Top 10 Richest Female Models in The World

Modelling is one of the best careers anyone can venture but its not meant for everyone. Models work is to promote, display advertise commercial products on behalf of companies manufacturing the products. Models are categorized into fashion, fitness, bikini, fashion, body part among others. These models below have earned their wealth through acting career, entrepreneurship, modeling career and lucrative endorsement deals they have worn from big companies that are willing to pay them for their beauty,. Here are the top 10 richest female models for you to view.

List of Top 10 Richest Female Models in The World in 2018

10. Elle Macpherson

Richest Female Models

Net worth $45 Million

Elle Macpherson has been a major name in the runway scene for over 25 years, which has created her riches and notoriety. While her demonstrating profession gave her a decent paycheck, it was her different endeavors that catapulted her total assets. She is one of the known Australian models, an actress, television host and an entrepreneur as well. She is well known for her record five swimsuit in 1980,s which made her to be nicknamed “the body”.

Macpherson put resources into different ventures too, including dresses, Elle Macpherson Intimates a lingerie line, workout apparatus, magnificence and healthy skin care products. Presently, at about 50 years of age, Macpherson is still raking in the money.

9. Naomi Campbell

Richest Female Models

Net worth $48 Million

Supermodel Naomi Campbell is in this business to stay. You would be right to state he has outlived his prime. In any case, did you realize that she is just 45 years of age? The British supermodel was marked to an arrangement when she was only 15 years of age is as yet going solid today. Despite the fact that her movie profession in the 1990’s never took off like some standard, Campbell made a decent fortune for herself as a universal star,in the 1990 and 1980,s Naomi Campbell was one of the model with high demand and famous and this made her to be among the six who were recognized as super models in fashion industry.

Campbell made some additional salary from motion picture appearances, most recently a short stint at ‘’Empire’’ and recording music, however displaying over the world for a few decades is by a long shot what makes up the heft of her total assets.

8. Adriana Lima

Richest Female Models

Net worth $75 Million

Adriana Lima is Brazilian model, an actress as well as a business woman who is hitched to Marko Jaric who they divorced after a marriage of 5 years. Jaric is a retired professional basketball player that never entirely achieved popularity in the NBA. Adriana Lima, the most outstanding of the lot, was named the Sexiest Model in the World and the longest running model of Victoria secret angel as well as spokes model for Maybelline. She has also worked at BCBG, Guess, Mossimo, Vera Wang among others In 2012 alone she earned herself a salary of $ 7.3 million, 2013 she earned $8 million 2015 earning $ 9 million. Today she is a brand ambassador of Barcelona clothing brand Desigual.

7. Heidi Klum

Richest Female Models

Net worth $90 Million

She is a German and an American super model, an entrepreneurial, a fashion designer, an actress as well as a cast producer. She holds the title of the first German model to be a Victoria secret Angel and one of the super models to be on the swimsuit cover in 1999. Due to her successful career in modelling Heidi Klum has been a host judge in Germany next Top model and project runaway which made her win an award for her remarkable host skills. She has worn six Emmy awards, played roles in films such as perfect stranger 2007, desperate housewives, sex and the city, how I met your mother among others among others.

6. Kate Moss

Richest Female Models

Net worth $75 Million

She is a British model who has been walking in the top worlds runways for more than 20 years. She has been the face of Rimmel, Balmain, Burberry, H&M, and Agent Provocateur Mango among others. The endorsement deals have made her one of the richest models in the world today. Some of the accolades this model has worn are world’s 100 most influential people, special recognition award, NME award for the hottest woman 2007, glamour award for the best entrepreneur 2008 among many others.

5. Christie Brinkley

Richest Female Models

Net worth $80 Million

Take a speedy figure and attempt to make sense of what number of magazine front pages that Christie Brinkley has graced in her life. On the off chance that you speculated more than 500, then you would be correct. She is one amongst the Top 10 Richest Female Models in The World 2018. Brinkley was a standout amongst the most prevalent glamor girls in the historical backdrop of Sports Illustrated’s bathing suit release. As the face of CoverGirl which marked her to a long haul of cosmetic contract than any other model in history she has established her place in the industry of modelling.

All through her profession, Brinkley has possessed the capacity to stack support bargains and has made $80 million quite recently from showing up and having individuals take pictures and recordings of her. Many people recall Brinkley as the ex of well-known artist Billy Joel (wedded from 1985 to 1994) although she has been married four times.

4. Tyra Banks

Richest Female Models

Net worth $90 Million

Tyra Banks made a significant name for herself as a model at simply the age of 17 years. Indeed, even after such a long time, she is still exceptionally pertinent in popular culture. Tyra is the debut African American female ever to be highlighted on the front of GQ, and additionally the bathing suit version of Sports Illustrated. After overwhelming the world at a youthful age, Tyra could snatch underwriting bargains that set her forever.

Rather than falling back and grasping the money, Tyra went into film and TV generation and began her organization, Bankable. Not just did Tyra have her own syndicated program through Bankable, yet she likewise created shows, for example, the effective “America’s Next Top Model,” which she additionally has. The eminences that she makes from the show being communicated and duplicated all inclusive offer Tyra an enduring pay for quite a long time to come.

3. Cindy Crawford

Richest Female Models

Net worth $100 Million

Cindy Crawford still models right up ’til the present time occasionally. It’s far-fetched that any “present” model will ever have the capacity to beat the achievement The Clairol and Diet Pepsi ads that included Crawford were probably the most eminent of the time, and she got a substantial entirety of cash for showing up in them. From that point forward, Crawford has profited from displaying yet gets the heft of her pay from retail. In 1990’s she was named by forbes the highest paid model on planet earth. She has appeared in hundreds of magazine covers in the globe, participated in several films such as 54, Beautopia, fair Game, cat walk, Unzipped,. Outside modelling Cindy operates a line of cosmetics called meaningful beauty and a line of furniture called Cindy Crawford home collection.

2. Gisele Bundchen

Richest Female Models

Net worth $320 Million

Gisele Bundchen has become well known in the demonstrating scene since she began with Victoria’s Secret as one of the celebrated around the world Angels. Some of her agreements have incorporated a $25 million payout from Victoria’s Secret, more than $2 million from showing up in movies and another $10 million or so from supports. This may make you ponder where such an enormous number like $320 million originated from.

The response to that was a separate item that made monstrous progress and netted her well over $200 million. Gisele made a flip flounder known as the Ipanema line, which expanded her total assets ten times. She makes money from contracts from beauty deals and fragrance, her own line of lingerie, skincare products among other businesses.

1. Kathy Ireland

Richest Female Models

Net worth $352 Million

Kathy Ireland takes the prize as the wealthiest model on the planet, which may come as an amaze to those that aren’t acquainted with her non-displaying work. Ireland earned substantial sums of money as a model, yet settled her huge total assets with her organization, Kathy Ireland Worldwide. Retail lines that are sold in stores over the world have cushioned Ireland’s total assets past that of even the hugely popular Martha Stewart.

Ireland has furniture and garments in her collection, and also a few things that don’t appear as prominent, for example, socks and wigs. The Kathy Ireland Worldwide organization has been an overwhelming achievement in the retail world. That isn’t awful considering that Ireland’s lone distinguishing strength for a long time was being the most highlighted model on the front of the Sports Illustrated bathing suit release.

So, these above are the Top 10 Richest Female Models in The World 2018. Modeling requires a lot of sacrifice that many men and women cannot afford to cope up with. It’s a career that not only pays well but it’s a bridge to fame and show case your physical body and skills to the world.


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  1. Adriana lima has the series lips in the list. She has posed for numerous magazines and brand ambassador for many brands around the world. She has also been in famous fashion calendars.

  2. Kathy Ireland ‘s eyes are just amazing. I’ve seen her in some Hollywood movies. Her magazine cover photos are just mesmerizing. She is so good looking and sexy.

  3. Omg! All of em are so beautiful and gorgeous.
    They participate in ad shooting for various brands, calenders and make some huge money.
    Brand endorsements from worldwide and magazine photoshoots give them huge wealth too.

  4. Kathy Ireland has also acted in some movies and TV shows. She is very glamorous and has appeared in association with many brands. Her brand gained a huge popularity too.

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