Top 10 Most Popular Sexiest British Models

Model or modelle as in French is a person who plays a role either to display or promote or advertise commercial advertisement. Photography models are those persons who posses for photographers. Modelling is always differentiated from acting. Modelling has different variety of media formats such as magazines, product commercials, fitness and many more. Haute couture is the person who invented modelling in the year 1853.

The model he introduced to the world was his wife who modelled for the dresses he designed. By 1960 this industry established itself as modelling agencies came into action. In this article you will know about the top 10 most popular and sexiest British models 2018.

List of the Top 10 most Popular and sexiest British models in 2018:

10. Jessica Jane Clement

Most Popular Sexiest British Models

The glamorous page three models came into limelight by appearing in Real Hustle a program telecasted by BBC. Jessica Jane Clement is one of the sexiest UK models; she entered the industry at the age of 18. She has been a model for playboy and for famous photographers like Byron Newman and Bob Carlos Clarke. She is one of the top models of the industry and is a model for Zoo, Nuts and FHM. In the year 2012 she appeared in a program named British in Bed which was also telecasted by BBC. In this program she disclosed the way British people approach sex.

9. Daisy Lowe

Most Popular Sexiest British Models

Daisy Lowe is one of the top sexiest and popular English fashion model. Daisy started her at the age of 12 by doing advertisement campaigns. She has also worked as a catwalk model. Lowe was trained by London modelling agency which she joined at the age of 15. She had done work for various British publications. The reason for which she became popular is, she went nude for play boy and topless for Esquire in the year 2011. She was also selected as a calendar model for Pirelli Calendar. She also appeared in the music album come closer which features Miles Kane.

8. Danielle Lloyd

Most Popular Sexiest British Models

Danielle Lloyd entered the industry with fame. She was former Miss England and also Miss Great Britain and hottest UK models. But she was criticised and was disgraced from her fame when she posed nude for playboy magazine in the year 2006. She was said to have alleged affair with the footballer Teddy Sheringham. She is married to Daniel O Hare and has returned to Modelling recently after marriage.

7. Karima Adebibe

Most Popular Sexiest British Models

One of the most exotic and glamorous model of the industry, is Karima. She is an Irish native who works as an UK model. As a teenager Karima has appeared in a lot of Brand campaigns and endorsements worldwide. She is also a face of many famous brands worldwide. Apart from modelling she has also appeared in films like Aliens Vs Predators and Frontier Blues. She is one of the most wanted and top model of UK. Karima was also the face of the computer game Heroin Lara Croft.

6. Gemma Atkinson

Most Popular Sexiest British Models

The most celebrated 29year old beauty Gemma Atkinson is a top model who has diverted her carrier in to different fields. She has grabbed attention of great footballers like Cristiano Ronaldo and Marcus Bent. Her bold photo shoots and seductive looks are what increased her fame. She has also featured in various television programmes. She was the face of various games like Command and Conquer, Red alert-3. Since she diverted her career also as a glamour model, she has worked in various men’s magazines like Arena, FHM, Loaded, Maxim and Zoo.

5. Rosie Jones

Most Popular Sexiest British Models

Rosie Jones voted as the sexiest babe by visitors of nuts. She also holds the world record of putting on and off the most number of bras in one minute, it is 7. She started modelling at the age of 17 and at the age of 18 she started posing nude for men’s adult magazines such as Nuts, FHM, Loaded and Front. She is a full time model of these men’s magazine and also a full time model of page three. She has also secured a position in the top hottest ladies in the world.

4. Lucy Pinder

Most Popular Sexiest British Models

The stunning glamorous model Lucy Pinder is a strip model for men’s magazine. At the beginning of her career she was not much comfortable to shoot nude hence covered the sensitive female areas with her hand and hair later she became comfortable and gave full topless Photo shoot for nuts in the year 2007. Now she also writes a column in Nuts magazine titled ‘The Truth about Women’. She has also secured a position in the top attractive brunettes.

3. Alice Goodwin

Most Popular Sexiest British Models

Alice Goodwin voted the hottest topless babe of the year in 2009 by zoos weekly. She has worked for various men’s magazines such as Maxim, Nuts and Zoo. She is one of glamour model for Stoke-On-Trent. She also appears on babe channel studio 66 since 2010.She has an hour-glass figure which is considered to be the best body of a female.

2.keeley hazell

Most Popular Sexiest British Models

The second top model in this list has a lot of achievement to her credit. Keeley started her career at the age of 17. She was a former page three model. In the year 2009 Keeley left modelling when she was launched in Hollywood and had handful of roles. But in 2012 Hazell returned to modelling as a model of FHM. She regularly worked with Nuts and Zoo. She was awarded as the idol of page 3 in the year 2004.

1. Kelly Brook

Most Popular Sexiest British Models

At the age of 16 Brook won a beauty contest since then she took up modelling as her career. She was also featured in the movie Piranha 3D since then her fame boosted up. She is voted to have the best female British body. This most popular UK models topped the list of 100 sexiest women in the year 2005. She is frequently featured in movie hotties in comparison to other hot ladies who have some more movies that Kelly. Her natural 34E body and beautiful face and modelling and acting skills make her the top model of UK.

The models have featured in top magazines and have worked with top photographers and filmmakers. The awards and fame that they have achieved makes them the top sexiest and popular British models 2018.

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