Top 10 Richest NFL Players

The NFL is without a doubt one of the best sports leagues in the world. You do not make money in the NFL without first pleasing the players. You will, however, need to do more to please the outstanding ones; make them smile when they think of their salary. Most of these players have super bowls, player of the year, golden boots, and other titles to their names, including fat bank accounts. How have these players made their cash? And how do they spend it? These are the richest players to gift the NFL with their prowess on and off the pitch.

List of Top 10 Richest NFL Players in 2017

10. Ben Roethlisberger – Total assets: $70 million

ben roethlisberger, Top 10 Richest NFL Players 2017-2018

Born February 2nd, 1982 in Ohio, Ben is a two-time Super Bowl winner, 2005 and 2008. He became the youngest starting quarterback to win the Super Bowl and has appeared in four more Pro Bowls. His income is in the region of $140 million and has an accumulated wealth of $70 million. The Pittsburgh Steelers call him ‘’Big Ben”. While the Steelers continue to enjoy a fine run of form in 2016, only time will tell if they are genuine Super Bowl contenders.

9. Joe Montana – Total assets: $80 million


Popular NFL star in the Bay Area, Joe Montana is the man for the big occasion. He is known to deliver right when it is needed. With four Super Bowl appearances and four great performances, he started in all of them and won. The king of comebacks; name will forever be imprinted in the San Francisco 49ers memory walls. During his 16 seasons in the NFL, Joe managed 273 touchdown passes. Being the only NFL player to clinch Super Bowl MVP three times, Montana is a genuine NFL player.

8. Eli Manning – Total assets: $80 million


Two-time Super Bowl winner and starting quarterback for the New York Giants Eli Manning is a five-star stunner. With income well over 180 million dollars and a yearly income of $10 million, spanning across endorsement deals with DirecTV, Toyota, Reebok, and Samsung, it’s not hard to see why this guy makes it at number 8 in the top 10 richest NFL players.

7. Brett Favre – Total Assets: $100 Million


Green Bay Packers quarterback has led teams he has played for to 8 division championships and two Super Bowls, winning one of them. Nicknamed ‘’The Gunslinger’’, Brett has a host of NFL records including most consecutive starts, most fired player, most touch-down passes and most Quarterback career starts. His income includes investments in real estate, fashion and lifetime endorsements. He became the first player to sign a contract worth $100 million.

6. John Elway – Total assets: $145 million


Current General Manager of the Denver Broncos, NFL Hall of Famer John Elway is a man of many talents. He spent 15 seasons with the Broncos as their starting quarterback. He owns four stake houses all named Elway’s. He also has interests in the auto industry, and once sold several of them in 1997 for a cool $87 million. He was a victim of a Ponzi scheme a couple of years back which severely dented his financial situation.

5. Tom Brady – Total assets: $160 million


Four Time Super Bowl champion with the New England Patriots Tom Brady has done very well for himself as far as using NFL fortune to create a 9 figure net worth. His deals with Movado, SmartWater, and Visa, skyrocketed his wealth and is currently the fifth richest NFL player. He has not yet shown any signs of retirement and continues to enjoy endorsement deals that will surely increase his net worth. It will not come as a surprise if he tops the list in the near future. He is one amongst the Top 10 Richest NFL Players 2017.

4. Peyton Manning – Total assets: $200 million


Advert-happy Payton Manning loves signing papers. He has signed papers with Buicks, Gatorade and DirecTV. His 90 million dollars’ worth deal with the Indianapolis Colts proves my point even more. His injury woes led to Him being released from the team. He later signed another $96 million deal with the Broncos and went on to display a master-class quarterback display that season. All these papers make him one the player with one of the most lucrative deals in the NFL.

3. John Madden – Total assets: $200 million


John Madden is a Jack of all Trades. The NFL mentor, Monday Night Football pundit, former NFL MVP, and Madden video game proprietor with EA Sports is well established as an NFL legend. If you are a genuine NFL fan, you have probably heard his voice a couple of times during is commentating duties across all four major channels. He is a heavyweight media personality and his investments in real estate, media stables and hefty retirement packages bring his net worth to $200 million.

2. Roger Staubach – Total assets: $600 million


Six-time Pro Bowler, former Cowboys MVP quarterback, and Super Bowl winner Roger Staubach is a very rich man. The former US Navy retired from the force to join the Dallas Cowboys in 1969. He led them to the Super Bowl 6 and Super Bowl 11. The six-time career Pro Bowl star is currently doing business buying and selling property. His multi-million dollar real estate company is keeping the money tree all green and leafy.

1. Jerry Richardson- Total assets: $1.1 billion


Billionaire Jerry Richardson started making his fortune early. Back then, an NFL salary was merely enough to break the bank with, leave alone become a billionaire. What Jerry did was invest his earnings in the fast food industry; a decision he enjoys looking back at to date. He is one of two previous players to go on and own a team, alongside George Halas. After returning from a life-threatening heart surgery requiring a transplant in 2009, he fired his two sons from the Panthers.

These above are the Top 10 Richest NFL Players 2017. Ask any NFL fan if they would quit whatever they are doing to play in the NFL for free. Most of them will say yes, and the ones that say no will settle for any figure given to them. Those fortunate enough to play, win and get generously compensated at the same time will tell you there is more to being a player than going for training, playing, signing contracts and endorsement deals. There is taking care of your financial future for your post-playing age. The above 10 have done this better than any other player in history.

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