Top 10 Most Popular Chinese Celebrities of All Time

China is a famous country that is best and well known for producing great action films. There are many actors and actresses that take part in some of these films. it is with clear evidence now that these celebrities are successful and talented people I their career. In this article, we are going to venture mostly on 10 most popular Chinese celebrities. Study them in the list below. They are successful people that you should learn about.

List of Top 10 Most Popular Chinese Celebrities of All Time until in 2017

10. Fan Bingbing

Fan Bingbing Top 10 Most Popular Chinese Celebrities of All Time 2018

Fan Bingbing is a well known actress from China. She was born on 16th September, 1981. Fan is ranked amongst beautiful Chinese ladies that have gained a lot of success in film industry. This great Chinese woman has appeared in many television shows and films. My fair princess is one of her favorite shows. It was released in late 1990’s and gained her a lot of fame and success. She has appeared also in many lists and article. Some other people get to know her out of this.

9. Gao Yuanyuan


Gao Yuanyuan is another successful woman from china making her way in ninth position of this article. This lady of class was born on 5th October, 1979 and therefore 37 years old currently. Her beauty is extremely outstanding and leaves many Chinese men with desires of having a woman like her in their lives. Not only physical features, Gao has been successful in sport. Due to many practices, Yuanyuan has a flexible body and sometime she can do modeling. Much of her popularity came in 2008 after winning Olympics in Beijing, China.

8. Liu Yifei

Liu Yifei Top 10 Most Popular Chinese Celebrities of All Time

Liu Yifei is a talented artist of China. She was born on 27th August, 1987. Acting career is what has made her know by many people. Yifei has a lot of fans currently and is successful. Most of her work is related to her talents and therefore loved all over. One thing that you did not know about is that Yifei is beautiful attractive. She has done many romantic films and dramas because of this. Some of her works include the forbidden fruit and return of the Condu Heroe. This is part of her successful projects.

7. Lin Chi-Ling

Lin Chi-Ling Top Most Celebrities of China of All Time 2019

It is with clear evidence that women are now dominating in this list of most famous Chinese. Lin Chi-Ling is one of these celebrities that have made their way here in this article. She is amongst top and successful Chinese ladies. Apart from all that, Lin is also beautiful and has glamorous looks. Some fans worldwide admire her looks when playing important or romantic roles on stage. Chi-Ling is an alumnus of University of Toronto where she pursued bachelor of Economics and art History for four good years. She started being a celebrity right from that stage of life hence featured in this article.

6. Zhao Wei


Zhao Wei is ranked in sixth position and is amongst popular celebrities not only in China but worldwide. Her roles in different movie films are well known by many people. Young stars admire her character whenever on stage and cannot get enough of her. Not only is an actress, Zhao Wei is also a famous singer who does pop music, film director and inventor. My fair Princess is one of her favorite films that made her known to people. She is currently respected because of films like this one.

5. ShuQi


This name is relatively hard and is pronounced as Shoo-Chee. Nobody could ever imagine of that. ShuQi is a popular, successful and talented actress from Taiwan. Due to her talents on stage, this amazing woman has received many winning and nomination awards. It is through this way that many people came to know about her. Some of her successful films include I love you and Viva Erotica. Both of them were manufactured and released to market in 2008 but still have market to date. This great Chinese star is confident whenever on stage and portray real strength of women worldwide. She is one amongst the Top 10 Most Popular Chinese Celebrities of All Time until 2017.

4. Sun li


Sun Li is amongst popular celebrities of China and is ranked in fourth position of this article. She was born on 26th December, 1982. At this young age of 34 years, Sun Li has been able to garner a lot of fame due to successful projects in her life. She once took a role of hot mom in 2014 and this attracted a winning award in international Emmy competitions. Another award was that of 20th Annual Magnolia. This was awarded to Sun Li because of brilliant and confidence performance on stage.

3. Daniel Wu


For first time we are now featuring a male celebrity in this article. Daniel Wu is a great Chinese star and was born on 30th September, 1974. 42-year-old man has been successful ever since he started appearing in most Chinese films and local Television shows. Many people know him because of Police Story and taking part in Europe Report. Into the badlands is also his work. All these films are not only featured in China but also in many other states. Many people are lovers of Chinese action and romantic films. We credit Daniel Wu for brilliant performance.

2. Jackie Chan


On second position of our article is famous and successful Jackie Chan. I came to knew about this man at a very young. Hi tricks and many funny roles made her loved by children. This man has released many films and local dramas to market and most Chinese movie lovers watch them. Jackie Chan is 62 years old.

1. Bruce Lee


Bruce Lee is most famous of all Chinese celebrities studied in this article. This great star of China became famous several years ago for taking part in popular and successful Chinese films. His roles are well presented and his earned a lot of success and fame.

Above list comprises of most popular Chinese celebrities of all time until 2017. It is with clear evidence now that these people famous actresses and actors that started acting many years ago. They are not only famous but also successful in whatever they are doing.

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