Top 10 Most Successful And Wealthiest Baseball Players in The World

Baseball is the evolution of bat and ball game. According to studies it was found that it was originated from England where it was first played. In the United States of America it is considered as a national game. It has a huge fan base in the US, Canada and other many countries. There are many leagues of baseball; the main is the MIB (Major League Baseball) which is further divided into NL (National League) and AL (American League). According to Morris Raphael Cohen baseball is America’s religion. It’s been a part of American culture.

Many players and team from the whole world are joining major basketball leagues due to its immense popularity. Many literary works and films and short films and autobiographies are related to these sports. Among many players few have made to the list with their great performance and fan base and endorsements under their belt.

Here are the top 10 most successful and wealthiest baseball players in 2017:-

10. Paul Goldschmidt (Net Worth- 4.5 million)

Paul Goldschmidt Most Successful And Wealthiest Baseball Players 2016

He belongs to the Arizona Diamondback First baseman and is the backbone of his team with three All Star and two Gold Gloves. In 2015 he completed his 100th home run against Los Angeles Dodgers. Recently he was in news for slicing a foul ball will ultimately break a dugout phone of the Pirates. In the recent times he struggling to hold his performance his average is getting down fans is waiting for his comeback as he used to play earlier.

9. Carlos Correa – (Net Worth- 4.8 million)

Carlos Correa Most Successful And Wealthiest Baseball Players 2018

He is the future star of the baseball, currently playing in Houston Astros. At this age he has taken his career by storm with a batting average of .268. He also awarded the AL Rookie of the Year 2015. His performance has made directly selected from school baseball team to Baseball Academy. He is currently the youngest and high profile player selected in MLB. In this year he scored a home run in the opening day in the history of Astros.

8. Bryce Harper – (Net Worth- 5 million)

Bryce Harper Most Successful And Wealthiest Baseball Players 2018

Currently playing in the Washington Nationals with a batting average of .285. He has won three times All Star. As a right fielder Harper was chosen by the Nationals. He is the valuable player of national league and recently also chosen as the ESPN MLB person of the Year. He is also endorses nutritional brand named Muscle Pharm.

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7. Manny Machado- (Net Worth- 5.2 million)

Manny Machado Most Successful And Wealthiest Baseball Players 2017

Very few players at this age can become successful as Manny Machado at the age of 23. He plays for the Baltimore Orioles with Jersey number 13. He is the best third baseman as well as shortstop in his team. He has hit over eighty one home runs in his professional career. He is the AL player of the month in 2016. With his awesome fielding and having a gold glove in 2015, he is considered as the best fielder by his fans and has got quite fame in MLB league.

6. Nolan Arenado – (Net Worth – 7 million)

Nolan Arenado Most Successful And Wealthiest Baseball Players 2016

This young player of Colorado Rockies has got quite fame in his early age of his career. As a third Baseman he achieved many awards for his playing and also honored with Wilson Defensive Player of the Year in Year 2015. He has a record of hard hitting homeruns and a peaking career graph. Best known for his defensive power, Nolan has become a big star among the basketball fans.

5. Giancarlo Stanton- (Net Worth – 11 million)

Giancarlo Stanton Most Successful And Wealthiest Baseball Players 2017

He is currently the right fielder of the team Miami Marlins of MLB. He was the star of 2014 national league for which he was also awarded the Hank Aaron Award. He also became 3 times MLB All STAR. In 2014 he came to news for his contract of $325 million for 13 years in the club.

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4. Josh Donaldson – (Net Worth – 15 million)

Josh Donaldson Most Successful And Wealthiest Baseball Players 2017

He now plays in Toronto Blue Jays with jersey number 20.the third baseman in his team. He is voted as the most popular baseball player by his followers. He is the All Star player of MLB which earned him an immense popularity. He loves the Vikings and according to news he will have a cameo in the next season of the show.

3. Mike Trout – (Net Worth – 20 million)

Mike Trout Most Successful And Wealthiest Baseball Players 2016

The Millville Meteor of the American Baseball. This professional baseball player plays in the center fielder in Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim of MIB. He is the youth icon in the American Baseball history, he was critically acclaimed by mainstream media, the power and speed of this player has been compared to the famous center fielder Mickey Mantel.

2. Andrew Mccutchen – (Net Worth – 30 million)

Andrew Mccutchen Most Successful And Wealthiest Baseball Players 2018

He is the current star player of baseball game in the team Pittsburgh Pirates. He is known to be the best center fielder.
He joined MLB on the year 2009 till now he did not look back his career graph is touching the sky, with his sheer hard work and sky-high homeruns. He even sold his dreadlocks to raise money for charity.

1. Clayton Kershaw – (Net Worth – 40 million)

Clayton Kershaw Most Successful And Wealthiest Baseball Players 2017

He is currently a player of Los Angeles Dodgers. This outstanding pitcher has become a household name in the US. In 2014, he was awarded the valuable player of the national league. With awesome skills as a pitcher, he has many awards. Apart from the sports, he raises money for the orphanages in Zambia. He also got many awards based on charitable works.

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Baseball players have a huge fan following in the US and California. Few players made their name to the list this make them the most unique and successful as well as wealthiest players of this year.

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