Top 10 Most Popular Bollywood Comedians of All Time

They say just a single smile will give you an allowance of 10 seconds of your life time. It is therefore very important to smile or to make someone smile. If a smile can do that, what about a laughter? That is a question for you to answer. One thing I know is that a laughter can do greater things. That is where comedies come in. The comedians are the agents of laughter. That is why am taking the chance of noting the best. Below is a list of the ten best Bollywood comedians 2017.

List of Top 10 Most Popular Bollywood Comedians of All Time until in 2017

10. Swapnil Joshi

swapnil joshi, Top 10 Most Popular Bollywood Comedians of All Time until 2017

Having a humble beginning, the celebrity started as a television actor but later on moved to cinemas. The versatile actor surely has a gift of making people laugh. Just by having a look at him, you will just start to laugh because of his posture and his funny look. He is known for his active roles in various movies like Mumbai-Pune- Mumbai, Krishna and many others. He also got the chance of making an appearance as a stand-up comedian in Comedy Circus 1 back in 2007.

9. Bharti Singh


At position nine on our list is an actress from Punjab. She is very creative and her jokes are exquisite. She mainly make jokes about her looks. She does not target any person in particular. She is said to have health problems but she has taken it as a stepping stone and has used it to entertain people. In the 4th season of the greatest Indian laughter, she was a runners up. Lalli which is one her most famous characters gained reputation during her rule over a stand-up comedy. She also gained a rank in national pistol shooting and archery. Because she missed in the comedy circus she was in the news. She said that she decided to participate somewhere else.

8. Navin Prabhakar


Besides his acting career, he has gone to Mumbai University and has graduated with a commerce degree. Just for the record, he is also a singer. He later came in stand-up comedy. If there is a celebrity is known to mimic, it’s Navin. He was among the ones who were competing in the Indian laughter cahllenge and his character, Pehchan Kaun became very renowned.

7. Sudesh Lahiri


If you have ever heard or associated yourself with Punjabi television and films, then this guy cannot be a stranger to you. He was at the top of three challengers in the great Indian laughter challenge back in 2007. In the movie called ready he played a side role. He became more popular from the show of comedy circus part 2. Recently he paricipates in a reality show called Circus Ke Mahabali.

6. Sunil Pal


He became famous when he won the great challenge called Indian laughter back in the year 2005. Besides being a comedian he is a voice actor and an actor. He is among the ten best due to his great performance that made him get a lot of compliments from audience of India. By collaborating with 51 solo comedians, his executive movie called Bhanvao KO Samijho was released back in 2010. Lately he is taking minor roles in movies so as to provide some laughter.

5. Rajpal Yadav

Rajpal Yadav Top Most Famous Bollywood Comedians of All Time 2019

He is a very funny actor from Punjabi. He worked in films and television. His roots are traced back in a small village called Punjab. Many people say that his roots are the core reason why he is a great comedian of all time. We get to see him in different television shows like Hans Baliye. The thing that made him more famous is the great contest for laughter in India. His performance was exquisite and since then he has peaked to become among the ten best celebrities. Since he had got recognition even in outer countries like USA, Canada, New Zealand and Italy, he has worked in a great number of Punjabi films.

4. Saloni Daini


She is said to be the youngest comedians in the history of India. She never looked back ever since she faced the camera right at a tender age of 3 years. She is seen in the movie called no problem and she is referred to as Tuk Tuk. Back in stage, she has won a number of Indian audience and that is why she is ranked among the best timeless comedians.

3. Johnny Lever


He is an actor as well as a comedian in India. Renowned for his astonishing roles in most of his films, the way he contributed to the Indian Comedy will never be forgotten. He received 13 film ware awards nominations for being the best comedy. During his reign he did a lot of shows and tours all over the word. Lever has worked in over 300 Bollywood since he came in the industry in the industry.

2. Raju Srivastav


This is a personality that every star looks up to. They say he is from Kanpur, India. Raju has made the best stand up comedies in India and up to this point, no one has broken his record. He has done around 3500 shows on stage all over India. In the great Indian laughter contest he won the runner up. Renowned for his fantastic character he is ranked as the second best all time celebrities in India. By making an appearance in the comedy nights with Kapil. The way he imitates other people’s voices is another thing that makes him to be among the best comedians.

1. Kapil Sharma


And at the top of our list is Kapil. All of the Indians love this comedian. He has his own shows that almost all the Indians cannot afford to miss. Many celebrities have took part in his show making it a very interesting show to watch. The thing that makes him top the list is his ability to connect with the audience. People greatly appreciate his talent.

These above are the Top 10 Most Popular Bollywood Comedians of All Time until 2017. So as to cross the line of being a great comedian, one must have the ability to connect with the audience. These Indian comedians know that and that is what has made them top the list of the best ten celebrities.

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