Top 10 Richest Black Rappers in The World

Music is the biggest entertainer for people around the globe. Music has transcended race and nationality and cuts across societies and countries. In the modern times, fast lyrics and loud soundtracks have become immensely popular among the younger generation. The artists who specialize in this kind of music are colloquially known as ‘rappers’ or ‘rock stars’. They command huge fan following and amass huge wealth.

There are many famous black rappers artists who are known for their unique style and extraordinary display of hip hop music to the joy of the audience. They have not only earned for themselves a place in the firmament of top stars but also have done very well for themselves financially. These are the top ten most rich rappers for the year 2017.

List of Top 10 Richest Black Rappers in The World in 2017

10. Akon

Akon Richest Black Rappers 2017

He is a very famous richest rapper in the world and needs no introduction to the rap music lovers. He is known worldwide and is considered as the most reliable creator of music. Predictably, he is rich enough to be in the list of most rich rappers for this year with assets worth $80 million.

9. Snoop Dogg

Snoop Dogg Richest Black Rappers 2017

Snoop Dogg is known for giving rap music lovers a time of their life with his mega hits. Snoop Dod has been providing quality music ever since his debut and with his total assets of $135 million, has been placed at the ninth position in the list of most rich black rappers for this year.

8. Ice Cube

Ice Cube Richest Black Rappers 2017

Ice cube one of the richest black actors in the world, unlike many of his brethren has earned a huge amount of currency from his stage performances.The rap singers usually produce their music albums which are sold commercially but this rap artist has relied more on stage performance in front of an adoring audience. The total asset of Ice Cube is a massive $140 million and he occupies the eighth position in the list of most rich black rappers for this year.

7. 50 Cent

50 Cent Richest Black Rappers 2016

He is known for his creative music compositions and renditions. He is very popular among rap music lovers. Unlike his name however, his total assets his not 50 cent but more than $140 million and he finds his name at the seventh position in the list of most rich black rappers for this year.

6. Lil Wayne

Lil Wayne Richest Black Rappers 2016

Lil Wayne is known for his adaptability besides his spectacular stage performances where he regularly enthralls the audiences. He is a rising star in the industry and is expected to go a long way. Wayne, with a total asset of more than $140 million is at the sixth position in the list of most rich black rappers of this year.

5. Birdman

Birdman Richest Black Rappers 2018

Birdman is the name that the rapper has coined for himself. The rapper, besides his hip hop music is also known for the enormous number of tattoos he carries on his head which is like a style statement for his many fans. Birdman has a total asset worth $170 million and occupies the fifth position in the list of most rich black rappers for this year.

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4. Master P

Master P ichest Black Rappers 2017

Master P is immensely popular among his fans and the main topic of discussion about him mostly concerns his style statement particularly his fashionable clothes which he wears like a rock star he is. The total asset of Expert P is a staggering $380 million and this places him the fourth position in the list of most rich black rappers for this year.

3. Jay-Z

Jap-Z Richest Black Rappers 2018

This rap singer is considered to be highly talented and one of the best among his ilk. His energetic and sizzling performance on the stage is known to galvanize the audience. Jay-Z is a natural rapper and his fans simply love his style. He is also famous rapper for his Casanova rap music. Jay-Z is extremely rich with total asset worth $560 million. This qualifies him to occupy to be placed in the third position in the list of most rich black rappers for this year.

2. P Diddy

P Diddy Richest Black Rappers 2018

P Diddy is a famous rapper who has given many hits for his audiences. The rapper is also an actor. P Diddy is a skilled musician and creates music that instantly appeals to rap lovers. The total asset of Diddy is worth $700 million. This huge figure qualifies him to be placed second in the list of most rich black rappers for this year.

1. Dr Dre

Dr Dre Richest Black Rappers 2016

Dr Dre is an immensely skilled rap musician and is very famous among the rap music lovers. The degree success of this rap star can be gauged by the fact that he has earned enough wealth to be at the top of the list. The total asset of Dr Dre is an astonishing $800 million and he is number one in the list of most rich black rappers for this year.

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The black rappers have gained fame and recognition along with immense wealth which has led to the creation of a separate list of most rich black rappers for the year 2017.


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  1. Dr. Dre ruled as the king of rap for years together. He is a good song writer, record producer and then turned a business man.
    He had given platforms for stars like Lil Wayne, ice cube and many others. He is an inspiration for all the rising rappers, especially that he shows being black can’t stop one from have bing success..

  2. Ice cube is a kickass actor as well. He is so energetic in his performances and gives some great rapps intuitively.

  3. These rappers have brought a lot of colors to the world of rapping, hip hop and music. Actually they are the famous rappers while handfew of white rappers are famous.

  4. Akon has provided 600 villages of Africa with electricity. That is a great work of charity. It has helped millions of poor and needy of Africa. That is how wealth has to be used by anyone who has such immense wealth.

  5. I love them all!
    Their accent, their raps, their beats, their albums are just brilliant. Any hip hop lover will be familiar with these names.

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