Top 10 Richest Actresses in World 2016

Check out the below list of Top 10 Richest Actresses in World 2016 and 2017. Showbiz extremely changes the trends and lifestyle of people throughout the world. The celebrities belonging to different industries entertain the audience with their skills and creativity. Showbiz includes different chapters like hosting shows, drama serials, seasons, movies, etc. But the most prominent among these is film industry and the reason is that everyone likes to watch movies.

There are many film industries all across the world, but the well known include Hollywood and Bollywood. The number of movie production per month is increasing rapidly which is the key factor in the popularity of the actors and actresses. The actresses entertain their audience and fans with their glamor and acting skills among these here is the list of those actresses who are the top 10 richest actresses in the world.

List of Top 10 Richest Actresses in World 2016

10. Nicole Kidman:

Nicole Kidman Richest Actress in World 2017

Nicole Kidman is an Australian actress who started her career from television shows. Nicole is also a film producer as well. She started her career from the movie Dead Cal. Nicole is a versatile actress as she played different roles including dramas, shows, thriller and romance. She has a net asset of $130 million, which ranked her in 10th among the richest actress in the world. Her top successful movies are Far and Away, Batman Forever and Days of Thusnder.

9. Drew Barrymore:

Drew Barrymore Richest Actresses 2016

Drew Barrymore is the one of the most popular actress, director, author, model and producer also. She is a versatile person. She started her career from childhood and also a member of the Barrymore family includes many actors and models. Drew holds many awards and also nominated for different titles and awards. She has a net worth of $150 million, which includes her in world richest actresses. Drew successful movies includes 50 First Dates, Charllie`s Angels and Donnie Darko.

8. Angelina Jolie:

Angelina Jolie Richest Actresses in World 2016

Angelina Jolie is one of the famous and beautiful actresses of Hollywood film industry and she is also famous all over the world with tremendous fan following. Jolie also started career from childhood and cover success journey and now she is also directing and producing movies also. She holds different awards, including Golden Globe, Screen Actors Guild and Academy Awards. She has a net worth of $150 million, which positions her on 8th among top 10 richest actresses in the world. Her successful movies are Tomb Rider, A Mighty Heart, Mr & Mrs Smith and Salt to number a few.

7. Demi Moore:

Demi Moore Richest Actresses in World 2017

Demi Gene Guynes professional name Demi Moore is an American actress, model, writer and film maker. She started her career from high school for which she was dropped out from school. At the start she worked as magazine model and a struggling actress, but for the time span she got recognition for her work and skills and become famous around the globe. She has a net asset of about $150 million, which ranks her on 7th amongst richest actresses of the world. Success movies are Ghost, A Few Good Men, About Last Nisgt.

6. Jenifer Aniston:

Jenifer Aniston Richest Actresses in World 2018

Jenifer Aniston is a well known American actress, producer and businesswoman as well. Her mother and father also belong to the film industry. She got her fame from the television and she has done tremendous acting in all sorts of roles like comedy, romance and thrill. She has a net worth of $150 million, which stands her on 6th rank among richest actresses in the world.

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5. Julia Roberts:

Julia Roberts Richest Actresses in World 2017

Julia Fiona Roberts known as the smile queen is an American actress and film producer is 5th richest actress in the world with asset of $170 million. Julia started her film career from comedy and got recognition and fame for her work. She owns many awards, including Golden Globe and Academy Awards. Her famous movies are Hook, My Best Friend`s Wedding and Sleeping with Enemy, etc to name a few.

4. Jessica Alba:

Jessica Alba Richest Actresses in World 2016-2017

Jessica Alba one of the beautiful actress is an American actress, model and businesswoman as well. She started her career from childhood and becomes a versatile and stunning actress. She won many awards for her acting in the film as well as in dramas. Jessica won Golden Globe, Teen Choice and Saturn Awards for her performance. She has a net worth of $200 million, which makes her on 4th richest actress in the world.

3. Julia Louis-Dreyfus:

Julia Louis-Dreyfus Richest Actress 2018

Julia Louis is an American actress, producer and comedian as well. She started her career from stand up comedy and turned into a sizzling actress. She played leading roles in different seasons, films and dramas and also hosted shows. Julia has a net worth of $200 million, which counts her among the world richest actresses.

2. Sandra Bullock:

Sandra Bullock Richest Actresses in World 2018

Sandra Bullock is the most gorgeous American actress and producer, She is among the highest paid actress of Hollywood. Sandra started her career from thriller and turn her career onward. She played different roles including television, dramas and movies. She won different awards, including Golden Globe and Academy Awards and she also owns the title of “Most Beautiful Woman” by People Magazine. Her success movies are A Time To Kill, Crash, The Net. She has a net worth of $200 million, which ranks her as the second richest actress in the world.

1. Jami Gertz:

Jami Gertz Richest Actress in World 2017

Jami Gertz lags all the actress behind in the list of world richest actresses with and net worth of $200 million. Jami got recognition and appreciation among her fans and followers. Jami from the start was stunning and awesome in her acting. She played different roles including drama and movies. Her success movies are The Lost Boys, Less Than Zero, Crossroads and Sixteen Candles to name a few.

These are top 10 actress who rocks the world from their acting skills an make places among world top 10 richest actresses of the world in year 2016-217 also entertained the world. They are versatile and stunning and with glamor which boost up them and still here is a competition to perform at best.


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  1. Not talking about the richness, Angelina Jolie is a great icon in spreading awareness about breast cancer around the world. She has headed the campaign and it is a great concern for the mankind, and she’s taking part very actively in that cause. It is a very appreciable move and she had also got operations to protect herself from breast cancer.

  2. The 80’s and 90’s was a great time for Jami Gertz as she some great hits. Later, she also produced some TV shows, which were greatly popular. She became successful as a producer too and thus gained a lot of assets.

  3. It’s a great thing for any artist for that matter to show up in the list and being women these actress have proven successful in their career and have attained this levels. They are nothing lesser than Male actors.

  4. Sandra bullock has seen a great success in the industry both as actress and producer. She gave good movies, TV shows that were loved by the audience.

  5. Jami Gertz was popular in as movie actress in 80’s and later she became more popular with TV shows. She turned to a producer and gained a lot of wealth then.

  6. Jessica alba is so beautiful. Her spouse, Justin Timberlake is famous world wide too. She has had a great journey in the industry, delivering some splendid performances of her life.

  7. This list is very useful as usually richest actress is never mentioned. There were few surprise entries,but the top 5 is like what I had guessed.

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