Top 10 Richest Celebrities Under 30 in The World

To be rich and famous is not everybody’s cup of tea. In fact it requires some special skills or talent to acquire something and strive for it. Some achieve at the later stage of life while some achieve it early. Being a celebrity is not an easy task and remains all the time in news. Celebrities are icons for youths and who have surpassed sometime in the industry to attain the status of being called a celebrity. The potential stars are too attaining fame and name at very early stage and have seen them earning high wage at these early years of life.

Below is the list of those celebrities who have attained stardom and are paid more under 30 years of their age.

List of Top 10 Richest Celebrities Under 30 in The World in 2017

10. Skrillex ($36 million)

Skrillex Richest Celebrities Under 30 2018

Music is what youth wants and Skrillex was the one to create an upset in the music industry globally. Skrillex came up with the idea of Electronic music and that ruled among the youths. He is a Dj and music recorder by profession. He came to fame by his number “My name is Skrillex” and then the tracks of Bad Romance and Sensual seduction. He has been able to increase his considerations with the electronic music all around the world. He is just 28 and has earned enough to be on the list of richest celebrities under the age of 30.

9. Jennifer Lawrence ($60 million)

Jennifer Lawrence Richest Celebrities Under 30 2018

26 Years old, Jennifer Lawrence was interested in acting since childhood. She used to do plays and theatres in her school time and then pursued her passion by getting roles on television shows; advertisements etc.She was noticed for her role in the movie Winter’s Bone for which she was even nominated for Oscars. She gets praises for her acting and has been delivering great performances.

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8. Avicii ($75 million)

Avicii Richest Celebrities Under 30 2016

At a tender age we are just roaming around enjoying are free days or figuring out what to do next? However, Avicii at very young age of 18 started his music and Djing career by making a remix for video game Lazy Jones. After that, Avicii rose to fame and became a star. He along with David Guetta recorded a dance track, which was nominated for Grammy. He then started doing tours for playing electronic music from 2010 and has created a net worth of $75 million.

7. Bruno Mars ($90 million)

Bruno Mars Richest Celebrities Under 30 2017

Bruno Mars is a Music composer, Recorder, songwriter born in the year 1985.He started his music career at young age but rose to fame in the year 2009 with his solo Right Round. He is the winner of Grammy awards for “Just the way you are”. Since then he continued recording and singing studio albums one of which was Jukebox, which made him famous worldwide. He was a Super Bowl performer in the year 2014.

6. One Direction ($130 Million)

One Direction Richest Celebrities Under 30 2016

Not any individual but One Direction is one Boy band in music industry today who is ruling the charts. The biggest hand in making this band was of the reality singing show X factor where all the band members failed to prove themselves as solo singers and hence end up forming a band. The band then got an album “Up all night” which made them famous over night. They are doing international tours as well as focusing on releasing their albums or solo every year.

5. Rihanna ($150 Million)

Rihanna Richest Celebrities Under 30 2017

A well-known singer, Rihanna rose to fame from her solo album Pon de Replay. The album was released just after her break up from Jay Z. Her album Good Girl Gone Bad in 2007 topped the songs chart and made her familiar worldwide. She is also one of the sexiest female singers in the world. She has even acted in several TV series like battleship, Home, This is the end etc. Her source of income is by singing and couple of endorsements.

4. Miley Cyrus ($200 Million)

Miley Cyrus Richest Celebrities Under 30 2018

Paparazzi favourite and youth idol, Miley Cyrus is one of the most trending and beautiful celebrities on social media now days. She has been always open about her life and work and has given some super hit songs. However, fans knew her still by the role of Hannah Montano. She is a bold singer now and had given many single hits leading the songs charts.

3. Justin Bieber ($200 Million)

Justin Bieber Richest Celebrities Under 30 2016

The singing sensation and pop star Justin Bieber is just 22 years old and in such small age he has been able to gain popularity worldwide. He is also one of the hottest male country singers in the world. Justin used to sing and write and upload YouTube videos. He was discovered through his youtube videos and got singing contracts. His famous albums include “My World 2.0”, “Under the mistletoe”, and “Believe” etc. He has received various music awards and is very much in trend n social media too.

2. Taylor Swift ($250 Million)

Taylor Swift Richest Celebrities Under 30 2017

26 years of age and winner of Grammy awards, American music awards and global appreciation makes Taylor swift the apt one to fit the list of Richest and hottest celebrities under 30.She is a self made personality and has given numerous hits considering her net worth. In 2016, she has many new releases lined up making sure to raise her net worth b the end of the year.

1. Lady Gaga ($280 Million)

Lady Gaga Richest Celebrities Under 30 2017

No introduction to her. She has been known for her absurd yet interesting dressing, fashion and music. Lady Gaga is a businesswoman and a philanthropist too. Lady Gaga had her first music album in the year 2008 and since then she has been singing, touring the world around and making a fashion statement. She is also one of the sexiest celebrities in the world. Lady Gaga is well known for her social causes too.

The list might seem shocking as to all the celebrities are under the age of 30 and has earned much more than what anyone can expect. These are all young celebs who have bright future ahead and for sure would shine in their profession.

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