Top 10 Most Popular Swiss Actor of All Time

Over a long period of time, Swiss has emerged as that country with some of the finest actors and actress of all time. Besides beautiful valley, Swiss has contributed the best personalities in both fashion and entertainment industries. To be a star in acting industry takes more than skills, one need looks as well as charisma to make it to the list of who is who in the entertainment arena. As a country, Swiss has the most charismatic, beautiful and skilled persons who has contributed to the entertainment industry. Following is a list of some of the most popular actors in this country.

Here is the list of Top 10 Most Popular Swiss Actor of All Time in 2017

10. Jake Canuso

Jake Canuso

Apart from being a movie actor, Jake Canuso is also a dancer; he was born 13th January 1970 in Zurich, Swiss. Jake become famous after his role as a barman (Mateo Castelanos) in a TV series called Benidorm. Since then he played different roles in different movies and series, to some extent, his great success can be attributed to his fluency in languages such as English, Spanish, Swiss, German, French and Italian. Some of his best movies include the 2004’s school of seduction, Kinky Boots of 2005, Russian Dolls of 2005, and Piccadilly Jim of 2006 among many others.

9. Vincent Pérez

Vincent Pérez

Born on 10th June 1964 in Lausanne Swiss by a German mother and a Spanish father, Vincent Perez is best known for his role as a title character in Crow where he play as Ashe Corven. He has also played as a starring in the city of Angelsand where he takes the role of Marius de Romanus. Besides being a swift actor, Perez is also a remarkable photographer and an incredible director. He speaks German, French and Spanish; this has enabled him to participate in many movies and series. Some of the French movies he has participated in include Cyrano de Bergerac, La Reine Margot, Le Bossu and others like Indochine

8. Christian Kohlund

Christian Kohlund

Christian Kohlund was born on 17th August 1950. He is one of the most talented and incredible actor and director in Swiss. Some of his best movies include the Pedestrian of 1973, Unordnung und fruhes Leid of 1976, among many others. Kohlund has been married to Elke Best since 1982 and have two children, i.e. Luca, and Francessca. In 1999, Kohlund acted as Jesus in a movie, this one of the roles that has made him famous. He is a graduate of University of Cambridge and has remained one of the best actors since then.

7. Mario Adorf

Mario Adorf

Mario Adorf was born on 8th September 1930 in Zurich and married with one child (Stella) to Lis Verhoeven in 1962. He is one of the most celebrated movie and stage actors of all time. Among the many awards he has bagged, Mario won a Bavarian Film Award of 2000, and also the best human brand award of 2011. Some of his well-known movies include the sand, Salt and love of 1957, the doctor of Stalingrad of 1958, the death ship of 1957, and the 1960’s Brainwashed. Mario Adorf has also successfully authored several autobiographic books.

6. Bruno Ganz

Bruno Ganz

Bruno Ganz was born 22nd march 1941 in Seebach, Swiss. Being one of the most handsome and finest actors in Switzerland, Bruno has been on German speaking film and TV for over 50 years. He is married to Ruth Walz and with a son called Daniel Gaz. In first appearance in a movie was in 1960 in Der Herr mit der Schwarzen Melone. He is well known for his role in Wings of Desire, where he play the role of Damiel, as Adolf Hitler in downfall and in the Reader, where he taes the role of a professor Rohl.

5. Anatole Taubman

Anatole Taubman Top Most Popular Swiss Actor of All Time 2017

Apart from being one of the most successful actor in Swiss, Anatole Taubman is also a TV presenter. He was born on 23rd December 1970 in Zurich and has made appearances in films such as Quantum Solace where he acts as James Bond, and the Transporter Refueled. He has also participated in TV ministries such as Pillars of the Earth, Funf Freunde, and TV mini-series such as Band Brothers. He also been involved in co-production of movies such “she is funny that way” with big names such as Owen Wilson and Jennifer Aniston.

4. Pasquale Aleardi

Pasquale Aleardi

Born in Zurich 1st June 1971, Pasquale Aleardi is best known for his 2007 Rabbit without Ears, Residential Evil of 2002, and Baal of 2004. Besides acting, he is also stage performer, TV presenter and a director. His charming and graceful style of acting has placed him as one of the best actor not only in Swiss, but also worldwide.

3. Oliver Tobias

Oliver Tobias

Oliver Tobias was born on 6th August 1947 in Zurich. He is a stage performer, TV presenter and also a director. Oliver comes from a family of actors, his mother, Maria Becker, is a German actress, while his father, Robert Freitag, is an Austrian actor. He started his career at the age of 8 where he was enrolled to an acting school in UK.

2. Christopher Chaplin

Christopher Chaplin

Christopher James Chaplin was born on 6th July 1962 in Corsier-sur-Vevey Swiss. He is one of the most successful actors in Swiss and also the last born of Charlie Chaplain. He studied piano before moving to London where he become an actor. Some of the movie he has participated in includes Death of a Schoolboy of 1990, and the 1995 total eclipse.

1. Carlos Leal

Carlos Leal Top Most Famous Swiss Actor of All Time 2018

Born on 9th July 1969 Lausanne, Carlos Leal is the most handsome and remarkable actor and a rapper of all time. He is a co-founder of Sens Unik, and has participated in a lot of beautiful drama series and movies. Carlos appeared in one of the widely watched Swiss film called Snow White in 2005 where he won a price of the best actor at the Tamil Nadu Film festivals and also the prize of the best performance in a leading role in Swiss film award.

In conclusion, it is evident that Swiss produces most of the big names in the film and movie industries. This has mostly been contributed to their passion in acting and the entertainment arena at large. To make it even much better, the culture has been spiced up by the remarkable talent and looks of Swiss people.

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