Top 10 Most Successful Female TV Celebs in USA

USA in a city called Hollywood the female here are very attractive and they are the most known Celebs in the world. The ladies here are famous because of their work and mostly there beauty everyone likes something beautiful. In every competition, there must be the best person and in every field too, this is determined by their effort in what they can do best. It always feels good to know who is successful and why that why people are ranked in different levels. The following are the most successful TV celebs in USA.

List of Top 10 Most Successful Female TV Celebs in USA in 2017


gloria reuben, Top 10 Most Successful Female TV Celebs in USA 2018

She was born in 1964 and is known because she is a TV producer, singer and an actress in Canada. She is known for the films she has done in acting she have different names. Her father died when show was at a young age. The father was a Caucasian and still she has a half-sister who was an actor but later died in 2010. She has played a big role in the television that why she is termed to be successful. She is known because she played a role of a HIV positive physician for around six seasons this made her very famous. She was dating but they later divorced.



She was born in 1978 in Brazil. She was the first black Brazilian actor to be seen in the television. She said she was the only black in her upper class and the other blacks worked as servants like cleaning the floor and other dirty jobs. In her life, she could not imagine herself in a TV as a black. She is a black girl in the acting field. Lazar Ramos married her and they have three children. She has been acting in 21 years.



She was born in in 1975 and her parent is Mohamed Maiga. Her mother is from Senegal and the father is from France. She started acting when she was as young as a high school student to late she is still acting. She happened to be the best in her school. Her acting brought about her success and the way she expresses herself, what made her very famous is that in one of the movies. She has acted she sang a song without even knowing the language. Her marriage life and love life is not known.



She was born in 1972. She is an American actress who started acting in 1990. She is a model who is well known when she acted a romantic comedy film (the brother) that when her name was all over. However, she has done other comedy films. Gabriela was struggling with low self-esteem but her mother helped and appreciated her look as a black girl. In her life, she has won very many awards in both acting and modeling. In her relationships, she has had a lot of issue though she still moves.



She was born in 1975 in America. She attended Duncanville high school. Jill started as a model but later started acting in her full time. She has acted in very many countries and her fame came when she acted a movie for six seasons as a self-centered person. People ask question where that is who she is in real life but that is not the case. She has been in this field for 16 years and she is all over in the TV. She very beautiful and have worn very many awards .she have also done fiction movies two but for only four seasons.



She was born in Los Angeles in 1964. She is a very successful actor who has acted for over 21 years. She got famous when she played a big role in a romantic drama movie. In the film, Waiting to Exhale but still she has done others like the chamber, gang related, knock off and Why do fools fall in love. Shabba Doo but later separated in 1999 she was married again by Antoine whom they have two children with first married her. She started acting when she in school.



She was born in 1959.she is an American and stage performance and television actress, director and a producer. She is known for appearing in so many movies. She has worn very many awards in her life and this is the main thing that has made her the best .she has been married two times and the two times and they have failed but currently she is married and she is happy.



She is an actor and a model who was born in 1982 in Brazil and is 34 years old. She has won very many awards. Her popularity was brought about by appearing in the Brazilian television. She has been in very may American shows. She has very many people who like her. She is the youngest we have as compared to the other actress in the list.



She was born in 1958 .she is 58 years a married woman with two children. She is also called Evelyn. Angela is an American actress. She became very popular after acting as a Tina Turner in a biopic What love got to do with it this was in 1993. Angela won the Globe award as well as the best actress of the year this is what has made her what she is today. She started acting when she was still a young girl in school and this is where the talent started to this far she is.



She was born in 1971 she is 45 years New York. She is the first in the list meaning she has achieved a lot too in her life. She has starred in many films like box office hit, the best man, love &basketball, brown sugar predator and the family the prey. Since she started acting, she has been the best and always the star in the movie she is acting.

Celebrities are known because of their action in very many cases celebrities are known because of the bad deeds in their life. If you admire a celeb or they are you role model, or maybe you want to be like them it is always good to know where they started and what made them go this far. The above are the successful female TV celebs in USA 2017.

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