Top 10 Most Popular Celebrities on Wikipedia

Every year Wikipedia ranks the top ten celebrities of the year and they do this on the basic of several factors. On the Wikipedia platform, several celebrities have caught the eyes of their fan by their incredible skills and acting. This list changes every year depending on the number of views each of these celebrities get on Wikipedia. In addition, these celebrities are ranked on Wikipedia based on their earnings in that ranking year.

After researching, here below is the list of the top ten most popular celebrities in 2017 whose ranking has made them a sensation to their fans.

List of Top 10 Most Popular Celebrities on Wikipedia in 2017

10. Rush Limbaugh

rush limbaugh, Top 10 Most Popular Celebrities on Wikipedia 2017

Rush is a radio presenter and TV personality who ranks at number ten in this listing. He is an American based talk show host, political commentator and entertainer. He is famous amongst his fans and works for Premiere Radio. Here he earns a salary of 79 million dollars. Looking back at his history, he once worked as a Disc Jockey at the age of 16. As a political commentator he is a huge fan of the president elect Donald Trump. He is one of the most famous celebrities in America and the world.

9. Adele

adele, Top 10 Most Popular Celebrities on Wikipedia 2017

Adele is a household name all over the world for her beautiful voice in her music. She is one of the celebrated musicians and ranks at number nine on the Wikipedia listing. She broke the record through selling her album that sold hundred copies within of the first week of its release. In her lucrative tours she has earned herself more than 80 million dollars. One thing that makes her so famous is the fact that she is the only musician who has earned more than half her money from music. All her album release have earned her millions of dollars.

8. Lionel Messi


Just by the mention of that name, you already know who we are going to be taking about. This is an Argentina player currently playing for one of the best teams in the world Barcelona. According to the Fifa ranking of the best players, he has appeared the best five times making him one of the most celebrated players in the history of football. His amazing skills with the ball have made him to be one of the most searched players on the internet. It is reported that he earns 80 million dollars.

7. Howard Stern


Howard is an American Radio Host who has been celebrated for his incredible skills in Radio presenting. This celebrity is not only a radio presenter but also an actor, author and photographer. He works of XM radio and has hosted many famous celebrities on his shows including politicians, actors and big business investors. He has been famous because of the huge amount of money he earns in his job of about 82 million dollars.

6. Kevin Hart


No one on this planet hates Kevin Hart we all love this comedian. He has been known among the best and most celebrated comedians. He has been very successful in his career having been featured in several movies where he played major, some of these movies include Central Intelligence that was released in 2016 and had millions of views. In his career, he has hosted more than 100 shows all over the world including one he ever hosted in South Africa. It is reported that he earns about 1 million dollars per show within the last one year. He is one amongst the Top 10 Most Popular Celebrities on Wikipedia 2017.

5. Dr Phil McGraw


This is one of the most celebrated TV personalities. He is a professional psychologist who has been celebrated in the television industry. He earns most of his earning through his morning shows where he teaches the people. He is also the producer of one famous show called Doctors and he is attributed to the release of an amazing app called Doctor on Demand. This personality is reported to have earnings of about 86 million within the last one year. You do not have to be an actor, comedian or professional player to make it to the top of the list as proven by this Doctor.

4. Cristiano Ronaldo


When you hear this name, you get to see a picture of someone dribbling the ball and making goals that cannot be compared to any other in the history of football. Ronaldo is one of the most celebrated professional footballers. On his social media, platforms he has more than 200 million followers that is proof enough he is very famous. He has earnings of about 88 million dollar and this has been contributed by some of the huge contract deals he has landed with the likes of Nike Brothers, Monster Headphones and Tah Heuer. He has remained at the top of the list of the most paid athletes. He goes by the name CR7 that has made him very famous in his career.

3. Author James Patterson


This is one of the world most celebrated authors. In the United States, his work in novel writing has been highly appreciated through some of his work being converted into movies that has hit the big box with highest gross income the likes of The Notebookone of the incredible works by this author. He has written 114 novels and on the New York Times bestseller he has been listed as the best several times. Even at his old age his work are still a sensation. He is reported to be earning 95 million dollars.

2. One Direction


The amazing British boy band behind the song Story of My Life is one of the most famous group of musicians in the world. They have been reported to have earned more than 110 million dollars on their stadium tours in the last year. This group has been famous for their hit songs and currently they are highest selling boyband not only in British but also outside their country.

1. Taylor Swift


According to the Wikipedia, listing Taylor Swift is the most popular celebrity. She is a popular pop star and businesswoman who has been attributed to living a romantic lifestyle. In her music career, she has been ranked as the top best paid celebrities earning 170 million dollars in salary. She is definitely the best celebrity in the world looking at the much money she is earning.

As I conclude these above are the top ten best and most popular Wikipedia celebrities in 2017 and you will see that their fame is not just because of their work but the huge amount of money they have earned for themselves.

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