Top 10 Richest Formula 1 Drivers in The World

Speed is the new thrill and Formula 1 drivers are the pinnacle of the racing around the world. Formula 1 was founded decades ago in the year 1906 and has garnered huge popularity in recent years. The credit goes to media attention and reach to the public via medium of Televisions and internet. The formula 1 racers are the fastest racers and their racing skills are rewarded hugely making them earn more than other sport players.

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With increased access to the masses and immense popularity comes the diversified source of income like endorsement and advertisement deals, lucrative salaries etc making the F1 drivers rich and profitable.

Below stated is the list of top 10 Formula 1 Drivers for the year in 2017.

10.) Nico Rosberg

Nico Rosberg Richest Formula 1 Drivers 2018

Racing from the team Mercedes Gp PETRONAS F1 team, Nico Rosberg is 31 years old professional racer. He Started his racing career in the year 2006 with Bahrain Grand Pix with team Williams. After racing 3 seasons with Williams, Nico joined one of the most expensive German cars brands, Mercedes and is still racing from the same team. He has won many races in his 10-year long career. His endorsement deals sum up to $2.1 million and Annual salary $ 6 million making his net worth of approximately $ 33 million.

9.) Alain Prost

Alain Prost Richest Formula 1 Drivers 2016

The 4 time F1 racing Champion, Alain Prost is oldest in the list with the age of 62 years. He began his F1 racing career in the year 1980 and was associated with 4 F1 racing teams before taking retirement in the year 1993.He remained on the top positions in his 13 seasons of racing career. After Retiring, he started his own team named Prost grand pix, which was till the year 2002. His earnings are diversified with being associated with TV, bicycle races and having endorsement deals. His net worth stands at $ 50 million.

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8.) Sebastian Vettel

Sebastian Vettel Richest Formula 1 Drivers 2017

The 4 times world champion, Sebastian Vettel is an F1 racer from the team Scuderia Ferrari. He was at the 3rd place in the 2015 Formula 1 racing championship and was winner in 3 races in the year 2015. He has won 42 races out of the 158 races and has been on the podium position for around 79 times. His annual salary is around $50 million making his net worth to be around $75 million.

7.) David Coulthard

David Coulthard Richest Formula 1 Drivers 2017

The former Formula 1 player David Coulthard had hard luck in winning any of the formula 1 races in his 14 year long career but he remain on the top most positions consistently especially in the years from 1005 to 2003. He retired from racing in the year 2008. Out of the 247 races, David won 13 Grand pix races. He has diversified his earnings and has properties at Monaco, England Switzerland and Belgium. His net worth rose due to sell of his Columbus Hotel at Monaco for $45 million and by working with BBC since 2009. His total net worth is around $77 Million.

6.) Jenson Button

Jenson Button Richest Formula 1 Drivers 2017

Jenson Button debuted in F1 race in the year 2000 but he tasted the success in the year 2009 by winning the world racing championship. He was then associated with Brawn Gp. He is currently associated with McLaren which is most expensive car brands in the world. Jenson owns various properties in Bahrain, Monaco and UK and have wide range of vehicles with him. Jenson has been the brand ambassador for Head and Shoulders and have net worth of $ 105 Million.

5.) Eddie Irvine

Eddie Irvine Richest Formula 1 Drivers 2018

It is surprising to see Eddie Irvine making to the list of richest F1 racers as he is the least successful racers among all. He has won only 4 races out of the 148 races he has participated in. He raced for F1 for 10 seasons being associated with 3 teams. He does not have good earning because of his racing career but because of his property dealings done all this years. He currently owns more than 50 properties and has a sports complex in Bangor. His net worth is valued at $120 Million.

4.) Kimi Raikkonen

Kimi Raikkonen Richest Formula 1 Drivers 2018

The F1 racer had a bright racing phase when he joined Ferrari in the year 2007 when he also won his only World championship. After that, Kimi associated himself with 3 other teams to race but left racing career in the year 2010. He then returned in the year 2012 with team Lotus but then joined Ferrari (Most Expensive Ferrari cars) again couple of years back. Kimi owns a Motocross team and has net worth of $210 million.

3.) Lewis Hamilton

Lewis Hamilton Richest Formula 1 Drivers 2016

A current heartthrob and ace racer, Lewis has been a favourite among all. His good form and new contract with Mercedes has made him earn more and more bucks. His annual salary contract with Mercedes is of $ 30 million. In addition to the salary, Lewis would be entitled to performance-based bonus up to 410 million. He has been world champion in recent years twice. He owns property in Switzerland and Monaco and has a private jet too. He has luxurious vehicles and is among the highest earning racer among all with endorsement and advertisements lined up. His net worth is approximately $256 Million

2.) Fernando Alonso

Fernando Alonso Richest Formula 1 Drivers 2016

Being 2-time F1 world champion and 2 times on 2nd position, Fernando has never finished the race below the 6th position. He is associated with the team McLaren. His annual salary as per the new contract with McLaren is $ 40 million plus the performance bonus. In his 10 seasons of Racing, his consistent performance has earned him lucrative salaries making his net worth of $320 million.

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1.) Michael Schumacher

Michael Schumacher Richest Formula 1 Drivers 2017

The most successful and monetarily Clout F1 racer, Michael Schumacher has won the F1 world championship for 7 times. Till date, his is the most successful driver and 3rd Richest sportsperson. He started his racing career in the year 1991 and retired in the year 2012. In his career, he won many championships and his wealth is almost 40% of the whole top 10 list. In the year 2013 while skiing, Michael suffered a severe head injury and since then he has been taking treatments and have faced paralysis due to same. He has even donated his wealth and still managed to top the list with net worth of $800 million in 2016-2017

F1 Drivers are popular worldwide and even tough there is wide difference in the salaries of the top and bottom race drivers, the Formula 1 drivers earn comparatively more than other race drivers like Indy car or Nascar.

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