Top 10 Richest Musicians Under 30 in The World

Music plays an important role in very human’s life. Good music is brought to us by talented people who hold the skills including composing, singing, performing and arranging. The skills are improved with time, and plenty of young artists produce music that resonates with fans of all ages. They all give amazing tracks on the charts before getting to the legal drinking age. Sometimes, the hits they score as teenagers turn into their signature tracks for life.

While many people keep on struggling to make it big by playing music, there are very few lucky ones who turn their luck along with handwork and dedication into becoming millionaires. From the best songwriters to the promising singers, young musicians are shaking up entire music industry and turning into famous dazzling artists.

Here we highlight the top ten richest musicians under 30 in 2017

(10). Selena Gomez, 23 years ( Net worth – $45 million)

Selena Gomez Richest Musicians Under 30 2018

One of the most beautiful young celebrities , Selena Gomez came into the highlight from Disney show “The Wizard of Waverly Place” and has many talents of her own including designer, musician and brand ambassador of multiple brands. At an age of 23, Selena has managed four major sponsored endorsement deals, and also released five albums and 11 singles. She also started her own clothing line and with two upcoming coming movies in 2016 it seems that the grass will stay greener for the young girl. Music wise her album Revival also boosted her salary and offered her live performances. With so much dedication, there is no doubt that there would be few more zeros on her paycheck in coming years.

(9). Ed Sheeran, 25 years ( Net worth – $57 million)

Ed Sheeran Richest Musicians Under 30 2016

Ed Sheeran’s tour for his latest album X (Multiply) has also pushed him into double digits earning $50 million straight from sell out dates of his concert. Ed Sheeran is a down to earth talented songwriter cum musician. He grew to fame with his hits including Lego House, Give Me Love, Photograph and Thinking Out Loud. He has received two BRIT music awards as the Best Male Solo Singer. He is also one of the richest singers under 30 in the world.

(8). Avicii, 26 years (Net worth – $75 million)

Avicii Richest Musicians Under 30 2017

Avicii is a famous Swedish Dj who started learning and creating music from a very young age. His talent and the ability to mix music have helped him grow more and more successful. Along with mixing Avicii started his touring career in 2010 and visited almost all the countries in the world and has earned a healthy amount to sit back and watch it grow. There should be no doubt that Avicii will continue to be the biggest name in electronic music for years to come.

(7). Drake, 29 years – (Net worth – $88 million)

Drake Richest Musicians Under 30 2018

For last few years, Drake is an omnipresent figure in the media. He has become one the most famous rapper in United Stated. His net worth has been accumulated through multiple platinum recordings, tours, and also the million dollar long-standing endorsements with Nike and other major sponsors.

(6). Rihanna, 28 years (Net worth- $120 million)

Rihanna Richest Musicians Under 30 2017

Rihanna has earned everything in her life through singing. Unapologetic album of Rihanna sold more than 3 million records and she also earned over $6.3 million. She is one of the expensive musicians in United States Of America. Her Loud Tour gained her somewhat over $90 million. Apart from music, Rihana is featured in fashion magazines from time to time including Vogue. Approximately $30 million of her funds come from endorsing fragrance Reb’lleur along with other lucrative deals for Gucci, Christian Dior and Clinique.

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(5). Adele, 27 years ( Net worth $125 million)

Adele Richest Musicians Under 30 2016

Rising to the fame from Guinness Book of World Records for her album 21, Adele is an extremely talented and a well-known artist. With all her smash hits, 2016 showered her with the awards for Top Female British Artist and also won Top-selling song. She has lately signed a deal with Sony for $130 million and reported to be the highest ever deal in British music industry. Recently, she was also named the richest British female musician ever.

(4). One Direction Under 30 ( Net Worth – $150 million)

One Direction Richest Musicians Under 30 2016

2016 saw the exit of one band member but after Zayn Malik left the band, One Direction, the ladder of remaining band members is still counting those chart toppers and tickets to go a long way. The band still remains at the heights of wealth with their International tours and merchandise sales along with a series of many lucrative endorsement offers.

(3). Miley Cyrus, 23 years (Net worth – $ 197 million)

Miley Cyrus Richest Musicians Under 30 2018

Miley Cyrus is an American popular actress and singer who has accumulated an estimated worth of more than $150 million and adding to her kitty are her sold out tours. Even after changing her image she has millions of supporters online from all over the world. Her Bangerz Tour also gathered around $62.9 million in 2014- 2015 and her fifth concert Milky Milky Milk tour in 2015 has already filled her bag with extreme wealth.

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(2) Taylor Swift, 26 years (Net worth- $220 million)

Taylor Swift Richest Musicians Under 30 2017

Once a simple country starlet, Taylor swift has now transformed into the world’s richest female pop star. After the release of the album “1989” in 2014, Taylor Swift stayed busy on her 1989 International World Tour grossing more than quarter of billion dollars throughout. With her powerful stage performances to the highest grossing album, there is no stopping for this talented pop star in terms of fame and money.

(1) Justin Bieber, 22 years (Net Worth- $250 million)

Justin Bieber Richest Musicians Under 30 2017

Canadian star had a net worth of almost $200 million in January 2016. With the new album Purpose in 2015 and a new release of song “Company,” in June 2016 his expected net worth has gone over $250 million. With many raving and committed fans of Justin Bieber, he takes home $50+ million with album sales per year. His add-on comes with merchandise, tours and sponsored endorsements every year. Justin started singing and playing music from a very young age and is known for his multi-talent. His song “Sorry” had set a record of the highest sale and was one of the highest streamed songs from late 2015 to early 2016.

While big record companies look for fresh talent every year, these young talented musicians put their passion and hard work into creating new things every day. It’s not really easy to be in their shoes because with big things come with big responsibilities and lots of sacrifices. Kudos to such talent for giving us good music to cherish.

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