Top 10 Most Popular Hottest News Women in The World

People while watching the news then they want an anchor who is very much confident as they are listening to their speech, and they completely believe in them, and if the anchors have no confidence in them, then viewers will never like the show. For this reason, the channel producers like to hire some news reporters who are sexy and have a beauty which is breathtaking so that they can get and extra attention in the show and if the anchor is hot and also has a good confidence level then the TRP level of the show will rise.

In most of the cases, those news women get so much success, and they get job offers from the different big news channels, and they also host shows in the different channel to get more fame. There are many anchors are present in the industry and most of them are very much famous, and it is a challenging work to choose top 10 most popular, hottest news women 2018.

List of the world’s most popular hottest news women in 2018

10. Melissa Theuriau:

Most Popular Hottest News Women

She is young, and if you see her, you get impressed with her innocent face. Her lips are very appealing and also she has a beautiful body that made her one of the sexiest news women. This French newswoman was a news anchor on French TV, and her show was Zone intermediate, but she left her job there and joined in M6 as a news anchor.

9. Ghida Fakhry:

Most Popular Hottest News Women

This Lebanese newswoman got her master’s in Arts from the Boston University. She is multi-talented because before joining as a newswoman she was a host of the show named “Witness” which won several awards. Currently, she is working on the Al Jazeera English, and she is working after the launching of the news channel. This woman had a huge fan follower and considered as one of the hottest news women.

8. Bianna Golodryga:

Most Popular Hottest News Women

This 38 years old newswoman is very famous in her line of work because of her beauty and the personality she has. You can never guess her age correct because now also she looks like a Teenager. She completed her graduation from the University of Texas and then she joined ABC News and there she has a show named “Good Morning America”. Now she is working in Yahoo as a News and Finance Anchor.

7. Georgie Thompson:

Most Popular Hottest News Women

She is one of the most popular news women you can say because after completing the graduation from University of Leeds she got her first job as an anchor in GMTV but she moved in Sky Sports where she covered many sports events and became so much famous. She was voted 93rd sexiest woman in the world by FHM. She also worked for Fox Sports and now working in BBC Radio Five.

6. Kiran Chetry:

Most Popular Hottest News Women

She is an Indian-born newswoman who got very famous after starting the career, but she completed the graduation from the University of Maryland and then in 2001 she joined on Fox News. She became a regular co-host on Fox and Friends First and then after 2007 she left Fox News and joined CNN as a Cable, news anchor.

5. Robin Meade:

Most Popular Hottest News Women

The daughter of Minister Meade was one of the hottest news women of all time you can say no doubt because she is very much sexy and her style of anchoring is also famous. She started her career in the news channel WMFD TV and after that, she joined in WCMH TV and then WJW TV. Now she works in HLN as a lead anchor, and her show is “Morning Express with Robin Meade”.

4. Alisyn Camerota:

Most Popular Hottest News Women

Well if you see her then you will never get any idea about her age because she is 50 years old but there is no tan in her skin, and she is so much sexy that she got the spotlight in the industry at a very early age. She was always at the top of sexiest anchor for men because of her legs and her sexy figure. She joined in Fox news channel, and now she is working on CNN’s New Day.

3. Betty Nguyen:

Most Popular Hottest News Women

This American actress is so sexy that she is one of the most popular news women of all time because her body is perfect and the confidence she shows in her show is unbelievable. Betty completed her graduation from the University of Texas and then she joined in CBS News where she was an anchor of 2 important shows. She is now working as a reporter for NBC News.

2. Katie Derham:

Most Popular Hottest News Women

Katie completed her graduation from Magdalene College in Cambridge in Economics and after that she joined in BBC in 1995.In 1998 she joined ITN and there in ITN she is the youngest anchor ever recruited in ITN, and there she got the fame. She has worked as a reporter in Both radio and television.

1. Laurence Ferrari:

Most Popular Hottest News Women

Though she is fifty years old, it is tough to understand her age and most people cannot even guess her real age. She has a perfect sexy body and a beautiful smile and beautiful eyes and with those, she is the perfect one, and that is why she is in the first place. This French journalist was an anchor in a TF1 news channel.

So if you watch the news channels then try to watch the news hosted by these news women and then you will understand the reason why they are on this list.

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