Top 10 Most Popular Sexiest Actresses In The World

The movie industry has produced many remarkable personalities with stunning features. With no doubt, the female actors in the industry are quite outstanding with the blend of different races, body types and anything else you would fancy. As it has always been with everything else in the world there has never lacked the chosen ones who just seem to tower over the rest with their drop dead gorgeousness. The list is endless but there a few who will fall in this list of the top ten hottest female actors of today. The following have are the highest rated female actors.

List of Top 10 Most Popular Sexiest Actresses In The World in 2017

10. Kat Dennings

Kat Dennings Top 10 Most Popular Sexiest Actresses In The World

We will kick off the list with the sexy American actress Kat Dennings. Many people know the 30-year-old as the funny and charismatic Max from 2 Broke Girls because she has starred in it from 2011 and has done all the 127 episodes from the six seasons. The actor started at the age of ten for potato chips commercial and further went on to make her professional debut with an appearance on HBO show Sex and the City. Kat is also a hardcore blogger who also video blogs. She has unique perception of Judaism which is an important part of her history which she states that religion is just not part of her life. But don’t get too excited Dennings also doesn’t drink, smoke or hang around people who do unlike her character in 2 Broke Girls.

9. Emma Stone

Emma Stone Top Most Famous Sexiest Actresses In The World 2018

The second beauty on this list is Emma Stone from Scottsdale, Arizona. The 28-year-old from Easy A has had her share of big hit roles which range from comedic roles and more dramatic ones such as her role as Gwen Stacy in The Amazing Spider-Man. Emma also has a lot of cash too cause she was listed as one of the highest paid female actors in the world back in 2015.Emma Stone likes keeping to herself since she does not talk about her private life and wishes to live a normal life.

8. Jennifer Lawrence

Jennifer Lawrence Top Famous Sexiest Actresses In The World 2019

Jennifer Lawrence is next on this list and there is much to say about the 26-year-old. Other than the fact that she is the highest paid actress in the world, her starring roles in The Hunger Games movies, her role as Mystique in The X-Men movie, the Kentucky girl is also a feminist who openly advocates for it and gender equality. Jennifer Lawrence is a giver because she has the Jenifer Lawrence Foundation which donates to other charitable organizations.

7. Emma Watson


Emma Watson is our next goddess, the British 26-year-old is one of the ladies on this list who not only dominate the silver screen but also dominate on the runway. She is most famous for her role in Harry Potter movies and several other films. She is an activist who promotes education in Zambia and Bangladesh plus she is the UN Women Goodwill Ambassador.

6. Emma Roberts


Emma Roberts has a well-deserved spot on the list. The 25-year old who is famed for her role in The American Horror Story who had broken off her engagement with boyfriend Evan Peters after the 2012 hotel incident has reconciled with him in 2016.She also has a role in the much-hyped Billionaires Club. Emma Roberts is an American sweetheart and she is well worth a spot on this list of Top 10 Most Popular Sexiest Actresses In The World 2017.

5. Lea Michele


The bubbly face of Lea Michelle from Glee had a guaranteed spot on the list. The 30-year-old had starred in the Fox Series from 2009 to 2015 with it receiving positive critical reviews. She also starred in Les Miserables and from the listed performances you can already tell she is a recording artist. She has found love with Matthew Paetz after the death of her first boyfriend Cory Monteith in 2013 who was also her co-star in Glee.

4. Margot Robbie


Margot Robbie must have been on everyone’s lips after the release of Suicide Squad in 2016. She was revealed the actor behind Harley Quinn. She is a Comic Con goddess due to the role which also got to show her hot she was. The Wolf Of Wall Street was another movie that gave her a lot of success. She has a thing for roles in epic films. The Australian actress has a lot of potential in the current movie business and I’m sure nobody would mind watching her again and again. She is also married to husband Tom Ackerley.

3. Kristen Stewart


Kristen Stewart is the actress who scored a role in one of the biggest movie series in the industry which is The Twilight Saga. The actor is also lethal on the runway because she is the face of big brands Chanel and Balenciaga. She is also loaded as she fell on the list of highest-earning actresses with a 28.5 million dollar yearly income.

2. Julianne Hough


Julianne Hough who is 28 years old is a remarkable dancer who has taken the prize at Dancing with the Stars twice a feat highly tedious to accomplish. Her dancing capabilities are what probably earned her a role in the 2011 remake of Footloose. She also featured in the movie Dirty Grandpa which is hilarious to watch and she also offers a splendid show in her movies which we hope to see more.

1. Ashley Greene


Ashley Greene will be our last on this list as we talk about the 29-year-old. The American Actress is also a model who is also as stunning on the runway. She plays the role of Alice Cullen in The Twilight Saga, Dubious Battle and also voiced a character in Max and Me. Ashley Greene loves the camera; she is a Hollywood darling and she makes the list as the hottest female actor yet.

These above are the Top 10 Most Popular Sexiest Actresses In The World 2017. The movie industry is filled with beauties and the ones who cut this list are probably the best out there although much more are still coming up new with fresh talent. The absent names from the list such as Gabrielle Union, Megan Good, Gemma Arterton would also make good on this list. The ladies on the list have performed greatly in their roles and have kept us glued to the screen as we watch the films. What we should be comfortable with is that with the growing movie industry which is unifying the globe, we are sure that many more female actors will come up the scene. All we have to do is watch wait and enjoy as they come.

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