Ten Most Popular & Hottest Swiss Actresses Of All Time

Swiss Confederation, also known as Switzerland is a highly mountainous land with amusing valleys, smothering green surroundings and one of the most peaceful atmospheres in the world. To add to the natural beauty, are the incredible Swiss ladies who have gained popularity throughout the world. Swiss female are widely recognized for their extreme talents and skills in acting and also for their complimenting beauty. Besides Acting, Swiss ladies made their name in the fashion industries as well. Below is top 10 list of most popular Swiss actress of all time.

10. Kat Graham

Kat Graham

Kat Graham is also known as Alexandre Katerina Hartford was born on September fifth in 1989 in Geneva but raised in Los Angeles. Apart from being a movie star, Kat is also a singer and fashion model in America where she lives. She is mostly known for a role in movies series like Vampire Diaries where she plays the role of Bonnie Bennett. Her career started as a model and made appearance in several commercials such as K-Mart, Barbie, Pop-Tart, Edison etc. When at age 15, Kat performed at the BET award as a dancer for Bow Wow at the background

9. Sofia Milos

Sofia Milos

She one of the most beautiful Italian actresses, was born on September 27th 1969 in Swiss. She has played in many movies and series such in Miami’s CSI, where she played the role of Yelina Salas. Sofia has also participated in a movie The Sopranos, where she played as Annalisa Zucca Camorra Boss. She has also made appearances in TV series such Curb your Enthusiasm, ER, and Friends. Despite her advanced aged among many actors, her reputation and fame is that of top actors in the world.

8. Marthe Keller

Marthe Keller

She was born on January 28th 1945 in Basel, Swiss, apart from acting; Marthe Keller has also participated in directing of many operas for a long time. Her career started in Berlin at a theater called Schiller and Berliner Ensemble. Some of her major movies to appear in include Funeral in Berlin of 1966 and also a German film of 1967 called Wilder Reiter GmbH. Keller has also participated in some French movies such as the 1971 Un Cave, La raison du plus fou of 1973, and the 1974 movie Toute une vie (and now my love)

7. Sandra Hess

Sandra Hess

Sandra Hess, one of the most beautiful and wonderful woman in Swiss was born in March 27 1968. She became famous after her role in the film Mortal Combat where she as playing the role of Sonya Blade. She has also participated in other movies such Annihilation, and Lieutenant Alexandra Ice Jensen. She has also been to TV series such Pensacola, Wings of God. Despite ending up in full time acting, Sandra Hess started off as a model while she was just 15 years, and since then she has proved to a multi-talented and remarkable female artist of all times. Sandra helped in portraying Viper in TV series such as the agent if SHIELD, where she played the role of Nick Fury.

6. Yangzom Brauen

Yangzom Brauen

Yangzom Brauenn was born on 18th of April in 1980 in a family of a Swiss ethnologist Martin Brauen and Sonan Dolma Brauen who was a Tibetan artist. Apart from being a wonderful and a beautiful actress, Brauen was also a writer. She started off her career acting in TV series; she later on made grand entrance into Hollywood, and did movies like Aeon Flux. Since then, she has done several movies both in Hollywood and Swiss and managed to bag some awards over time.

5. Stephanie Grace Morgenstern

Stephanie Grace Morgenstern

Stephanie Morgenstern was born in December 10th in 1965 in Swiss, but was raised Canada to become a filmmaker as well as screenwriter. Stephanie began her acting career at the age of 15 years, and would grow to become an endearing and pleasing Swiss lady. While, in her acting career, she met and partnered with Mark Ellis, who would later become her husband. The two created Flashpoints, and has won several awards in different acting categories.

4. Nastassja Kinski

Nastassja Kinski

Born on January 24 in 1961, Natsassja Aglaia Kinski grew to become a model and an actress in several movies in both Europe and America. In 1978, she gave a splendid appearance and a performance in the movie Stay As You Are. She later entered global prominence in her award winning performance in 1979 when she won the Golden Globe Award in Tess. Some of the most nortable movies by Nastassja include are Cat People of 1982 and An American Rhapsody in the year 2001

3. Julie Ordon

Julie Ordon Top Popular Swiss Actresses of All Time 2019

Julie Ordon was born on 27th June in 1984 in Geneva Swiss, she later become a model and an actress and moved to Paris in 1999 shortly after bagging a talent contest. After the win, Julie was signed into several contracts for modeling and acting. Since then, she has appeared in a number of movies such as campaigns of Biothem, Bebe, Guess, and Tally Weijl. Julie also made an appearance the secret catalogs by Victoria. She has also featured in several TV and movies all over the world. In 2002, she did her debut in Cedric Anger of Novela TV.

2. Irène Marie Jacob

Irène Marie Jacob Top Most Famous Swiss Actresses of All Time 2018

Irène Jacob is a French-born Swiss lady who was born on 15th July in 1966. She first becomes a global figure after working with Polish film maker and director Krzysztof Kieślowski. Irene is beautiful and an incredible lady who has participated in movies such as Louis Malle, Au revoir, playing a piano teacher, les enfants etc.

1. Carla Juri

Carla Juri Top Most Popular Swiss Actresses of All Time 2017

She was born in 1985 in Swiss; her credit started in her prowess in the movie Wetlands, and Finsterworld. She made an appearance in a short film called Midday Room, and has won sevral awards like the Swiss Film Award among many others. Her peak moment was in the 2013 film adaptation of Wetlands which got a lot of success.

The above list is just but a few of the actress in Swiss, many actress and actors have emerged and with, time and reduced cost and time of movie production more pretty, beautiful and hardworking actress will emerge. Despite the story line and the creativity pit into a movie, physical appearance of actors and actress also determine the success of the venture. As such, directors should ensure that actors good looking.

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