Top 10 Richest Artists in The World

Take a look at the below list of Top 10 Richest Artists in the world in 2016 and 2017. An artist is a person engaged in one or more of any of broad spectrum of activities related to demonstrating an art. This is a vast term includes different professional and dedicated persons about their profession this includes musician, rappers Entertainers and singers. These artists explore their talent in front of the world and becomes famous. Some of them are famous in the whole world, irrespective of their region.

Some of these are these artists represent their selves very well and famous in the whole world with a large number of fans and followers. Different artists made a tremendous worth along with uncountable fans. The business and the art go side by side along with fascinating great number of audience. Although there are a huge number of artists in different industries, but top 10 among them are:

List of the top 10 Richest Artists in the world of 2016

10. Mariah Carey:

Mariah Carey Richest Artists 2017

Mariah Carey is an American singer, songwriter, record producer and actress. Carey is a trendy singer as she also performs hip hop. She always entertains her fans with her voice as well as with her glamor. Carey also served as a judge on American Idol and received $18 million salary. She has a net worth of $520 million, which makes her the 10th richest musician in the world.

9. Jay-Z:

Jay-Z Richest Artists 2017

Shawn Corey Carte, commonly known as Jay-Z is a musician, richest American rapper, entrepreneur, and investor Jay is one of the best-selling artists of all time his 100 million records are sold out till now. He is also a successful entrepreneur owns and founded different startups. Jay-Z with a net worth of $560 million is the 9th richest musician in the world.

8. Bono:

Bono Richest Artists 2017

Paul David Hewson, commonly known as Bono is an Irish musician, singer, songwriter, businessman and philanthropist. He is best known as lead vocalist of rock band U2. Bono also owns different business and is termed as successful businessman as well. He is the most famous in Irland as well as the world. With a net worth of $600 million he is 8th richest musician in the world.

7. Celine Dion:

Celine Dion Richest Artists 2018

Celine Marie Claudette Dion is a Canadian musician, singer and businesswoman. She started her career after winning Yamaha World Popular Song Festival. She is a gorgeous and melodious singer. She is also a successful and diversified businesswoman and owns a night club, golf club and a restaurant. Celine Dion winner of numerous award and net worth of $630 million she is the 7th richest musician in the world.

6. P Diddy:

P Diddy Richest Artists 2018

He is well known and successful businessman and producer also. With a net worth of $700 million P Diddy is the 6th richest musician all across the world.

5. Dr. Dre:

Dr. Dre Richest Artists 2016

Andre Romelle Young, also known as Dr. Dre is an American musician, rapper, record producer and entrepreneur. He is founder, CEO and owner of different organization as well. He started his career as a member of the World Class Wreckin. Dr. Dre is the most famous musician and rapper also he is stunning artist. He has a total asset of $780 million, which makes him 5th richest musician.

4. Jennifer Lopez:

Jennifer Lopez Richest Artists 2018

Jennifer Lynn Lopez is an American singer, actress, producer, director, author and fashion designer. Jennifer is a versatile singer with a melodious voice. Jenifer did not mad his majority of money yet in her acting career. But still, she is well known in the world for her singing. Jenifer also served as a judge on American Idol and counts her highest paid judge. With $850 million Herb Alpert is the 4th richest musician in the world. He is also a singer and gives a quality performance in his field.

3. Madonna:

Madonna Richest Artists 2016

Madonna Louise Ciccone is an American musician, singer, songwriter, businesswoman and richest actress. Her business ventures outside of music include a wide variety of branded merchandise, clothes, books, makeup, fragrances, you name it she sells it. She owns a chain of fitness stores, Hard Candy Fitness, founded an entertainment company, Maverick, and has made appearances in film and television. With a net worth of $800 million she is 4th richest musician in the world and very well known all across the world for her music.

2. Paul McCartney:

Paul McCartney Richest Artists 2017

Sir James Paul McCartney is an American musician, songwriter , guitarist and composer. He has been recognized as one of the most successful composers and performer of all time. He also composed electronic and classical music as a solo artist. McCartney with a net worth of $1.2 billion is the 2nd richest musician in the world. Paul also holds many awards all across the world.

1. Andrew Lloyd Webber:

Andrew Lloyd Webber Richest Artists 2016

Andrew Lloyd Webber is an English musician and composer. He has won a number of awards in his career. He also composes a large number of records. He is also famous all over the world as well. Andrew an awesome musician with a worth of $1.2 billion is the world richest musician.

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These are the artist, which place them in top 10 richest artists of the world in 2016 and 2017 by performing in their field and entertaining audience all across the world. They also receive appreciation for their work as well as their love.


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  1. Jennifer Lopez has some chart buster songs in her name. She has not just been a singer, but also actress, judge, designer also. The TV show American Idol judged by her was greatly famous.

  2. Lloyd Weber is one of the best pianist, composer of all time. He is modern Mozart. He has given some magical compositions. His popularity and achievements are just wonderful in the field of Music.

  3. I think Dr. Dre is just an exceptional artist maybe as a rapper, a song writer, composer, record producer. He has supported many other rappers to grow in the field. He has produced many albums for other artists too.

  4. Madonna is a powerful, energetic performer.
    Her albums are loved all over the globe and her live performances are feast to watch.
    One cannot just simply watch without tapping foot. She gives some extraordinary music.

  5. Paul McCartney,from UK is very famous as singer, lyricist, multi instrumentalist. He was associated with legendary the beetles. He has delivered in genres like rock, pop, classical, electronic and was very good at guitar, bass guitar, piano.

  6. Many rappers are in the list too.
    So it’s not just some chanting, but it takes a lot of hardwork to gain popularity as a rapper.
    Dr. Dre, Jay-Z, Bono are some of the fine rappers.

  7. Paul McCartney is a gem in the field of Music.
    His works are so amazing, memorable. He has had a successful journey in his career and has gained great name and fame.

  8. The world knows the richest artist of the list. He is the best composer, panelist, theatrical director of our times. His greatest compositions like Phantom of Opera, Cats are evergreen. They have run for decades and decades. That have made him the wealthiest.

  9. A lot of country music in here.
    But I think R&B rappers and singers earn much more, but their asset values aren’t disclosed. Singers like Akon, Eminem earn millions while we have also heard about their charity works.

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