers who made the rundown are from Nigeria, with Bishop David Oyedepo, originator of Living Faith Ministries otherwise known as Winners Chapel, besting the rundown. The following is the main ten wealthiest ministers on the planet starting 2017.

List of Top 10 Richest Preachers in The World in 2017

10. Joseph Prince


Malaysia net worth $5 Million

Malaysia’s Joseph Prince is one of the richest men among the preachers in the planet. He is he is net worth $5 million and also he is an IT consultant. Reports from credible sources revel he normally makes around $550k annually. His church is the largest church in Asia . He is a self- made millionaire and his off-pulpit endeavors keeps his money stream from drying up.

9. TB Joshua


Nigeria net worth $10 Million

One of the richest preachers in Africa is none other than TB Joshua who is from Nigeria and has earned over $10 million. You have probably heard that he cures people using blessed water and some time ago there was a controversial story of deaths as a result of neglect by HIV victims since they believed they have been cured using the water, yes that is the pastor am talking about. Apparently he has over 3 million Facebook friends.

8. Billy Graham

Billy Graham Top Most Richest Preachers 2017

USA net worth $25 Million

An American by the name Billy graham is one of the richest preachers of our time with assets totalying to $25 million. Among the Christians he is very famous and it is estimated he has preached to over 2.5 billion people in his career. Billy has also been known to rub shoulders with many presidents and also people like Dr. Martin Luther King.

7. Kenneth Copeland


USA net worth $26 Million

Another American son is Kenneth Copeland’s who is a great preacher among his followers. As of year 2017 it is reported that he has accumulated a clean $26 million. As you understand the man doesn’t pay taxes because the federal government exempts preachers from tax, he also has a private jet and lives in a six million house and all this is from his flock

6. Creflo Dollar


USA net worth $27 Million

This is another American based preacher who is a man of god according to his massive flock. He has a net worth of about $27 million which he has made through preaching. Though he is a bit controversial with human rights issues especially when he hit her daughter this man is quite rich. His wealth can be signaled by his private jet, owns a million dollar estates and much more assets.

5. E.A. Adeboye


Nigeria net worth $39 Million

E.A. Adeboye from Nigeria is not just an ordinary preacher but he is a holder of a Ph.D. in mathematics which probably doesn’t utilize unless in calculating his $39 million net worth assets. He is a rich man in a country where his followers have been stricken by poverty. His church in Nigeria alone has over 14000 branches and with over 5 million followers. He once stated that he has a vision of a global dominance of his church and from the looks in Nigeria that vision is starting to become a reality. He is one amongst the Top 10 Richest Preachers in The World 2017.

4. Benny Hinn


USA net worth $42 Million

Another rich American son and a preacher by profession with a net worth $42 million is benny Hinn. He is one of the controversial preachers in the u.s having even been investigated by the senate in an issue on tax. He is known for often miracle crusades, healing summits, revival meetings that usually occur in cities and televised globally. Irrespective of all that he has established a network of churches bot in U.S.A and in Canada and has over 10 million affiliated to his church. His fortune comes from televangelism and books.

3. Chris Oyakhilome


Nigeria net worth $50 Million

Another Godly man from Africa and in Nigeria to be specific is Chris Oyakhilome who is net worth $50 million is Chris Oyakhilome. You have heard of the name Believers loveworld ministries or rather Christ embassy? This is the man behind that church. He has more than 45000 followers in his church some of whom are famous business men and women, politicians and high and mighty in the society. He also runs an NGO called Innercity Missions, and some Christian televisions such as Love world plus, Love world Tv and Love world SAT.

2. Bishop TD Jakes


U.S.A $147 Million

Bishop TD Jakes is an American preacher with an incredible $147 million. He is the bishop of the potters house an American church with a following of more than 30000 members. Normally his revival draws a gathering of more than 10000 believers from all over the world. His wealth source is from televangelism, and entrepreneurship as well.

1. David Oyedepo


Nigeria net worth $150 million

He another Nigerian righteous man of God who is the founder of the Living Faith World Outreach Ministry. Its one of the largest churches in Nigeria as well as in Africa. He shepherds close to 50,000 believers. Due to his massive wealth he owns private jets, real estates both in Africa and in US among other places.

Please note the numbers are subject to change as philanthropic preachers are known to support charity events and organizations frequently. While the income stream of these preachers grow so does their societal responsibilities and it will come as a no surprise to see new entrants to the list of top 10 richest preachers 2017. Keeping in mind their various investments and books to sell, the richest preachers list is by far the most dynamic.

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