Top 10 Most Unreasonably Hated Celebrities

Many celebrities are figures of admiration and most people have celebrated them. Some who are in music industry or in entertainment industry all of them are loved for their talent and music in big screens. Though they is some cases of celebrities who are hated unreasonably for several lame reasons for example Miley Cyrus is hated for way she show her tongue off that is considered weird. Here is some of top ten lists of most unreasonably hated celebrities who are seem in limelight doing something weird, which led to them being hated unreasonably.

List of Top 10 Most Unreasonably Hated Celebrities in 2017

10. Robert Pattinson

robert pattinson, Top 10 Most Unreasonably Hated Celebrities 2017

On bottom of this list is celebrity whose reason for being hated is because he got in relationship with FKA Twigs and yet all his fans are expected him to be in a relationship with K. Stewart. This went viral in social media with his funs showing their dissatisfaction. Some of them threated Robert Pattinson to destroy Twi-Hard. This was very unreasonable hate because his social life has nothing to do with his fans.

9. Giuliana Rancic


Giuliana Rancic was appraised for comments she made in E! Fashion Police. This comments annoyed many of her fans because they felt that Rancic did not deserve to make such snarky comments toward Fashion Police show. Not only her fans were upset but her friends also and family that led to her being hated. You may see this as a wrong thing to do since she was expressing that she felt in Fashion Cop.

8. Tori Spelling


Tori spelling went to limelight telling her fans that Dean her husband had cheated on her and even she went further saying that she had a tender heart to forgive his sins. That was seemed to be very weird and deserves to be hated since she did not have to tell everyone things about her husband cheating on her and going ahead to tell people that she has forgiven him on Lifetime Reality show. It was quite a stupid thing to do just to seek fame.

7. Gwyneth Paltrow


Gwyneth made her statement in 2014, which worked so much against her opposing to what she expected. She said that Hollywood moms have much harder life than regular working moms do as they follow daily routine which actors are not privileged to have. This statement received so many bad comments from media and her fans. Since then she is one of most unreasonably hated celeb.

6. Anne Hathaway


How can you hate an actress for her role given to do in movie? Anne Hathaway went through that case where her fans hated her for a role she played in Dark Knight Rise’s movie where she played as Cat woman. This hate came from a result of fans claiming that Anne did not fit this role for her body therefore saying that she ruined the movie. It is not right for anyone to blame an actor all because she passed a test in having to play a role in big movie that is unreasonably hate.

5. Miley Cyrus


She is awarded for her winning hit songs such as Wrecking Ball. However, her success has not been well appreciated because some of her fans hated her just for the way she shows off her tongue not only in public but in music video also. It is okay to show off your tongue but doing it too much becomes a source of irritation among your fans. People love her songs very much but they cannot stand her tongue thing.

4. Will. I. Am


“My dress my choice” is one quote which Black Eyed founder Peas Will I Am does not work for him whose fans hate him for his sense of awful behavior and dressing. He has a net worth of USD75 million and he just look for a reason to be hated since it has made it out of critics. Why should people hate a person for his choice of his wardrobe? This makes him one of most unreasonable hated celebrities.

3. Anna Faris


Ann Faris is a very successful actress and very beautiful lady; however her success has not made anyone to love her. She appeared in Scary movie permit but still not everyone as would be expected for a celebrity to be loved loves her. All celebrities are loved for their beauty and success on limelight, however this has not been the same case with Anna Faris, which makes her one of most unreasonable hate.

2. Katherine Heiglkatherine-heigl-most-unreasonable-hated-celebrities-2017

Katherine is very comedic and talented actress but she was once in Star Magazine as most difficult and hated star in Hollywood. Her hatred came from the way she is very difficult working with people and for comments she makes. She said once that script of Grey’s Anatomy Series was written poorly and it came as a surprise because she was one of main cast member in that series. Her fans hate her because of her attitude.

1. Kim Kardashian


On top of this list, is an amazing celeb yet most hated by her fans? Kim gained her wealth through collection which made people hate her especially because of exposing her body almost in every of her movie clips and photos. She was in scandals regarding her going nude and even exposer. This is considered as her private life has made most people her; however, she has made it in her career.

In conclusion, the above are top ten most unreasonable hated celebrities in 2017. Some of these reasons are valid but others are just invalid, people just seek to blemish reputation and images of these celebs. They can gain their trust back if only they take back some words they said at one point.

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