Top 10 Most Popular Celebrity Makeup Artists of All Time

Makeup artist initially did not have so much impact on the entertainment industry. With time, it has developed into a career for many celebrities who have even received rewards for Best Makeup Artist and even for Hairstylist in Academy Awards and Emmy Awards. They are several makeup artists out there who have excelled in turning the ordinary looking face into something that catches the attention of everyone. The focus is not on all the artists in the world because the list is endless, we will review only those who have qualified for the top ten list. Check out below the list of the top ten most popular celebrity makeup artists of all times.

List of Top 10 Most Popular Celebrity Makeup Artists of All Time until in 2017

10. Anastasia Soare

Anastasia Soare Top 10 Most Popular Celebrity Makeup Artists of All Time 2017

Talk of big names in the entertainment industry who faces shine like the stars, all have been made so by the fine work of one Anastasia Soare. She has worked with the like of Jennifer Lopez, Laura Dern, Mary Steenbergen, Leighton Meister and Oprah Winfrey, this is just a few of them. She has perfected her skills in turning dull skin into a bright one. All her female clients have been turned to the faces they had pictured of themselves.

9. Pati Dubroff

Pati Dubroff Top 10 Most Popular Celebrity Makeup Artists of All Time

This is one of the famous makeup artist who has is reputable for her outstanding job of transforming the faces of our female celebrities. She is a very hardworking and talented in the Hollywood industry and she has worked for the likes of Miley Cyrus, Charlize Theron, Megan Fox, Eva Mendes and Ellen Degeners. Some of her works have been featured in magazines like Vogue, Vanity Fair and Allure. Apart from applying makeups, she has worked as spokesperson for Dior’s and Clarion’s.

8. Charlotte Tilbury


She discovered her passion in makeup at a very tender age and she never looked back in pursuing her passion. She has worked in the industry for more than 20 years. Her reputation is on transforming you to an elegant and feminine look. She believes in making every woman feel confident about herself and this is what has been driving her to work. She has even developed her own makeup and skincare products. Some of her clients are Rihanna, Jennifer Lopez and Kate Moss. She has also worked with designers, photographers and magazines.

7. Melanie Mills


This is one of the most talented makeup artist in the industry. She has been known for transforming faces to celebrities. She is one of the favorite agent for many stars because they believe in her job. Some of the celebrity clients that she has worked with include Kim Kardashian, Audrine Patrigde, Jennifer Hudson, Brooke Burke and Nicole Scherzinger. Before embarking on a career as a makeup artist, she used to give skincare tips. She is the best in what she does.

6. Tom Pecheux


Who said that make-up artists should only be female? This most talented man understands the needs of the women in transforming them to beautiful creations of God. Initially he has a dream of becoming a chef but when he met a French artist, he changed his passion and since then he has been one of the most popular in the business. He has worked for Victoria Secret Fashion, Vogue, Julia Roberts and Charlie Theron. He currently is the creative director of Estee Lauder.

5. Susan Giordano


She believes that no matter how much makeup you have applied on the skin, if you have not taken care of the eyes you have done zero work. Her stand in making the eyes look good along with the skin is what has made her to be very popular amongst her clients. She has worked for several big names in the entertainment industry the likes of Katie Holme, Brittany Snow, Allyson Milano and Kristin Davis. She is the best in all that she does in her career.

4. Sam Fine


Sam is known for his fine job of combing different styles in making one of the perfect look. One advantage that he has in his job is that he is African America so he understands creativity based on different cultures. He has even made his own beauty book called Fine Beauty. Some of his usual clients are; Tyra Banks, Queen Latifah, Vanessa Williams and Naomi Campbell. He is currently the creative makeup director for Fashion Fair after having worked for Revlon. He has definitely turned the celebrities into the faces that have led to their fame.

3. Meredith Hayman


If you have watched the TV series Orphan Black, you must have seen the different versions of Channing Tatum. The person behind this great job in making her the different versions she has played is Meredith Hayman. She has perfected her skill of making eyes look larger and prettier and her style of straight and lifeless downturned lashes. Other celebrities that she has perfected their looks are Christine Brinkley and Perez Hiltons. She is very good at her work and this has led to her popularity all over the entertainment industry.

2. Pat McGrath


Unlike other makeup artists who had to undergo professional training to become the best, Pat never did that she only learnt to be the best by hardworking and passion. She was even named as the most influential makeup artists by Vogue. She is very innovative which has made her loved by many. She has worked with the likes of Jennifer Aniston, Jennifer Lopez and Madonna and even in fashion shows in New York, Paris and Milan. She has worked for Armani Cosmetic line and as a beauty director at Max Factor.

1. Bobbi Brown


She is the most popular makeup artist of all times. She is a very talented and hardworking woman who has been achieving greatness in her career. Her motto is that a woman needs to feel confident about herself, this is what that has made her to create natural, and elegant feminine look on all of her clients. She has been very successful in her professional careers. She has even written several books to guide women on the best tips on making themselves look beautiful.

Finally as I conclude these are the top ten most popular celebrity makeup celebrities of all time until 2017. They are the best in ensuring that the celebrities you see on your screen remain flawless when it comes to beauty. Their works have been appreciated all over the world and this has led to their success.

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