Top 10 Most Successful Entertainers in The World

Actors, Musicians, Anchors entertain the audience after the high level of preparation and wonderfully polished skills. In order to ensure that their audience does not grow bored of their work with time, entertainers keep updating their work and bring new things, be it the release of a new album, series, movies or their game etc. The category of entertainers includes every from actors, musicians, sportsperson, comedians, TV personalities and writers.

It requires a whole lot of dedication and consistent hold of the work to excel in every field to entertain people. There are many personalities from a different line of business who have mastered their field and are known for creating great impact with their work and personalities.

Here is the list of 10 amazing and most successful entertainers in the world 2018.

(10). Ellen Degeneres: TV personality (75 million yearly wages)

Most Successful Entertainers

The world of television recognises Ellen Degeneres quite well. Her good production airs five shows and in addition, a show based on the Dr Seuss eggs and Ham on Netflix. While the world still browses YouTube for all sorts of things, Ellen has developed her own Ellen tube and an application, which was the best-selling paid app in 2014. She has been taking brand Ellen to skies every with her won women’s clothing line and a forthcoming book on the interior designing will tradition from media guru to lifestyle mogul.

(9). Rush Limbaugh: Talk Show Host (79 million yearly wages)

Most Successful Entertainers

Rush Limbaugh III is an entertainer writer, talk show host, and a conservative political host cum commentator. America’s conservative crowd is still in immense love with his talk show. It is broadcasted on 625 affiliates in the Unites States with the reach of 20 million listeners. There is no doubt, why Limbaugh is one the highest paid person in U.S. media, signing a contract for $400 million in 2008 till 2016.

(8). Cristiano Ronaldo: Football Player (79.5 million yearly wages)

Most Successful Entertainers

Ronaldo is not only world’s greatest football player but one of the most expensive on this planet. With another great season, he takes almost yearly wage of $21.5 million from the club. In addition, he is also the highest endorsed footballer. Christina also has his own line clothing, shoe line and hotel project with brand CR7 in four different cities. When we talk about business and money, Ronaldo is in the league of his own.

(7). Taylor Swift: Singer: ( 80 million yearly wages)

Most Successful Entertainers

Taylor swift started as a country started and soon mesmerised the world with her transition to a pop superstar. Her album 1989 in 2014 had over 3.6 million copies sold putting her on the list of only three artists with a platinum album. She is one of the youngest self-made richest women and still making her way to the top.

(6). Robert Downey JR: Actor ( 85 million yearly wages)

Most Successful Entertainers

The earnings of everyone’s favourite Ironman continue to skyrocket and all thanks to his evergreen role in Captain America civil war and Avengers. Robert Downey JR has already commanded a reported forty million this year. In 2016, he made a lot more than rest of the actors and received a highest ever paycheck of 85 million from the previous backend of Age of Ultron.

(5). James Patterson: Author ( 89 million yearly wages)

Most Successful Entertainers

James Patterson is a highly acclaimed American author who continues to earn more and more in publishing. One of the busiest penman along with his co-author’s writer of Michael Bennett and Alex cross series churns out almost 16 books in a year. He is known to sell 300 million and more copies since 1976 when he debuted for crime thrillers. He is also known to be one to the New york best seller for children than any living authors with almost 30 million copies.

(4). Garth Brooks: Musician (90 million yearly wages)

Most Successful Entertainers

Garth Brooks is an American country singer and songwriter. The legend returned to the stage after semi-retirement in 2014 with the release Man Against Machine and announcement of his promised world tour. The results of this decision have been showering him well over 1 million at every concert and since he has been playing back to back shows. In late 2015 Brooks performed at Barretos, Brazil with a sold-out concert for cancer memorial.

(3). Howard Stern: Television and Radio Personality (95 million yearly wages)

Most Successful Entertainers

Howard Stern is best remembered as the host of his own show. Howard is a famous radio personality, actor, author, television personality in America. For last few years, he has been an active judge on America’s Got Talent from where he receives advances and earns more than $15 million every year. December 2015, he had signed a 5-year deal for Sirius is reportedly paying him $90 million per annum.

(2). One Direction: Musicians (110 million yearly wages)

Most Successful Entertainers

One Direction is one of the world’s biggest boy bands with biggest earning over past few years. With Zayn Malik leaving the group in 2015, the yearly payout has come down from $164 million to $110 million but still collecting more compared to last year. One Direction has been working really hard and have secured a strong place in the international music world. Every year they have released an album along with 17 singles and four concert tours. One Direction’s net worth has been growing steadily in 2016.

(1). Katy Perry: Singer ($125+ million yearly wages)

Most Successful Entertainers

When we talk about the entertainers, Roar singer continues to be the queen of highest earning celebrity and all thanks goes to her world tours. Katy Perry takes home more than 2 million per stop and over the last few years of 126 shows with 75 overseas, we can calculate her pot of gold. In addition, she also attracts mull-has from merchandise sale, deals with Covergirl and Coty Claire from a perry themes mobile game.

Touring seems to be music industry’s main money making a jar. With most of the celebrities from the music industry is marking their reign on the list of world highest paid entertainers, all almost all seems to busy touring across the world to fill their kitty.

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