Top 10 Most Famous Best CEOs in The World

There are a number of CEOs that run successful companies. Their companies are changing the way that the business world works and how people are expected to run a successful industry. These CEOs have made millions if not billions of dollars with their companies. These companies are known around the world for their success. These top 10 CEOs in the world know how to run successful companies and know how to take their companies to the next level.

List of Top 10 Most Famous Best CEOs in The World in 2017

10. Jeffrey Bezos, Amazon

Jeffrey Bezos, Amazon, Top 10 Most Famous Best CEOs in The World 2019

Bezos founded this online company back in 1996 and since this time Amazon has become worth an estimated $140 billion. Amazon is one of the largest retailers in the world. A person can buy everything from clothing to electronics on this online retailer. Every time Amazon gains a dollar per share in the stock market Bezos’ wealth increases by $84 million dollars.

9. John Martin, Gilead Sciences


Martin has been the head of the Gilead Science company since 1996. During this time the company has seen a growth of $128 billion dollars. This is one of the most valuable biotech companies in the world. This company is looking to expand. Recently this company has been selected by the United States Food and Drug Administration to test a new drug to help people with Hepatitis C.

8. John Chambers, Cisco System

John Chambers, Cisco System, Top 10 Most Famous Best CEOs in The World 2017

Chambers became the CEO of this computer networking company back in 1995. The company is now worth around $168 billion dollars. He had to make some tough calls during his time as the leader of this company. The company recently laid off eight percent of their workforce. Chambers remains of the highest paid CEOs in the world 2017. He makes over $21 million a year and enjoys some nice perks as leader of this multibillion dollar computer company.

7. David Pyott, Allergan


Pyott is the head of this pharmaceutical company and his been in this position since 1998 . He makes decisions that affect this $50 billion dollar a year company. Stockholders in this company are happy with his performance. They have seen a 2,000% percent return on the money that they have invested in it. This company is a leader in eye care products and is one of the leading ophthalmic companies in the world.

6. David Simon, Simon Property Group


Simon took over this company as CEO is 1995 when his father stepped down from the position. This company has seen a $63 billion dollar increase in profits over the years. This company is focused on the development of strip malls and small mall center. According to Simon this will allow the company to see more of a return and these centers are able to go up quickly.

5. Lars Rebien Sorensen, Novo Nordisk


This company is one of the biggest drug manufactures in the world. Sorensen started off in the marketing department and was able to make this company $101 billion in profit since he became CEO. This drug company is focusing on metabolic disorders as well as diabetes research. Both of these medical conditions have been treated worldwide . Sorensen created the World Diabetes Foundation with a $100 million investment. He is looking to provide much needed insulin at a very low price to people that need it in developing countries. He is one amongst the Top 10 Most Successful Best CEOs in The World 2017.

4. Hugh Grant, Monsanto


Grant received a promotion to become CEO of this company in 2002. He founded the company in 1981 in which he sold weed killers to farmers in Scotland. Since that time he has become a marketing expert and expanded the company to reach people all around the world. The company has seen a $59 billion dollar increase in sales. This gave the stockholders a nice profit. They were able to see an 800 percent return on the money they invested in this company.

3. J. Michael Pearson, Valeant Pharmaceuticals


Pearson has been the head of the company since 2008. Since that time the company was able to make an addition $44 billion dollars. He is looking to take over a deal in the United States to further expand the company. Since he has taken over he had merged with 40 other companies to increase the profits seen by Valeant.

2. Mark Donegan, Precision Castparts


This is a metal fabrication company that has seen an increase of $34 billion since Donegan took over in 2002. Donegone joined this company back in 1985 and worked his way up to chief operating office. The next more was president and a couple years later he was decided upon to be the CEO.

1. William Doyle, PotashCorp


Doyle has been the head of this company since 1997. The company has seen a $37 billion increase in profits. This company is the leading producer of potash which is a potassium that contains salt used in fertilizers and other purposes in the industrial field.

These are some of the most successful best CEOs in the world 2017. Many of them had to work their way up to this position. Since these CEOs have been in power the companies that they work for had seen billions of dollars in profits and are continuing to make their shareholders happy.

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