Top 10 Most Popular Hottest Girl Celebs in The World

Women power can never be ruled out and when it is the biggest name in showbiz, the world just can’t resist the glam dolls belonging to the world of blitz and glamor. It is not at an easy task to climb up the popularity chart and these hottest girl celebs who secure a place in the top 10 deserves special applauds for their indomitable feats and success stories. Whether talented actresses, singers, performers, athletes, girl power rocks and there are no second thoughts about it.

While the world gets gaged with their indomitable charm and beauty, intelligent and wit, gifted sets of skill sets and incredible talent, it is worth noting how they have not only won the hearts of the people, but have banked some whopping figures.

List of the world’s top 10 most popular hottest girl celebs in 2018

10. Gracie Gold ($8 million)

Most Popular Hottest Girl Celebs

Gracie is the shining star of the skating world and has romance brewing with Max Aaron. She is very famous at a young age because of her exceptional capabilities in the skating field which fetched her World Junior silver medalist award in 2012, and has won US Champion twice. She is all of 20 and has a long way to go. Her net worth is $8million and is one of the dynamic and hottest celebs in the world.

9. Natalie Portman ($54 million)

Most Popular Hottest Girl Celebs

The very elegant and downright beautiful Israel-born American actress is one of the sexiest girls in showbiz and has a net worth of $54 million. She has remarkable movies in her kitty.This silver screen actress is 35 and a brilliant film producer and director.

8. Cameron Diaz ($90 million)

Most Popular Hottest Girl Celebs

The cute and sexy American actress, producer and former model, Cameron Diaz is known in the world of showbiz for her girl-next-door look and has a hypnotic charm about her. The 43 year old, world’s most popular girl celebs is a bombshell who has some big hits in her kitty ranging from The Mask, There’s Something About Mary and her Charlie’s Angel fame is too hard to catch up to. A prolific writer of wellness and lifestyle books, her net worth is $90 and is one of the most popular girl celebs around!

7. Katy Perry ($125 million)

Most Popular Hottest Girl Celebs

Katy Perry is the American singer, song writer and actresses and has some big hits like Roar, Dark Horse, Firework, Last Friday Night, Hot n Cold under the string success. She has become the most-followed person on Twitter and the guest list of this diva is 90 million, yes you read it right… flabbergasting! This hottest divas net worth is $125 million.

6. Maria Sharapova ($125 million)

Most Popular Hottest Girl Celebs

This tennis star is the dream woman of sponsors and apart from her commendable exhibition of skills on the tennis court, she is a fashion icon and the leggy beauty has gagged the world time and again with her sense of fashion and tennis shorts! Her net worth is a whopping $125 million, thanks to her prize money and unimaginable endorsement deals! She is one of the sexiest tennis stars from all across the globe.

5. Serena Williams ($150 million)

Most Popular Hottest Girl Celebs

If there any self-made woman who can be tagged as America’s wealthiest, it is the ever-dazzling tennis star who has been ruling the tennis court for the last 14 years. She has been phenomenal all through her career and when peeping into 2015 it can be observed that she bagged 3 Grand Slam titles and only lost 3 matches out of 56 matches and big names like Nike, Wilson are showering her with mind-boggling bonuses. Her net worth is a mind-blowing $150 million and is one of the most popular girl celebs around!

4. Rihanna ($160 million)

Most Popular Hottest Girl Celebs

The sensational Barbadian singer has been known for her exceptional crooning abilities, and belted out hits one after the other with her debut album ‘Music of the Sun’ becoming a huge success. One of the sexiest singers that the world bows down to, it is Rihanna, the powerful who is a fashion designer cum fashion icon with her ‘wow’ dressing senses, a songwriter and is very much in news also with her on and off connections with Drake. Her net worth is $160, which speaks for itself.

3. Sandra Bullock ($200 million)

Most Popular Hottest Girl Celebs

The prestigious Academy Award winner and Golden Globe Award winner, the evergreen and graceful actress Sandra Bullock is an American actress, film producer, entrepreneur, producer and has many stunning achievements that made her net worth a stunning $200 million. Sandra Bullock who is still graceful at 51 and in cloud nine with her boyfriend Bryan Randall was named the “Most Beautiful Woman” in 2015 and is one of the most popular girl celebs. It is ‘Gravity, ‘‘The Blind Side,’ ‘Miss Congeniality’ which are some of her best known films among a long and exhaustive list.

2. Lady Gaga ($225 million)

Most Popular Hottest Girl Celebs

Lady Gaga is the star with a difference – be it her quirky fashion sense like the reeling meat dress and many fashion extravaganzas that has left the world stunned, Lady Gaga is born to rule. Her net worth is an incredible $225 and it is her concert tours, big brand sponsors and much more that makes her one of the most popular female celebrities in the world and who can forget “Poker Face”, “Applause” and the list continues! This sensational singer has been pushing her limits relentlessly with her over-the-top-acts!

1. Jennifer Lopez ($300 million)

Most Popular Hottest Girl Celebs

Jennifer Lopez is the 46 year old singer, actress, author, producer a multi-faceted talented and sexiest girl celebs on the planet and has belted out “Ain’t Your Mama,’ ‘Booty, ‘On the floor,’. Be it her cutting of the flab and looking gorgeous, her shows in 2016 the last season of American Idol, Shades of Blue, high-profile endorsements – she is dazzle g like a star and her net worth in an insanely perfect $300. She is the hottest female business queen around!

Hope you had a fun read and felt motivated by these stunning ladies who have conquered the world and people love them because of their talent. These 10 divas are definitely hottest girl celebs in 2018 who justifies a place in this list!

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