Top 10 Most Superstitious Performers of Hollywood

When it comes to acting, it is a fascinating career and fun while shooting, but choosing this as your career you have to be talented and a hard worker. We come from different occupations, every race have different cultural backgrounds. When interacting with many people Christians, Indians, either Hindus or Muslims, you will be in a position to learn more about believes and taboos. No matter where or the part one is acting, there are other taboos they cannot drop, this is the reason why we have superstitious performers still in Hollywood. The list below includes the most superstitious performers of Hollywood.

List of Top 10 Most Superstitious Performers of Hollywood in 2017

10. David Annable

david annable, Top 10 Most Superstitious Performers of Hollywood 2018

Some people start being superstitious if something happened to them when they had something, whether positive or negative. David is Hollywood actor who is featured in Brother & Sisters. His superstitions are based on random things; one peculiar activity is when he is making a cup of coffee in the morning. If you find him doing it you will take like forever waiting. He follows every bit of instructions using a measuring cap with a black line in it.

9. Cameron Diaz


Despite getting old in years, Diaz seems to be getting much younger and beautiful. But she said her mother knows the secret. It is believed that the horseshoe necklace is the reason why she remains young because she cannot leave the house without wearing it. She is superstitious over some symbols of bad luck, she believes if a black cat crosses before her, Probability of a bad thing to come her way. If she feels like a bad luck to befall her, she knocks on wood to avoid and she observes so much 13th of Friday.

8. Rainn Wilson

rainn wilson, Top 10 Most Superstitious Performers of Hollywood 2017

Rainn Wilson is an American actor, comedian and the lead role of The Office, a comedy series in television. It is hard to match this actor; he is one of the best and very religious. He confessed one day to have altered ‘Macbeth while inside’ and a light fell right on his feet with a crushing feel. While practicing in theater, Wilson often uses these words to bring him good luck.

7. Paris Hilton

paris hilton, Top 10 Most Superstitious Performers of Hollywood

Paris is very beautiful and the word cannot offer the justice to her. She has the eyes of a goddess; she is very amazing with a lover’s heart. She is among the most superstitious actress in Hollywood, knocking on wood to flee any misfortunes on the line of her life. Paris will always make a wish every year on 11.11, and for sure, they will come down onto her.

6. Heidi Klum


Despite being a superstitious actress, she is very cute and loves pictures. She is good in acting, walks like a model of lifetime, talks with a golden voice and beautiful eyes that charms her fans. She narrates that she can account her many good luck experiences in her life to have been brought about by her baby teeth. She keeps all her baby teeth in her bag, which she carefully carries and loves it dearly. Another superstitious thing with Heidi is she has adopted a clover four-leaf as a lucky sign. Recently she designed her logo in her jewelry with cloverleaf collections.

5. Kristin Chenoweth


Kristin is a believer and she prays for each an everything from lights while she filming, she is very famous American actress. She is a great actor who takes her career seriously; she performs in various theaters, she sings occasional and television personnel. Kristin cannot pass under a ladder believing will bring her bad luck. She says her courage and confidence comes due to her persistence prayers.

4. Jennifer Aniston


She is the most and famous superstitious performers of Hollywood 2017, no words to express her beauty. She is amazing with a sweet smile to turn any man on. She knows how to take care of herself and maintain her charmed figure and beautiful look despite her age. In her early years, another person advised her that she will always have a good lucky, using her right foot first step. Jennifer will always tap her plane before boarding and taking her first step with right foot up the ladder, to tap her luck every time.

3. James McAvoy


James is very handsome and a great actor of Hollywood, who gives many ladies sleepless nights without saying his name with a blush. James keeps his superstitions believe closely to his heart, for he is afraid of messing around with them. His superstitions came from his grandmother, like every 1st day of the month he would alter ‘White Rabbit’ to the first person he meets on his way out. He believes he will have good luck throughout the day and whole month in whatever he does.

2. Patrick Dempsey


People have known him from the famous series ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ as surgeon Derek Shepherd. He has stolen hearts of many with his handsomeness and gentle character, also being the famous American actor. Behind the camera, Patrick is very adventurous guy with a passion on racing cars. His superstition is based on puma racing shoes; he carries them wherever he, believes they bring him good luck. He has a nice name, amazing eyes and a daring guy only on puma shoes.

1. Christian Bale


Bale is a great and most superstitious performer topping our list, but many worldwide love him. He was born in 30th January 1974, growing to be a talented actor and making waves in the industry, pocketing many awards. Christian believes when he goes under the ladder to tap his luck, seems to be working on his life as he is becoming the great actor of all time.

When one believes on something, it will always affect his or her life, whether educated or famous those things will hold you back from doing some things. Some believe on animals, plants, natural events or stories from others. The above list include the most superstitious performers of Hollywood 2017.

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