Top 10 Most Powerful Bollywood Star Wives

They say that behind every successful man there is a woman right behind him. Yes, that might sound true to some and awkward to some too. In Bollywood, a region with many stars especially in the movies sector, Most of these stars are engaged or married to different women powerful on different platforms. In such cases, it is hard to determine the above narrative because of the hardness to tell who among the spouses is under the other. Anyway, these are some of the top ten most powerful Bollywood star wives.

List of Top 10 Most Powerful Bollywood Star Wives in 2017


kiran rao, Top 10 Most Powerful Bollywood Star Wives 2017

An Indian Born on 7th November in 1973 in Bengaluru, the 43 year old is an icon in Bollywood. She has been through many difficulties all the way up to an accomplished woman. She is married to the much admired and another Bollywood icon Aamir Khan a marriage that would easily refer to a celebrity one. The much talented director has directed many movies that are world class and amazing. The scriptwriter and movie producer has made it to the top of the powerful women in India and beaten all odds to make a wonderful wife to Aamir Khan.


tanya deol, Top 10 Most Powerful Bollywood Star Wives 2017

The successful and powerful lady of Bollywood has been around for a while, is married to the famous Bollywood actor bobby Deol. Another celebrity couple you would say, they have two children together and somehow a good marriage. Tanya is a top fashion designer who uses her talent to dress her husband in terms of costumes. She is also a very successful business woman who is languishing in riches so to say. She deals in furniture business and couples it with home and interior decorations. As powerful as she might sound, she is a humble wife to Deol.



Born on 21st September 1980 in Bombay Mahararashtra in india, the gorgeous and beautiful Bollywood iconic woman is another amazing powerful wife. She is married to a star in India by the name Saif Ali Khan who is among the famous faces in Bollywood. The talented actress is a brand of so many endorsements thus she enjoys a vast range of exposure. She is also from a powerful and well up family known in the film industry in India and world over. She is also involved in businesses making her an entrepreneur and a fashion designer.



Regarded as the most beautiful woman in the world, this title comes with power and beauty. Born on 1st November 1973, the 43 years old from Mangalore Karnataka India is married to Abhishek Bachchan and they have a child together. The 1994 miss world queen is regarded as the most influential actress in the whole of Indian film industry. The actress and model is still a business woman coupling up with the various wifely duties at home. Definitely, the power that comes with this beauty and brains definitely would shake the world somehow.



Born gauri chibber on 8th October 1970, the 46 years old is a mother of three and married to the star Shah Rukh Khan. She is a top figure and powerful image in Bollywood as she has even appeared on television commercials. Favorite among many in India, she brings her beauty and brains in the marriage as powerful as she might sound. The film producer and owner of the red chillies entertainment owner with her husband, also owns the Kolkata IPL team. She is also engaged in interior designing which she takes as a business woman. Together, they have been blessed with three children and perform her duties as a mother.



As powerful as she is, she was married to Akhtar Farhan but divorced lately due to various reasons. Born on 30th march 1967, the 49 years old super woman continues to be listed as an accomplished hardworking and powerful lady among many. She generally dwells in the hair styling and hair dressing business with mega breakthroughs. She has done hair for many prominent Bollywood stars and stands out as a major if not the best in Bollywood industry. Before divorce, they were blessed with two children and she has managed to take care of them and bring them up as a strong woman. She also does fashion with a fantastic dressing and perfect grooming.



An upcoming powerful woman in the Bollywood film industry, she is the current shining star in the film industry. At 38years old, Soha was born on 4th October 1978 in new Delhi India. She is married to another celebrity star of Bollywood known as Kunal Khemu and currently still together. She has stirred in many films and also appeared in a number of them. She has accomplished a lot majorly as an actor, coupled with the wifely duties at home. As time goes by, we are yet to receive more regarding this powerful woman in the Bollywood film industry.



Born in Mumbai on 5th august 1987, the 29 year old star is a young mega star in the competitive Bollywood arena. She is one among the Top 10 Most Powerful Bollywood Star Wives 2017. She is among the most promising young talents that is making and hitting the screens of India with a bang. Married to Riteish Deshmukh, they have two children together and still a family up to now. She has appeared on various television commercials in hand with Bachchan, another mega star in Indian film industry. She is also involved in other major activities mostly voluntary and hosted a famous television show coupled with owning a major deodorant in India called spinz black magic, don’t ignore the capability of this woman as young as she might be.



Born Kajol Mukherjee on 5th august 1974, the 42 year old famous film actress is a song writer and still sings with such an amazing voice. Married to another celebrity Ajay Devgan, the couple is blessed with two children in a successful marriage so far. From a well established film acting family, kajol had the platform already and the will from the parents to get into acting. A social activist and once a judge at a reality show, she works as a manager too in Devgan entertainment and Software Company which she co owns with her husband.



Born in Chembur Mumbai India on 8th June 1975, the 41 year old actress has made it t higher heights and won many hearts with her acting and modeling career. She is powerful in the Bollywood circles with her vast activities and hard work. She couples up her acting career with film production and modeling. She is married to Raj Kundra and they are blessed with one child s far. She has been seen in several television commercials and endorsing different brands plus products. She co-owns the cricket team Rajasthan Royals. She is a very ambitious and powerful wife with a family to take care of!

These above are the Top 10 Most Powerful Bollywood Star Wives 2017. These amazing women make their families superior and successful with their amazing hard work and dedication spirit. I believe that any hard working woman is a superior and powerful being in her own establishment. So next time you watch any of the above named star in a movie, you will be aware who their spouses are.

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