Top 10 Richest American People in 2016

Checkout the below list of Top 10 Richest American people in 2016 and 2017. United States of America, was discovered by Christopher Columbus at that time America, was just a small country and the main business there was trade. But now trade in all over the world, neglecting America seems impossible. USA changed the economy means throughout the world by establishing new ideas and thought in the field of economy and commerce. Now, one can say anything can happen in America will not be false. The World Bank and World Trade Centre were also established in America, which gives a new meaning to the market and industry all over the world.

Further steps are also introducing every year to improve the economy and market as well as raise the standards according to latest expensive developments all across the world. Some of the people break all kinds of barriers and makes a tremendous amount of money and asset and place them in the list of top 10 richest American.

List of top 10 richest American people in 2016

10. Michael Bloomberg:

Micheal Bloomberg Richest American 2018

Michael Bloomberg one of the finest American business tycoon is a self made business man philanthropist and politician. He was 108th Mayor of New York City. Micheal is the shareholder of almost 88% of the global financial data and media company Bloomber L.P. He stated his business career from Salomon Brothers and traversed the success journey. He was the founder and CEO of Bloomberg L.P. But he quits for politics later on. With a net asset of$35.5 billion he is the 10th richest American.

9. Robson Walton:

Robson Walton Richest American 2016

Samuel Robson Walton is the former chairman of Waltmart the largest retailer company in the world. He is the eldest son of Helen Walton and Sam Walton the founder of Walmart. Robson has a degree in Bachelors of Business Administration from Columbia Law School so he has good knowledge of business. He was also ranked among the world top richest person as well, but in the list of American richest people Robson Walton is the 9th richest person with a net worth of $39.1 billion.

8. Alice Walton:

Alice Walton Richest American 2016

Alice Walton is the daughter of Helen Walton and Sam Walton the founder of Walmart. She is the sister of Robson Walton of Walmart. She heiress the fortune of Wal-Mart Stores, Inc. She is also among the wealthiest woman of the world as well as the 8th richest American with a net worth of $39.4 billion. She also remains controversial in different cases and arrested multiple times, yet she is an outclass businesswoman.

7. Jim Walton:

Jim Walton Richest American 2017

Jim Walton is the youngest son of Helen and Sam Walton but he lags her elder brother and sister behind among the list of the richest person in America with a net worth of $40.6 billion. He is also in the ranking of world richest person as well. Jim is also a good footballer and played football at all-states level from high school. Jim turned WalMart the world’s largest company of retailer into real estate dealings.

6. Christy Walton:

Christy Walton Richest American 2016

Christy Walton is the daughter in law of Helen and Sam Walton and the widow of John T.Walton. Christy inherited a huge asset after the death of her husband in a plane crash. According to 2015 ranking Christy is the world richest women on the earth. Christy and her family with net asset of $41.7 billion is the 6th richest person in America. Christy along with WalMart also gets a share from First Solar where her husband invested.

5. David Koch:

David Koch Richest American 2018

David Hamilton Koch is an American philanthropist, politician, businessman and also an engineer, he holds a degree in chemical engineering. He is considered the lucky person as he is one of the survivors of the US Air crash in 1991. Koch joined his family business Koch Industries, which is the second largest privately held company in America. With a net worth of $42.9 billion he is the 5th richest American.

4. Charles Koch:

Charles Koch Richest American 2017

Charles Koch is the brother of David H.Koch both of them inherited their father business Koch Industries. Charles is a well-known businessman and political donor also. He holds a share of 42% of the conglomerate. He has a net worth of $42.9 billion, which makes him 4th richest American.

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3. Larry Ellison:

Larry Elison Richest American 2017

Larry Ellison is an internet entrepreneur, businessman and philanthropist. He is the co-founder and CEO of Oracle Corporation a successful database vendor. He is the 3rd richest American with a net worth of $54.3 billion. Larry is also in the list of the world richest person. Larry`s Oracle Corporation competing Sybase and Microsoft SQL Server.

2. Warren Buffett:

Warren Buffett Richest American 2017

Warren Edward Buffet is a successful American business magnate, philanthropist and investor. He is the CEO and largest shareholder of Berkshire Hathaway. He is also ranked among the world richest person also and is the 2nd richest America with a net worth of $72.7 billion. He is the most successful investor all across the world and a good fighter as well because his fight against cancer successfully. He is also a political donor and trustee of Hillary Clinton of Democratic. His 99% of philanthropic causes is via Gates Foundation.

1. Bill Gates:

Bill Gates Richest American 2018

William Henry Gates known as Bill Gates is the most famous entrepreneur, businessman, inventor, author and computer programmer all across the word. Gate has a net asset of $79.2 billion, which makes him the richest person in America and also the world richest person. He is the co-founder Microsoft the largest personal computer software company. Gates asset increased rapidly in the last decade, almost doubled in five years he also served as CEO of Microsoft.

These people are well known and remarkable not in America, but also in the world. They give a new trend to the international market in all terms of business, economy and trade. They make the world a smart business and trade corridor and raise the living standard of people all around the globe by providing different services.


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  1. Warren buffet, even if he is a multi billionaire, is still living in his old house and not with much luxury. He is very humble and dedicated to work for the betterment of the poor and needy in the world.

  2. Gates is a very inspiring personality. His hardwork to make Microsoft to this level is something great. He has kept persevering and now he is the biggest donor or charity funder. He does a lot of social work to make this world a better place.

  3. Larry Ellison had a great daring to get into a business that vends software and database , the Oracle corporation. He built that company to such an extent that it became a dream for a software engineer to work with it.

  4. Bill Gates donates about 995$ in every 1000$ for his Gates Melinda foundation and still remains is very rich!
    This shows how high Microsoft has grown.

  5. The Walton Family are a great legacy of business. With Walmart they have earned a lot and they still stand amongst the richest families in the world. The big retail business is taken care by all of them with equal responsibility.

  6. Bill Gates and Warren buffet are the great icons for perseverance and generosity. They spend most of their income in charity, to make this world better. Charities by such rich persons should also be made a list of.

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