Top 10 Most Successful Female Fitness Models in The World

Women are regarded as delicate beings on earth and as the weaker of the two genders. Several of them who believe that energy have defied this norm and power is found in a healthy and fit body. Some of the most successful female fitness models are listed below;

List of Top 10 Most Successful Female Fitness Models in The World in 2017


alicia marie, Top 10 Most Successful Female Fitness Models in The World 2017

The African-American has been in the limelight for quite a good number of years and throughout she has been a major icon in the fitness section. She is considered to be among the pioneers of women fitness and a loyal servant to body fitness. Though it is believed to be hard for any black American to make it in such sectors, she managed to outclass many people around and come top of the table with her amazing work. She has been highlighted in top magazines and shows as the ultimate answer to body fitness. She is simply the mother of all other women who want to participate in body fitness and brags of numerous accomplishments


chantel zales, Top 10 Most Successful Female Fitness Models in The World 2017

A model and body fitness guru, the 25 years old American has hit it big in the fitness sector. She is basically a digital kind of person who entirely depends on social media for promotion. Though it has been hard to reach too many people who are not on social media such as Instagram and Facebook, she has hit an astonishing figure and many followers of her body charm and fitness. The diva from Los Angeles has taken time to pimp and display her fine body to many who has shown interest and love for her hard work and love for body fitness. She also promotes different body products plus being featured in many fitness magazines. She has definitely made it in this industry.



All her life, she has been a fitness expert and practioner on a long run. Based in the common Los Angeles state that has many accomplished fitness experts, she is among the pioneers of women body fitness across the globe. California has taught her a lot in regards to body fitness and with it she has come out at the top of many admirers and followers. She is a professional at on only 26 years old and helps many in weight loss activities. Together with different foods, she understands the art of nutrition that goes well with body fitness. She also does the work of advising people on healthy bodies and indeed, she is at the top of her game.



If there is a person who is definitely a fitness expert, then that would be Jamie Eason. She is regarded as the most successful among many and many followers tend to admire her ambitious and strong love for body fitness. Coupling up as a model and a fitness expert, she has risen through tough times to stand among the few women who joined this noble idea of women fitness. Born on 10th April 1976, she is old enough to truly understand the world she has survived in for more than a decade. She has an amazing physical body structure and still maintains her very beautiful outlook and not forgetting fit body.



At a very young age, only 26 years old, the above mentioned Paige is a trend among young women in the fitness sector. She is one amongst the Top 10 Most Successful Female Fitness Models in The World 2017. Another of the many social media models who has digitized her ambitions through social media, she is very famous and admired among the millions of social media lovers who are thronging the platform for ideas and suggestions about body fitness. She has taken the platform and owned it to make her own fitness brand trend all over the world. From Minnesota, the young beautiful sexy diva has caught the attention of millions especially women who initially never thought of body fitness. She has been seen to endorse and advertise many beauty products but currently subscribes to one major product.



A beauty to fantasize, Kiana tom is among the most famous and established female fitness model in the world. She is regarded successful and accomplished in this field for a specific given time that has enabled her become an icon. She is an established model and couples it up with hosting on television around town that has broadened her exposure and following through engaging her lovers. She is also involved in business activities around town apart from being an actress. She came she ruled and she indeed conquered the fitness world and with that she has become a household name in the entire world.



Receiving praises from many, Natalia stands out among the mentioned few in the fitness sector. Being a lady of passion and hard work, she has grown strong and determined and finally she came out of the shell through fitness. She commands a great following among women and even male species who admire her wonderful work and job. She speaks out for the rights of women and tries to empower them through body fitness. In conjunction with fitness, she adds up with nutrition skills that she feels goes in handy with body fitness. She is so diversified in a way that she goes ahead and deals with fashion, a fit body, and well nutrious and smartly dressed, that is Natalia.



As a career, Jelena has spent almost all her entire life in body fitness. The Serbian is a strong believer in staying strong and healthy. Jelena is a model who has featured in many competitions. Additionally, she is involved either directly or indirectly in promoting such events. She also trains and guides other women on such and earns a living through body fitness. She has the titles to many competitions too.



Known all over the world, Cowan has influenced the world of fitness in so many ways and won the hearts of many too. She is an icon many would say has helped them learn the importance of good health and body fitness. She is also an expert in nutrition and endorses the Nutrition Company and products. She is an image that many have regarded as the face of women body fitness through her many covers she has been featured on. With her digital platform, she has also won many hearts and indeed, she has won this fitness battle.



How can Marzia Prince miss on this list? She is indeed among the most successful female fitness models of the world. When you count the few icons of female body fitness, you definitely count Marxia. A modern model, she is so beautiful and attractive plus the fit body that announces her existence anytime of the day. She is a fitness expert and couples it up with nutrition that she has really pushed with matters of health education. Through her social media platform, she has a major following plus acknowledgement.

These above are the Top 10 Most Successful Female Fitness Models in The World 2017. These women are icons and we should encourage them for making sure that the women in the world stay fit and healthy.

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