Top 10 Most Successful Rockstar Daughters

Most of these women have made themselves known in the world even though it may have been thanks to their fathers or mothers. If you look at what they do sometimes you will notice they followed in one of their parents footsteps. They can be very talented and some was from their parents but do not make them feel like they made it only because of their parents.

List of Top 10 Most Successful Rockstar Daughters in 2017

10. Jemima Kirke

Jemima Kirke Top Most Popular Successful Rockstar Daughters 2018

This is the daughter of Simon Kirke and is known for a few different things. Her main role in the lime light is Jessa Johansson on the series Girls. Simon Kirke is a drummer in the band Bad Company and Free. Her mother is Lorraine Kirke and she owns Geminola. This is a boutique in New York that has outfits for the show Sex in the City. Jemima is a artist and an actress. She is British American.

9. Ruby Stewart


Rod Stewart is her father and she model and sings. Her mother is Kelly Emberg. She followed right behind her mother becoming a fashion model and showing off her body.She models for Nous Model Management and she also models for Select Model Management. She has the body and the moves to show off the fashion these days. She has an older sister Kimberly Stewart who models just like her and her mother.

8. Liv Tyler

Liv Tyler Top Popular Successful Rockstar Daughters 2019

She is an actress and a model. She is the daughter to Steven Tyler who is the lead singer of Aerosmith and her mother is Bebe Buell. She started her career as a model at the age of fourteen. Almost a year later she wanted to focus mainly on her acting. She was in Silent Fall in nineteen ninety four and then later a few other things. She does well with what she does and looks so much like her father.

7. Eve Hewson


The daughter to Bono who is the lead singer in the band U2. Her mother is Ali Hewson who is an activist. When she started acting she first rolled in Paolo Sorrentino’s in two thousand and eleven. She acted alongside the great Sean Penn. She has the body to act and if she ever wanted to she could be a model. She chooses to act and does really well in the Irish actress.

6. Rosanna Davison


Chris de Burgh is the father to her and he sang the song Lady In Red. She has made a huge mark in the world becoming Miss World in the year of two thousand and three. She has the looks to show off and she has the voice to sing. She takes after her father and made a huge mark in history. Her father is remembered for drunk karaoke and everyone thanks him for that and all of his music.

5. Frances Bean Cobain


She is the daughter of Kurt Cobain and Courtney Love and has had a difficult life. At just two weeks old she was taken from her parents because of the drug abuse they had a problem with. Eventually they regained custody of her but then at just the age of two years old, Frances saw her father for the very last time in a rehabilitation center. He died not long after that visit and then she was raised primarily by her grandmother and aunts along with her mother. Eventually her mother lost all rights and even had a child restraining order on her so she could not be near Frances. The girl has come a long ways and definitely a strong young woman for being able to continue being a great success with no problems such as drugs or anything like that. She has done some modeling and was even offered the role of Alice for the movie Alice in Wonderland but she turned it down. She has done numerous amounts of interviews and she has most control over her father’s estate.

4. Daisy Lowe


The lead singer of the great band Bush made this beautiful young woman with his then girlfriend Pearl Lowe. She is a successful model and that includes doing some editorial photos along with being part of commercial campaigns and she has had a great success at being a catwalk model. This young lady is a beauty and turned successful without help from her parents.

3. Riley Keough


She is a model and an actress and the daughter of Lisa Marie Presley along with being the oldest granddaughter to Priscilla and Elvis Presley. Her mother was married to Michael Jackson in 1994 all the way to the year 1996 then she married Nicolas Cage in the early two thousands which makes Riley the step daughter to both the men.

2. Kate Hudson


She is the daughter of Goldie Hawn and Bill Hudson which is an actor, a comedian, and a musician. She became a huge success in the early part of the millennium when she had a role in the movie Almost Famous. That movie won her nominations for quite a few lists including a Academy Award for the role of Best Supporting Actress and she also received a Golden Globe as well.

1. Minka Kelly


She is one of the actress who have made it big. That could be a big help from her father Rick Dufay and her mother who was an exotic dancer. Her mother is Maureen Dumont Kelly. She played in the series Friday Night Lights. She also was seen in Parenthood, and Charlie’s Angels. One of her recent roles was in two thousand and thirteen when she was on FOX TV in the series Almost Human. She also was seen in The Butler and played as Jackie Kennedy.

These above are the Top 10 Most Successful Rockstar Daughters 2017. They seem to be doing good for themselves and will only get further in life as long as they keep trying. They try harder than ever so they can do what their parents did and so much more. Some are models some are actresses. Just follow what they are doing so you know what they are doing and can keep the movies going and their fashion lines.

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