Top 10 Most Popular Philippines American Celebrities

Being a celeb comes with so many responsibilities with it, you just become the mirror to the whole world .Most people admire the way of your life and that come with a price because you will have to do all that it takes to maintain your big name. The Hollywood celebrity are mostly focused but they leave back the others who have helped them shine .In china and Japan they have celled who have even famous than those in Hollywood .The following are celebrities from America and Philippines.

List of Top 10 Most Popular Philippines American Celebrities in 2017



She is just beautiful as her name is. An actress born in November 9 in 1980, at Clark air force in Philippines. The father known as Vince Minnillo was born in Iran, working as an official in the Air force. She with her mother Helen Berecero lives in America. She has been one of the most focused celebrities in America. She has been an actor for very many years .Started her acting career when she was very young and love doing it. She is a role model to very many people.



The father who is Gregory is from America and the mother Gina is from Philippines .She is an actress born in Salinas, California, later they moved to San Diego this is where she have been brought up. She has a sister who is also very talented in acting. The girl is very beautiful and attracts very many people in her acting .The movies that she have acted have sold a lot .she makes her parent very proud of her .She have been in relationship that have worked for her. Her love life is a bit complicated though she is loveable.


LEA SALONGA Top Most Popular Famous Philippines American Celebrities of All Time Line 2018

Lea is an actress and a musician too, she started singing at the age of ten. She was born in 1971.She have been singing for 35 years and have done a lot in the music field she have her own production firm. She is married to a husband who is a Chinese managing director of the software company in Los ANGELES .They have a daughter named after the husbands mother .She expresses her love feeling to her husband by writing.


RACHEL BILSON Top Most Philippines American Celebrities of All Time Line 2019

She was born in 1985 as a American actress, she grew up in California .Her father is a writer producer and a director .The father is a Jewish –American and the mother is Italian –America. The whole family they are all on the acting film. She acts both drama movies and romantic movie, acting is her career in all her lifetime. She is a fashion designer too. She has a very complicated love life that she has been in a relationship that just breaks up very fast. She is married and they have a daughter but the marriage was after so many dramas, but they are still together as husband and wife. She is listed one of the popular celebs we have.



Phoebe was born in July 16 1963 in New York City. Her Father Joseph was an anchor and a producer. She is very charming just as her name is, all her life she was interested in acting and that what she can do best.



She was born in January 2 in 1967 in Honolulu at Hawaii. When she was attending secret Heart academy she discovered what is in her and that’s when she started acting, she have been in the film for very many years .She is a musician who was discovered her singing talent by the grandmother and since then she have been singing and attending very big shows. This have made her what she is today earning living by just music.



He is an actor born in 1969.His father is an American while his mother is a Philippian .He is an actor who once participated in wrestling game and that what made him that famous. When he was a wrestling game he developed a skill in acting and in this he have made his name very famous .He have earned a lot of cash by just acting .He is a good looking guy and most girls tend to like him. He is one amongst the Top 10 Most Popular Philippines American Celebrities 2017.



Was born in June in Honolulu and raised in Kentucky. She attended art performing school .this is where she grew her acting career and since then she have been an actor with loot of gifts .She attended the university of Wright state and graduated with a degree in acting ,she have been in the TV for very many years. She has played many plays in the theatre and this has made her to shine all over the world.



She was born in 1967 in Honolulu at Hawaii. She is known for her beautiful performances. At the stage, she just does her level best and make her followers very happy and impressed. Her singing career starts from the grandmother who motivates her to sing. Her voice is such a sweet voice that attracts many she has sold her song sold over the world .she is one of the amazing celebs we have in world and she is a role model to many young girl.



He was born in Madrid that is in Spain, in 1979. However, his parents later separated when he was young at the age of 8. At the age of 15, he moved to America this is where his singing career started and he have been in the field since then to date. He is one of the best musicians well known in America though his music has been sold for so many years worldwide. His performance just make you moved you feel so nice you just follow with the music. He is among the best celeb we have in the world.

Music and acting are the best way to entertain people most people are entertained by songs if not by music then its acting .The celeb are known for their good work in acting .the above are the most popular Philippines American celebrities of 2017. Listening to their songs are enough prove of how much talented they are.

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